Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Horse/Crazy vs Cold Horse/Safe

The horse sale classified site now includes an option within their ad format that allows the seller to rate their horse's temperament using a scale of one through ten- one being very quiet and ten being very hot. I assume that this is meant to act as an effective tool for a reader to judge, at a glace, whether a horse falls into the category that would suit their needs and/or riding level....


Is being "quiet" synonymous with being "safe" and does "10" or "hot" really mean that horse is only suited for a professional trainer/rider and/or is dangerous?

Maybe we should first look at what defines a quiet horse vs a hot horse?

Most of us don't have any trouble classifying the quiet horse; Those that are referred to as bombproof, quiet, dead head etc. are most often those that lack energy... they are the plodders- happy to mosey wherever you point them and are not at all concerned with every little leaf (or horse-eating-cow) that blows across his path. Quiet horses tend to take things in stride and dont plan on going anywhere too fast.

Where as those that are truly hot are the ADD types-bundles of nervous energy that tend to react first and think later. These horses are often very expressive and quick to pick up on every little shadow, stop sign and heaven forbid, monster shaped rock in their path.

Somewhere in between is the horse that has plenty of energy to spare but are not at all manic about getting where they're going at a break neck speed.... and while they are aware, they are not anxious. These horses are quick on their feet but steady of mind.

So which horse is safe? The plodder? The Plotter or Mr. Middle-ground?

The answer, in my very humble opinion, is:

Quiet, hot or not, the horse that is safe is the one that broke.

* Broke? *insert sarcasm* That means they dont buck when you get on, right? *

To me a really well broke horse is one that is very well practised and extremely dependable at responding on cue to a riders commands...the most important of those cues being....


Go (walk, trot, canter/lope)

Steer (left, right)

In it simplest form, to ride safely, the above three buttons is all a rider really needs. Training a horse to respond to those three cues consistently and dependably should be the goal of any rider starting a horse, regardless if said horse is quiet, hot or anywhere in between. Wet saddle pads, a consistent and capable rider and miles are the only thing that can make a broke horse and a broke horse is the only kind that we can come close to calling "safe".

Too often we see are horses that are sold as quiet (but are not truly broke or safe) because:

Their naturally quiet disposition allows the trainer or back yard owner to produce a horse that appears broke but in truth is far from it. These seemingly safe horses are often bought by inexperienced riders because of their "hoodie-hum" dispositions, (especially adult re-riders and that are depending on the mellow disposition of their mount make up for their lack of ability.) This is a lot like what I call 4x4 syndrome in drivers- that is when people think that because they have a 4x4 they dont need to slow down during a snow storm or those who relate anti-lock brakes with the ability to steer across black ice.

Many people who ride "dead head" horses let their guard down, they don't pay attention to hazards, don't get lessons to improve their balance and are not actively engaged in riding and as such, when the rare occasion comes presents itself where good ol'quiet Fluffy decides to wake-up and smell the horse-eating-monsters, said rider finds themselves in the dirt. But I digress.

What I wanted to point out was the dichotomy between safe and quiet and that hot and hard-to-handle do not have to be synonymous. Much as one might find that the quiet horses can more easily disguise a lack of foundation, many hot horses are excused from "bad behavior" under the guise that dangerous behavior is to be expected from a hot horse. While a hot horse might need a better trainer, they are no less capable (if sane) at becoming well broke than any other horse. Even a very hot horse can be trained to stop on a dime, to walk forward quietly and under control and to lope off collected and on the correct lead. A hot horse has no excuse to buck, rear, bolt, run through the bit, or blow up than any other horse- these are vices, not a quality of temperament! A very hot horse does not require require an aware, confident and capable rider because they are better adept at staying on during a blow up (even professional bronc riders get bucked off!) but because, (like a professional race car driver), they are better able keep a hot horse in line, his buttons fine tuned, anticipate upcoming problems, and mentally match the speed with which all horses can react physically.

