Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Writing 75,000 Words & Bitty Pics

(I grew these strawberries!)

I have something I'd like to share....(besides these rediculously adorable pictures of my kitty Bitty and the strawberries I grew)....

You see, I've been writing quite a bit these past eight months.

(the ears you see sticking out are actually Hawk's! He is sitting at the foot of the bed).

As a matter of fact, I've been writing a story about a woman.

And this a guy....

And well... lots of other stuff.

But for the past eight months or so I've really hesitated to applying the term "novel" to my fledgling effort...

...to my mediocre (at best) writing, plot development, pace, characters, etc..

But then, a few days ago I collected all my chapters, all the bits and pieces and tabulated them together to discover that.... I have written 75,000 words!

75,000 words is a approximately 375-400 pages of your standard paperback (that figure based on the 200 words per page average I calculated.)

Seventy-five-thousand words.

Is it okay if I take a minute to feel a little smug about that?


So today, I'd like to say, for the record: I am writing a novel.

Oh and I'd also like to say thanks you!

Yes, you! All of you.

Because without this blog I don't think I'd ever have discovered how much I love to write. More than that, how fulfilling it is to write. More than that! How wonderful it is to SHARE what you write.

That "sharing" part is really new for me. I'm not an exhibitionist by nature...or at least not when it comes to my writing/art *wink wink*

This week I'd like to share a little of what I've been working on and how I hope you all might be able to help me finish this novel. More on this tomorrow!


  1. Yay you! I find it a little scary to share my own words, thoughts and even photos, too, worried that they might receive a negative review when my skin is rather thin.
    But thankfully, most people are open-minded, kind, and supportive. :)
    I think it's great that you've managed to write 75,000 words. That quite an accomplishment...a novel!
    I'm honored that you are willing to share some of it with all of us.


  2. Cool! PS - your cat IS an exhibitionist!

  3. Congratulations! Its wonderful to write, but such an accomplishment to complete a novel.

    Looking forward to hearing more...

  4. I'd love to hear what you have been writing. I hope to be able to read the whole thing someday!

  5. I'm impressed. Bring it on! And I'm amused at that last kitty pic!

  6. It is a life altering thing to be able to call yourself a WRITER. And that is just what you are- weather you publish or not! I've completed three childrens novels and two picture books- none published-YET. I have a Picture book at a house right now- it's been there for 6 months, but they say it is under consideration.
    One word of advice though- hold what you write a bit close for a while- then revise the holy crap out of it- then send it! Paperback novels are the hardest thing to get into print, but perservere!
    Good luck!

  7. Way to go Chelsi!
    So what genre would you consider it? I can just see you with a teen thriller a la Twilight or a good old fashioned bodice ripper! lol

  8. Yea Chelsi!!! You are an excellent writer, and I think that you should share that one**ahem**chapter with your bloggy pals (you know the one!)

    About them logging arms....do I ever KNOW what you are talking about. Want me to get you some good eye candy shots this weekend??? (wink, wink!!)

  9. GREAT Job!! Really - I know how much discipline that requires - and I am so jealous!! I hope some day I can read it?!

  10. If you're interested in having it published, I could probably get some tips, info and contacts for you as both CP and his mother are authors in their own right. (CP is under contract, his mom is retired).

    I can't wait to read it!