Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knock Three Times! On the ceiling....

....if you want me....

Ohhh...oh... twice on the pipes!


*tink tink*

If the answer is noooooo...

Oh, my sweetness!

A few weeks ago my Mom bought a new bicycle! She has a five day bike trip planned with some girlfriends this fall and needs to train so I offered to ride with her. Now, we rode quite a bit when I was a kid but for at least the past 8 years we both haven't been on a bike more than a handful of times... as it would turn out you actually CAN forget how to ride a bike! Well..not really, but trust me, we were both a little awkward the first few times out so just for fun I set up a couple of little obstacles (a pair of boots, a broom an a shovel) and we practiced riding up, over and between...all the while laughing and giggling like school girls... we had a lot of fun....which reminded me of the following scene from the adorable movie "Now and Then"....

UPDATE: Sorry, the video was taken down from youtube. Here is the "Knock Three Times" video ....

Now, every time I get on the bike and head out for a ride with Mom I hear the song, "Knock Three Times" by Tony Orlando and Dawn in my head and I feel like we are both 12 years old, light hearted, footloose and fancy free! You should try it sometime!!

Wear a helmet!


  1. I sing that song in my head whenever I'm always reminds me of the scene where they're painting the garage door. Does the song start at that scene or am I crazy? I'll have to watch it soon...I LOVE that movie!!! :)

  2. I used to sing that song in the shower when I was a teenager. lol!

    Thanks for reminding me. :-D


  3. Happy Canada Day to you.... my dear hubby is Canadian, born in Sask. His mother still lives in AB is 87 and still rides Team Penning horses.

    We have talked about moving to AB....we'll see.