Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Fabulous...But oh so Painful!

It is 1am and I just got in from my cousin's very nice wedding.

I decided that I am no longer going to look dowdy. In fact, I think I'd like to look fabulous... (if possible).

This evening I discovered that looking fabulous comes at a price.


I am not nearly drunk enough.... (or drunk at all).... to not feel the pain....

That comes from spending an afternoon and evening in these!

But aren't they fabulous? (its okay if you dont agree....but dont tell me till next week, k? By then my feet should have healed. Until then just tell me that it was worth it!


  1. Yikes- I can't wear stuff like that thanks to having my right foot broken by a horse. Anything with a heel higher than, well, my Ariats, and I am in screaming pain.

    But those looking absolutely SMASHING on YOU, Dear Chelsi! ;)

    So... did ya get all wobbly and tippy in them? :)

  2. Shaa! TOTALLY worth it! Those are FABULOUS!!!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them so cute.

  4. I think those shoes are absolutely the cutest things! I wouldn't be able to wear them though, I can't wear much of a heel anymore. Not since I had knee surgery. If I do, it would be for a very short amount of time!
    Hope your feet feel better soon!

  5. From one shoe junky to what appears to be another: they are soooo fab!!!
    Although I don't get to wear shoes like that very often anymore.

  6. How can you ride a horse in those??? hehehe :-)

  7. I gave up wearing cute shoes a loong time ago- only boots for me or sandels- BUT those are realllly cute!

  8. go girl! uh huh! Yessiree! Yep. It was all worth it. Go drink some more now.

    (ouch! All I'm seeing right now is a man-made torture device. gah!)


  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh...I wish I could wear those. Love them!