Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rodeo, Rednecks and Redstraps, Oh my!

Now that we have safely gotten that awkward little admission out of the way (my perverse desire to write/read smut) I hope we can move on to a more mature and dignified conversation...

Perhaps we should excogitate the nineteen century whaling industry and the avant-guard anecdotes found inaugurated in Herman Melville's Moby Dick as well as the esoteric sub-cultures of the Nantucket proletariats?


Call me Ishmael!

Seriously though...

I guess I need to find a way to tell you all what in the heck this "novel" is all about.

But first...

I heard that sigh! Okay, fine! I'll get right to it then!

This is the tale of a woman who, at forty-four years of age, finds herself with kids grown, home empty, and all at once free of the responsibilities and obligations that had once bound her, in both body and spirit. However, this was a freedom forced upon her, not one she had welcomed. She had taken shelter behind the labels of mother, wife, and homemaker and for twenty-four years buried the unholy wants and needs of her true self under the hallowed demands of family. Now she would be forced to face that which she has avoided since a summer long ago. Sitting down to write a grocery list she instead finds herself delving into a dark and barricaded part of her heart, tracing the path of her life- now come full circle- and wondering who or where she would be today had she chosen a differently. There she starts the memoir of her youth.
Written in the first person, this is an intimate and affecting account of the misadventures she faced during the summer of her twentieth year....when she left a community, religion and, in essence, her very identity behind to face an uncertain future with the innocence and optimism of youth, the reckless and boundless freedom of a woman untied, and of course, an open heart.

Oh and there is this guy...

Actually.... there is more than just one!

But not at the same time. (Whooop! I did not just say that! Sorry Mom!)

No seriously...
It's about a woman. And a guy. And well... lots of other stuff.
There are some horses in it! And smut too! Rednecks, loggers, trucks, small town gossip and outdoor lovin!...*wink*
....which reminds me of something I wrote for my yearbook inscription...
"Fords, 4x4ing, Fishing, Rodeo, Rednecks and Redstraps, oh my!"
(for those of you who, bless you, dont know what Redstraps are- they're a popular brand of pant worn by loggers.)

More tomorrow.


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  2. Sounds great Chelsi - really I hope someday I get to read it.

    Have you looked into self-publishing. It's growing. It's means alot of hard work for the author but more money in the end. I mean I don't know if you wanted to publish or not it was just a suggestion cause the book sounds so good, and it's so freakin hard to get publishing house to pick up a new author.

  3. Oooh, sounds interesting! You've got my attention. Now hurry up! lol Cool pictures too! What is that?!?

  4. Sounds very interesting! I'm waiting.... lol

    Oh and LOVE the new header pic!!!

  5. CrazyHorseWoman, please drop by my blog to retrieve you Honest Scrap award:

  6. Oh, it all sounds very interesting! I am so proud of you!! I have many times started a novel...only to never finish, or get halfway. I have one sitting on the hard drive of my old PC, calling my name. It was more of a movie script concept, and I have no idea how to begin one of those, LOL! Love your new header/banner, by the way!

  7. I did not know what redstraps are. Your novel sounds most intriguing! How long have these characters been brewing in your mind? I find it fascinating when people have the imagination to write a novel.

  8. Sounds exciting and fun. Can't wait to read it!

  9. Ok I'm right there...Nantucket Ariats...logging pants, unholy needs...Oh yah Baby! And I'll be 44next year, so this speaks to me....though my kidlets are a long way off from leaving me empty nested. hah!

    Write on, Chelsi. I just know it's gonna be good!