Obviously there is a difference between the two types of horses (hot or quiet) and their suitability for a certain type of rider (beginner or professional). I am not trying to suggest otherwise. And there are all sorts of horses with different issues, some very legitimate and others that are simply misinterpreted (the bucker with the back problem, the spooky horse who is hard of sight, the dominant horse with the passive owner). However, I am tired of seeing dreamhorse ads for "super safe, dead quiet, kids safe" horses with "30 rides" on them and people who pass off their bolter as acceptable merely because said horse is "hot".

While safe may be a subjective term when applied to horses, personally I look for an owner-operated gas pedal, brakes, and steering as standard equipment on all models of both horses and vehicles- whether in a Ford pick-up or Ferrari, and a hot blooded Arab or a quiet Appy.

"And that's all I have to say about that."
-Forest Gump

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HOOOOOOOOT !!!!! And flower pics.

That post title is suppose to say hot!

I realize it might look like hoot (like an owl) but this heat wave is anything but a hoot! (ha. ha. *blank stare*) We're breaking records here in the Pacific Northwest.... you know... BC, WA, OR.... those coastal places that are suppose to have a moderate climate...not too cold in the winter, not too hot in the summer. Forsooth! (Yes, I actually did just use the word "forsooth"...and no I am twenty-seven.... not seventy-two.)

Why is it that sitting here, sweating, dripping, hot.... all I want to write (in the classic Wizard of Oz cackle) is..... "I'm melting! Melt-ing!!"

But I wont (didn't I just?) instead I'll show you these macro flower pictures I took yesterday....

Flowers that some how or another have managed not to melt in the searing heat of the hot summer sun...

(All of these flowers are from the beautiful hanging baskets Mom bought me for my B-day.)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Reply To Melanie's Query....

So Melanie posted the question today...

Is it okay to read the Twilight series more than once?

Let me ask you this?

How well read do you think these books look?

On second thought, don't answer that question!

In truth, I've fallen out of love with Edward...

I feel so empowered saying that!

I no longer have to bare the shame of belonging to the "My-name-is- Chelsi-and-I-am-an-adult-woman-in-love with-the-fictional-character-Edward-Cullen-and-his-gloriously-hot-reincarnation-Robert Pattinson -Anonymous-Club" and in to the self respecting world of "Twilight-is-a-not-so-wonderfully-written,-shamelessly-over-the-top-romantic-TEEN-fiction-as-sickeningly-sweet-as-it's-over-abundant-fressia-and-therefor-I-am-officially-on.......


Poor-flawed-passionate-oh-so-manly-and-no-so-metrosexual-Jacob Black!!

If only it werent illegal for me to admit to having a crush on Taylor Lautner ......

I'd shamelessly write little "I *heart* Jacob" all over my binder.

But I cant.

Because I'm 27.

And 27-year-old/9-years-out-of-high-school women don't have binders.

But I do have a dry erase board on my refrigerator....

Thou shall not crush on a 17 year old boy.... Is he even 17?

Now back to Melanie's question....

I could say that.... as Twilight has inspired screaming, squealing, hysterical, idol worshiping in every teenage girl's heart in the nation and therefor any self respecting woman must deny any and all association and recommendations with respect to said vampire, ware wolf, blushing-clumsy-fressia-smelling-human novels, I'd answer Melanie's question as....

Go right ahead, my dear. We wont tell.

Oh and one more thing....



Monday, July 27, 2009

Chelsi's Favs- Mixed Bag

Here is a real mixed bag of horses I picked out of dreamhorse. These horses stick with the general rule of my faves (2-12 years old, under $7500, AQHA or APHA, western type horses, located in BC, WA, OR, CA, ID, MT). Keep in mind I know little about bloodlines outside of the reining, cutting and cowhorse world but I like a certain shape and type to my horses no matter what their purpose or breeding. That is not to say that shape is all that matters....but what a horse lacks in eye appeal must be made up for in quality of character or performance. Here are a few that jumped out at me and a few words about why I picked them.


HorseID: 1431796 Dual Ladigos - PhotoID: 443270 -  2010-01-16 Days Left: 173

Someone needs to go pick up this mare!

