Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here it goes! I'm going to say it! Sex!

(LuLu can handle a close up)

NOTE: the pictures in this post have absolutely nothing to do with the subject! Promise! But I'd like to point out that Tyra Banks should totally make LuLu her next Top Model! I'll tell you why (in the notes under the pics)

The real subject of today's post is to tell you all how the idea for my first novel started (note I said first novel)

Does anyone remember that "Ghosting It Forward" thread from Halloween 08 where the challenge was to write a ghost story? Do you remember how I went a little crazy and wrote a mini-novel about two horse crazy girls who went for a ride in a haunted forest?

(LuLu can always "find the light")

Well...that story didn't end when I quit posting about it. Oh no! I was inspired! I kept going with the intent of writing a pre-teen/teen drama (with a bit of thriller/sci-fi thrown in for good measure.)

(LuLu even looks pretty in her sleep!)

But then....I was about 20,000 words mark when something happened.

What? You may ask.

Twilight. That's what!

(LuLu "knows her angles")

I thought that it would be a good idea to read a few other teen fiction books to get an idea of the writing prose, language, style etc... I thought I'd read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Harry Potter. But I figured out something very important by the time I had finished the Twilight series... something that quickly stomped out my desire to write within the teen fiction genre! Let me tell you!

The Twilight series left me incompressible....terribly, inexplicably, sexually bereaved!

There! I said it! And I know you were thinking it too!! Dont tell me that when you turned the page on the night of Bella and Edwards honeymoon to find "the next morning" you didn't feel utterly depraved!!

You wanted the glorious, juicy, sexy details! Didn't you? Didn't you! Well so did I!

(LuLu knows how to "look fierce")

I wanted to read som...

Bodice ripping sex. (as Cndcowgirl put it!)

Harlequin sex.

Nora Roberts sex!

Oh glorious SEX!

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex!

(LuLu can pose down to her pinky toes!)

I didn't write a single word of that story after reading Twilight.

I left the teen fiction genre behind me forever! And you know what?

The very first chapter I wrote of my new book was a delightfully satisfying, bodice ripping sex scene. It was delightful!

(LuLu can "smile with her eyes")

More tomorrow!

(btw- I'm not a sexual degenerate. Promise.)


  1. LMAO- Can't wait to read your novel when it's published Chelsi! (And I don't like those Oh- wait.. I *AM* a Janet Evanovich junkie!! hehehe)

    You GO Girl!!!

  2. Snort! I'm with you on that. I read a lot of informational and educational books, so when I read for pleasure I want something... juicy. lol Good on ya - keep on writing!

  3. I thought it was interesting how Twilight's author said a lot...without saying a lot, know what I mean? It was so intense, although there was no actual sex!? I guess being a teen book, you have to do that! ;)
    I can't wait to read your both, you are on a creative roll, my dear!

  4. Ok girl you have got to read "The Cinderella Rules"
    If you want I can send it to you. (as soon as I finish re-reading it)

  5. I think I am the last human being on this planet that has NOT read the twilight series! Seriously! My sis is supposed to loan it to me!
    I'd love to read a book of yours!

  6. they got married? like, a vampire and a normal person got married?

    or maybe the word "honeymoon" means something different in that world.


  7. I heard a story on the radio that described it as "eternal longing." Gah, who'd want that?? That's not romantic, that's neurotic. It's basically taking the psychological tendency to choose partners who are incapable of giving us what we want or need to the nth degree into eternity.

  8. I so agree on the sex part. You get all hyped up and then..use your imagination. Well, I have a pretty active imagination. hahaha But, your right, she could not do a harlequen sex scene in a teen book. I don't think it really mattered, we all know what she implied. So your telling us that you wrote a smut novel?? I can't wait to read that!!!!!

  9. I do agree with Pony Girl that a lot was said without actually saying it in Twilight, but yes it definately could have used a bit more action. I had hope for the Host since it was supposed to be an adult novel, but it wasn't any better! Ga!

    I ended up reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward and finally got my action fix.

    Can't wait to read your book! :)

  10. You go girl! Write to you heart's delight!

  11. Thank you so much for not calling me a freak:) I was away from home all day after posting and every time I thought of what I had posted I would blush and think...oh god! What did I write! lol

    I agree about the Twilight thing... I think it was nicely done and I give Stephanie Meyer credit...I actually wouldnt change the books in any way...but that doesnt mean I wasnt frustrated by it! lol And it certainly made it clear in my mind what I wanted to write!

  12. You know my thoughts on this subject, and I say "You go girlfriend!!!!" :)

  13. Ah ha! You're just like my mother-in-law! She wrote romance novels but the mandatory 2 sex scenes always made her blush! She's not a degenerate so I'm sure you aren't!

  14. BAH! Forget Twilight! It could have used a good editor- I don't care how many books she's sold. And don't judge your book by that one! BTW- 20000 words- is too long for MOST children's books.
    Go to the SCBWI website and read up on Children's books. I write for children and though the market is one of the only ones that still accepts unsolicited manuscripts- it is still a highly competitive market. HOWEVER, your books sound exactly like what they are looking for! Sex, adventure and horses for teen aged girls.
    Read CRank,Glass,Burned,Tricks,Impulse- by Ellen Hopkins, and then you'll see how she makes even really bad subjects readable.AND she's making oodles of money doing it. ( not that I suggest you write like her!)
    Keep writing!

  15. Chelsi,

    You're funny, girlfriend. I'm glad you're having so much fun with this and I wish you much success.
    I've not read Twilight, and don't plan to. Vampires. Romance. That's just not my thang. I've never much enjoyed romance books and always thought them a little strange. I never felt comfortable reading them in public, like on a plane or while waiting in line, etc. as if someone would peek over and see what I was reading and be shocked. lol!

    I prefer adventure, mystery, man-against-nature genre, traveling and informational type books, especially with horses. I like books that have twists and turns and make me think while I'm reading. Too much sappyness or mushiness makes my eyes swim and me lose interest.

    I have to say, though, that I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with though. I think it's great that you are following your dreams. Do what you love, Chelsi!