Friday, June 12, 2009

The Great Equine Body Language Experiment!

Here it is!!!


(The name is a little long, isnt it? And a little cheesy? And trying too hard to sound exciting? I know...I know... but still.... )

Anyone want to play along?

Ok... so maybe its not "great" but....

While I was writing a post on equine body language I came up with a little idea I hope you too will find engaging and furthermore.... willing to participate in!

You see I wrote....

"....the horse, as a species, has developed a consistent and universally understood body language. While some are vocal, the vast majority of a horse's communication, (what he thinks or feels) is expressed through his physical body posture, his actions and the style of his movement. What I find interesting is how often I've interpreted the more suttle of a horse's body language differently from that of my fellow horsemen. A horse's body language can range from the this...

(this horse is obviously not relaxed and happy!)

To entirely open to interpretation!"

So what I thought might be an interesting experiment is for me to post a picture of a horse and have anyone who wishes to participate, (whether a horse person or not) write in with their interpretation of the body language of our subject!

To keep things honest I will turn on my "comment moderation" so that no comments will show! In...lets say....a week's time I will do a post with the picture and an anonymous list of the results!

Also, to keep any social pressures at bay no names/blogger IDs will be used when I post the results! So it's totally anonymous!

I am really curious to see how the results may vary!

So... once again...

Wanna play?

Our first subject!!! What do you think this horse's body language is saying?.....

(picture from

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Adjectives, adverbs, nouns! Just throw me what ever first comes to mind!


  1. OK... I've got comment moderation on so whatever you say will stay strictly between YOU AND ME!!! When I post the results of the experiment I will not include names/blogger IDs!

  2. it is..
    "I know what he wants me to do, but i need help understanding how."

  3. He is a little confused... and irritated.

  4. He wants to have fun, and this is not it.