Dual Ladigos
Solid looking and pretty 5 yr-old buckskin mare, well broke, hauled and seasoned broodmare out of a performing son of Dual Pep and a performing daughter of Tigerote (Doc Quixote x Mr Gunsmoke). She also goes to Jacks Doc Frost and San Zone on the bottom side. This mare's pedigree is stacked and she has the look, color and time on her to make her well worth her $2800 price tag!

Second pick:


HorseID: 1433268 All Ready Rebel - PhotoID: 443577 -  2010-01-18 Days Left: 175

Here is a nice solid looking, 6 year old bay roan gelding that looks like he good do a hard days work and then go show the next day. Out of a nice son of Smart Chic Olena (x Colonel Freckles)- All Reddy Smart and going to Two Eyed Jack on the bottom side, there is nothing wrong with this horses breeding! And with a $3500 price tag I think he's well worth the trip.

HorseID: 1403722 Cals Dually - PhotoID: 439205 -  2009-10-02 Days Left: 67
Cals Dually
Like the movement of this mare in her video. Her sire is a full brother to Dual Pep and a money earner himself and I like Mr. Gunsmoke horses.

HorseID: 1395915 Hot Chip Investment - PhotoID: 425870 -  2009-11-02 Days Left: 98
Hot Chip Investment
I really like the shape of this mares top and bottom line, especially the shape of her neck (nice and round on top and short on the bottom with a fine throat latch). She looks like she'd cross well on a reiner though her breeding is WP.

HorseID: 1368562 forbidden cash - PhotoID: 413872 -  2009-08-30 Days Left: 34
Forbidden Cash
Such a sweet looking gelding with a nice square build and versatile look overall (though a little strung out behind in the last picture), clean lines and a nice color to-boot.

HorseID: 1430188 Hot Irish Attraction - PhotoID: 442481 -  2010-01-13 Days Left: 170
Hot Irish Attraction
Sweet looking mare, pretty, balanced, decent breeding and topped off with a nice personality (at least as shown in the video....though dont know why she's not shown under saddle!)

HorseID: 1347163 Iron Man Miss Fancy - PhotoID: 405280 -  2010-01-08 Days Left: 165
Iron Man Miss Fancy
I have no idea of this mare would win any classes but I love the look of this mare in her video, cant quite say why...I just like her!

HorseID: 1417032 Smart Mister Blue - 3 mos under saddle so far - PhotoID: 441214 -  2010-01-08 Days Left: 165
Smart Mister Blue
This is the kind of gelding I'd call a bit catty looking. You might not like the set of his hock in this pic but his video looks much better (in terms of showing conformation, the training he has on him is a matter of opinion). I like him as a cowhorse type prospect, which you can see in his shape and that is backed up by his bloodlines (Mister Dual Pep, Smart Chic Olena and Gay Bar King).

HorseID: 1422803 ***Kit*** Trail horse Extraordinaire - PhotoID: 438391 -  2009-12-27 Days Left: 153
Here is a gelding you might think is overpriced for a trail horse but these colored, big, pretty, square and very well seasoned trail type horses sell for a pretty penny because they make the perfect baby boomer re-rider horse. He's a good example of what will sell to that market.

HorseID: 1413146 One Dirty Investment - PhotoID: 433816 -  2009-09-09 Days Left: 44
One Dirty Investment
Again I love the topline and neck on these WP horses. They have such a pretty natural shape that makes them look fabulous in the bridle.

HorseID: 1436299 **LARKS SMOOTH SCOTCH**NICE GENTLE MARE** - PhotoID: 445084 -  2009-10-25 Days Left: 90
Larks Smooth Scotch
Here is a (depending on taste) not so fancy looking horse that I like because of her breeding and her simple workman type body. She looks a little upright in her hind end but that could easily be the picture. Rugged Lark shines through in this mare, she'd be versatile. 9 Years old, broke, seasoned broodmare for $600! Who wants to pick up a horse for me!?!

HorseID: 1432834 Vejos,Foxy filly - PhotoID: 443850 -  2009-10-20 Days Left: 85
Vejos Foxy Filly
I like this filly because of her flash color, decent looking conformation, age, size, and training (and the fact that she's not been owned by the same person since a weanling) I think she's worth a look at $2500.

