Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chelsi's Favs and to my Suprise....

I am a little stunned right now! I was just putting together a "Chelsi's favorites" post when I went to get a link to this mare I've had my eye on by Gangster Chic (one of my favorite hot new reining studs) but found that she had sold. So, naturally I took a quick boo at the other horses on this site and instantly was drawn to this gorgeous bay gelding! I had one of those moments where my throat hitched and heart skipped a few beats...I think I said something like.... "Oh wow! Hello beautiful! I think I'm in love!"... I popped back over to my post and put up his picture and link....

Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in California

- "Gorgeous gelding, finished reiner and started in roping. I think I'm in love!"

I then went back to the website to check out his pedigree and was surprised to see that he is by the same sire (Dunnit In Hollywood) as my old mare Ghala (Ghala is the mare I bought locally but sent to a big name reining trainer in Texas and ended up selling her to the East coast rather than bring her home (for various personal reasons nothing to do with her).)

HorseID: 1417038 Radical Dun It - NRHA earnings - PhotoID: 436084 -  2009-09-19 Days Left: 81

Anyways... I was looking at this pedigree and out of habit looked at the dam's sire and grandsire before looking at the actual name of the dam. I was shocked to see that this gelding was also out of a Colonel Freckles daughter! And then....the real shocker! This gelding is a FULL brother to my old mare!! Isnt it funny how life is like that?

I called DB and let him know that I would be needing a few $$...asap... please?

Damned if he isnt a gelding though! Grrr! If he were a mare I'd be begging.

HorseID: 1417038 Radical Dun It - NRHA earnings - PhotoID: 436085 -  2009-09-19 Days Left: 81

Anyways, here is the post I was writing before I found my next horse :-)

I havent been horsey window shopping very much lately but I do have a few in my favorites right now that I've been looking forward to sharing with you guys... these horses are what I refer to as "all-rounders" because they are nice square looking horses that look like they could do a little bit of anything.

HorseID: 1404512 Mighty Smart N Catty - PhotoID: 429780 -  2009-08-22 Days Left: 53

7 YO Black 15.3HH mare that I like the look and shape of as an all-rounder.

HorseID: 1397001 ATF Kentucky Ticket  Tucker - PhotoID: 426495 -  2009-08-06 Days Left: 37

Here is a really cool looking Rocky Mountain gelding that might not be your typical all-rounder but certainly looks handy! There is a video on youtube of him going through an obstacle course.... I'd love to have one like they have set up at home! Hey Lisa he is in Arizona!! Go ride him for us and tell us what you think! lol

HorseID: 1417222 Bar Drift Bar 127 - PhotoID: 435660 -  2009-09-16 Days Left: 78

Cat is a bit small at 14.2 but they say she has the athletic ability to make up for it.

HorseID: 1287822 MIA STREET LEGAL - well-broke & sweet - PhotoID: 383321 -  2009-09-02 Days Left: 64

A little bling? This mare has a nice way of going...maybe not a speed horse but could show all-round outside of games, she has lovely movement. Video of this mare on youtube.

HorseID: 1412760 Shes A Lux - PhotoID: 433627 -  2009-09-08 Days Left: 70

Simple bay mare...good size at 15.2 and they say she has cow!

HorseID: 1386394 Dealersbreakinhearts - PhotoID: 421656 -  2009-07-12 Days Left: 12

This mare I really like. She's a Smart Chic Olena/Beuno Chex/Sonny Dee cross, solid size, proven broodmare and well broke. I like the mix of blood she has, plus color. Video of her on youtube,.

HorseID: 1406647 Rockn Reyna Pine - PhotoID: 436318 -  2009-09-19 Days Left: 81

This mare is only 14.3HH but looks bigger.

HorseID: 1399780 Paka Smokin Gun - PhotoID: 428543 -  2009-08-17 Days Left: 48

Here is a gelding I've had my eye on for a long while. He's an own son of Gunner (Colonel's Smokin Gun) and though he is deaf his ability under saddle makes up for it in spades and he looks super quiet. Video of him on youtube...I'd just die to have a Gunner!

Big fancy 16.1HH gelding. Love the socks!

This is a mare I've gone back to again and again. She's a King Fritz/foundation bred mare, 15.2HHH, dark bay and has a video that shows just enough to keep me interested but not enough to decide if I like her! lol... here it is.... What do you think?


  1. I don't know how you do it. Horsey window shopping for me would be like walking through the cookie aisle while dieting. Torture! Pretty horses in those pics.

  2. That first horse, TO DIE FOR! OMG! Love him!!
    The last horse, the King Fritz horse, reminds me a lot of my Paint, Fritzy when she first was started in training, the movement and everything. Maybe because Fritzy also has King Fritz in her pedigree. She is a great, great, great granddaughter to King Fritz.
    I use to horse shop all the time. Haven't had much time to do it lately. My sis always asked "are you looking to buy another horse?" I love to forward her the horses I really like.

  3. I love the two paints...love the chrome..and deaf isnt too bad :) Loved to get another..but need to train the one I have!

  4. What, no link to the first guy? Brat! I'm pretty sure those were the exact words that came out of my mouth when I saw his picture before I started reading the post! OMG! I want, I want, I want! lol I'm not exactly "in the market", but I could be for the right horse!

    Beautiful horses! Thanks for teasing me. :P

  5. Okay Chelsi...I am a gelding person, and I would take that dark bay reiner any day-if I was working and had money, that is...lol!!!! What a looker!

    That Catty mare is nice looking too, and so is the bald faced paint mare. The only problem for me is that they are mares. :(

    Your last pic looks like a mover as well, but once again, it's a mare. Oh well, I know you can find me a nice looking gelding when the time is right. :)

    PS-That RMH is handsome as well. We ride with some gals who have those, and they make wonderful trail horses.

  6. Chelsi - that bay mare that is the King Fritz foundation bred....in the video....she looks sweet and all but she is realllllllyyyy super quick legged. I know us WP people place more importance on that than reiners - but the modern day reiners I have seen win in the pen have good minded supple horses with a nice headset AND pretty slow legs. This one isn't a bad mover - but she is so quick legged that it detracts from the overall picture.

    That first guy you showed us - all I can say is WOW - I am half tempted to try him out in the pleasure just to see how he goes at it. A horse put together that well surely must be talented at lots of things.

    Ya know really, there is a time when you might want to give geldings another try... mares just aren't carrying the value they used to - fewer and fewer people are interested in breeding - it costs too dang much. Besides you have a mare!