Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rollin' With the Homies!

This weekend I've been "rolling with my homies"!

Remember that classic 90's song? Well every time I hear it (as I did at my cousin's wedding) I am reminded of another 90's pop culture fav...the movie "Clueless" with Alicia Silverston ?

Anyone fallowing me? I love the way Brittany Murph says "rolling with the homies" in that movie....

Actually did you know that movie is actually (very) loosely based on the classic Jane Austen novel "Emma"!?!

I am just full of useless facts like that. Dont ask me about anything useful (like what in the hell is going on in the Middle East) ....but if you need to know how many times a Blue whale's heart beats a minute (5-8) or if you ever wondered if "dreamt" is the only word in the English language that ends in "mt" (it is) ... I'm your man!

Where was I? Oh yah! I actually wanted to tell you all how I've been spending my weekend.

I've been "rolling with my homies" (are you tired of that yet? Good 'cause I am!)

My "homies" this week have been:

Mom, My Sister, Hunter (dog), Buddy (dog), and Hawkydog!

Mom, Sis and I were suppose to go away this weekend but due to some family issues we ended up staying close to home. We also had a wedding to attend....which was fun!

My Sis and I decided that it would be fun to go to the wedding together!

My Sis had her hair dyed dark brown (from nearly blond) just before the wedding and as we both recently had bangs cut back in our hair (and my hair was already a dark brown) we ended up looking a bit a like for once....which sparked the idea that we could show up together with matching hair (or better yet she could wear a black dress with white dots and I could wear a white one with black dots!) and do our own impression of the dimwitted but hilarious sisters in the movie "My Best Friends Wedding" with Julia Roberts.... oh and we could also get up and sing Dionne Warwick's "Say a Little Prayer for You"...

But we didnt.

And yet we still managed to have a good time! My Mom was the life of the party, (as usual) and my Sis and I just tried to keep up. We danced and danced till my poor little feet in my very high (but very fabulous) heels just couldnt dance no more!

The next morning we went for a walk and then headed out to look at a multi-million dollar show home on display in Langley, BC. It was an absolutely gorgeous Cape Cod style home fully staged and drool-worthy.

No, that isnt it! But this cute little building was nearby and I just loved the color it was painted.

Here is a pic of the show home we went to see....

My sister and I (Mom waited outside with the dogs) were tip-toeing through the fabulously decorated rooms, the beautiful kitchen and decks, the yoga room and the wine cellar....when we found ourselves in gorgeous master ensuite...

There my sister, like Goldilocks, decided to sample the tub and see if it was "juuuuuust right"...

....and you know what? It was!

When we finished our "when I win the lotto" shopping and after taking a walk along the river with the dogs we headed home...

...which was about the time that my Sis mentioned to my Mom that she should probably stop for gas. "We have plenty!" my Mom said.
"Mom!" said Sis worriedly, "It is nearly on empty! We should stop!"
To which my Mother said nothing... just smiled deviously....

Did she stop for gas? Oh no! Not my Mom! We took the looooong way home!

Up and down the country roads! Mom loves nothing more than to teach us girls a lesson and have a little fun while she's at it.

Here's Buddy nervously watching the gas gauge tip lower and lower.... (actually he's just always nervous in the car)....

We looked at fields and houses, horses and barns...

We stopped for Slurpee's and Drumstick ice creams and Starbucks too...

But did we run out of gas? Of course not! My Mom is always right (I've finally come to accept this.) As a matter of fact we didnt stop until we'd nearly reached home. I believe we ran into that gas station on fumes. And dont think that my Mom wasnt a little smug about that too!

Later that night we went to see "My Sister's Keeper".... which was actually decent but warning-a real tear-jerker!

Today we took the dogs to the river...

Hawk absolutely LOVES to swim....

But the tranquil beauty of the river was interupted by the a few little nuisances....

You see, my Hawk likes to paw at the water and yelp and bark and the white foam he stirs up.
Its a great game...but a nosy one.

While Buddy, on the other hand, only likes to wade in to his belly and didn't like the look of Hawk's playing, at all. He stood on the shore and barked furiously while Hawk continued to splash and yip obliviously.

Hunter took little interest in Hawky or Buddy.... Instead he did nothing but bounce between the water and a sandy patch of beach....getting wet and rolling blissfully in the sand in turn....

And to top it off.... Unfortunately my Sis was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes (though for some reason Mom and I didnt get a bite!) and so we booked it back to the car.

There Mom received a few bites but I still didnt. Weird! Must be something in our diet?

(My sis slapping at mosquitoes)

Overall it's been a great weekend.... This evening we watched the Bachlorette (I'm so frustrated at that little twit for keeping Wes around!! Grrrr!!) and tomorrow we are headed out for our last day together. I'll miss my Sister when she heads home.... I sure do wish we lived closer together.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I immediately thought of clueless when I read your title! I'm always quoting movies...that one has great material! ;) Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Haven't seen "Clueless" in ages but I love it!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Oh, and I totally covet that bathtub!!

    btw thanks for the kind words about Pie.

  3. Haha! I totally did the Brittany Murphy "rolling with the homies" thing in my mind as soon as I read your title! lol Sounds like a really nice wknd. That house is amazing! I want one! ;)

    My mom and I are the opposite of your family. I'm always the one going, eh, we're fine! But my mom freaks if the gauge is below half a tank! lol I have gotten a little less daring since I got my diesel though. I've heard is baaad news to run them out of fuel.

    Cute pics of the puppies in the water! Makes me want to hit the river! Nice and cool and peaceful! Other then barking dogs. lol That's funny!

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

    I spent Saturday helping the husband go through stuff in the garage and loading up my truck with stuff to donate. Got a bit sunburned where I forgot to put the sunscreen in the process too! And if you're ever working outside and your shirt's not tucked in, don't forget to get your lower back! Ouch!

    Then Sunday we decided we were too sore for more mass packing, but managed to fill a couple boxes all leisure-like. Now we're about 50% packed with about 2 weeks to go!

  5. Sounds like you are having a great time with your sister and mom. That river looks so inviting! It is so pretty! The dogs looked like they were lovin' it!
    I always get bitten my mosquitos, while no one else does. I have always said they just really love my blood!
    I agree with you on the bachlorette! I was hoping she'd send Wes home too! He is only there to promote his music, he doesn't care about the girl! He better go next week!

  6. I love that movie!!!! And just look at you, out there running around in those vampy high heels. :)

    BC is just gorgeous. We used to head up that way before I became a poor student. Lots of sights and sounds to take in.