HorseID: 1402841 Jac A Boo Pine - PhotoID: 443471 -  2009-10-19 Days Left: 84
Jac A Boo Pine
This is a cute looking red roan gelding with some of my favorite bloodlines and a magic cross in his pedigree- Great Red Pine crossed on Hollywood Jac 86 and Brenna's Kid in there too. Maybe priced a bit high in my opinion.

HorseID: 1432336 Hallies Skipto - STOUT & GORGEOUS PALOMINO - PhotoID: 442992 -  2009-10-17 Days Left: 82
Halles Skipto
A really solid looking gelding that is well broke and pretty to look at. Another good baby boomer re-rider horse.

HorseID: 1424887 Josie Q Quelow - PhotoID: 439399 -  2009-10-04 Days Left: 69
Josie Q Quelow
Pretty palomino mare that is broke (looks like needs a refresher) but is pretty enough and broke enough to justify her $2500 price tag.

HorseID: 1385286 Nates Silly Donner (Dually) - PhotoID: 421172 -  2009-08-09 Days Left: 13
Nates Silly Donner
Well seasoned 14 yr-old gelding that looks like he'd make a good all-round family horse and is priced low enough to make up for a few extra years (that should add to his value, not lessen it!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Honest 20,000 words or less:)

Thank you Laura over at Littlekeebler for this Honest Scrap Award! Laura's blog chronicles the adventures between her and her spotted pony (mint loving) Rusty. Her honest approach to writing and warm, open and sweet personality is a real pleasure to know and read. Thanks Laura.
Here is my 10 20,000 words or less:)

1. I have this thing about seeing another person brush their doesn't matter if it is on TV or in person...either way my nose gets all uncomfortable and fidgety. You heard me! My nose takes on a life of its own and insists on scrunching up and twitching like it's just gotten a whiff of some funky unidentifiable scent. It's the weirdest thing because I have no explanation for it.

2. I have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow, next week, or next month. I don't have a single definitive plan for the future. This is a fact of my life that I've become used to but that still, at times, freaks the living shit out of me. I have no kids, no work, no horse, no big social event, nothing that demands my attention at a specific place or time... It's a little odd. Some may think it's cool...others pathetic or sad...and at various times I agree with all of the above.

3. I have now been horseless for 10 months.
And while I hate, hate, HATE not having a horse at home I love, love, LOVE not having a single solitary horse bill. Want to know how much I spent on horse last month? $0.00 Nadda! Zero! Not a penny. And I bought myself a new pair of shoes! With that being said....I plan on buying a horse again at my earliest possible convenience. I'll return the shoes.

4. Every waitress, waiter and patrons, grocery bagger.... anyone and everyone my darling boyfriend (DB) comes in to contact with remembers him and universally loves him. When we walk into a restaurant they say, "Hey! It's my favorite costumer...." and then, remembering that I'm standing there too, quickly correct themselves with, "Ah...yah...I mean my favorite costomersssss." and give me a sheepish smile. Even the girls and guys at the local Tim Hortons drive-thru pine to serve my DB his coffee. It's sad. I make fun of him for it. But he cant help it. He is funny and sweet and polite... and so.... charming I just cant help but love him for it...

5. But sometimes I hate him for it. At times I feel like I walk around in his shadow. Sometimes people act surprised when I pipe up and say something funny...they look at me like, "Oh! You speak!" I've wondered if maybe that is one of the reasons why I've enjoyed blogging so much. We spend and inordinate amount of time with one and other and this blog is one aspect of my life that has absolutely nothing to do with my DB. For the most part, he doesn't even read it.

6. I love him. A lot. If I had to pick one person in this world to share a sunset, a dinner or a snuggle with, he'd be it. Just don't make me go clothes shopping with him. I want to kill him in about eight seconds flat. He doesn't understand this an insists that I come with him and never seems to remember that we have a horrible fight every single time. And I'm not talking about a little disagreement either... these fights are the all out kind...where I storm of in a fit of mumbled curses and swear up and down that I absolutely will NOT go back to find him.... he can come looking for me! But he never does. Ever. He knows how to play me all to well. He walks around the mall, nonchalant he's having a gay ol' time.....chit-chatting to the sales lady (who is by this time totally enamored with him) and acting as if he is unaware of me stalking him...peeping out from behind the Men's Shoes to send him death glares. Eventually he'll catch my eye and smile that blasted annoying, "Oh! Hello there! Are you done have a temper tantrum?" smile and I'll walk over and kick him in the shin. Then we kiss and hold hands (much to the chagrin of said sales lady) and he shows me the 18 shirts he found while I was away. And yes, I am pathetically addicted to him.

8. For the past 9 months I've been writing a book about a girl who leave the only world she's ever known behind in order to discover and explore her true self, needs, wants and beliefs. To do so she must give up a man she loves- one who is good and sweet, loving and honest- because he is unyieldingly set in his ways and in his position and place in life and as such, is simply unable to, even if he was willing too, change to meet her needs. It is about a woman who has the courage to step out of a good relationship in order to have the reality of her life reflect the quality of inner self. Or some mumbo jumbo like that. And if the quality of this paragraph is an indication, I shouldnt be writing at all!
9. Though the main character of my novel is not me, she is, in a sense, my alter ego. I hope that through writing her story, we will together accomplish that same goal.

10. On occasion, I talk to DB in my sleep. Last week a movie was being filmed a block from house and every twenty minutes, from 10:00pm until 5:00am a series of gunfire, car tires screeching and pyrotechnics would go off loud enough to wake the dead...or in this case, me. I phoned the RCMP... I phoned the Mayors office... I wrote a letter to the paper. I was royally pissed that these people received a special permit that violated the rights and comfort of every citizen within three blocks. But I digress. The point is that after finally falling fitfully asleep I apparently woke up at 3:45am (after a particularly loud blast) and looked at DB, (with my eyes closed) and while shaking my finger at him said, "Some body's going to get hurt, really bad!" In a perfect Punjabi accent.

For those of you who don't know, here is the comedy sketch by Russel Peters that I was quoting. DB just about died laughing and I had absolutely no recollection of the event.

It seems this award has been passed around a time or two already so I will just leave it open for anyone who wishes to pick it up!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manly Man

Okay, switching gears entirely....

Today I saw a little expose on some show like Entertainment Tonight of Hugh Jackman laying in the sand with waves washing over his shirtless torso, smiling and preening for a camera... he was shooting a spread for some magazine cover. Now, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Hugh Jackman... especially a shirtless Hugh Jackman but I had to scrunch my nose up when I saw him posing and hamming it up for the camera. I get that it was his job and all but there are just some things that even ridiculously sexy men cant manage to do without looking ridiculously un-sexy.

Like when you catch a man looking at his fingernails. Unless he is Clint Eastwood and he's pulling out a massive knife to clean his nails with...all the while giving off this menacing aura of's just not sexy!

So I ask you this...

What do you think is unmanly?

For me it is seeing a man preen in front of the mirror. Primping is not sexy in my books.

For my friend it is a man who uses an umbrella. She thinks it is horribly unmanly. It could be a Coors umbrella plastered with naked women and she'd still think it was like totally unmanly...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mare Power: Royal Blue Boon

Few mares have impacted the sport of cutting more than the 1980 blue roan mare, Royal Blue Boon. Not only was she a great performer, earning over $380,000 in the cutting events, but her produce earnings are what earned her top billing as the Leading All-time Dam in the NCHA .

The progeny of this mare was so great that when the AQHA refused to register embryo transfer foals it was her owners that filed suit and won, allowing her to be bred to multiple stallions in one year and imparting an even great impact on the sport as a whole.

Royal Blue Boon had 18 foals, 17 of which went on to perform and between them earned over 2.4 million in the cutting pen.

(Duals Blue Boon by Dual Pep and Royal Blue Boon)

Royal Blue Boon's is most recognized as the dam of a horse with an unforgettable name, the great Peptoboonsmal. This stallion has had a massive impact on the cutting horse industry, his produce have earned 8.4 million.

Red White and Boon, another son of R.B.B. is the highest earning cutting horse of all time...lets see him in action!

Produce Record of Royal Blue Boon:

PEEK A BOON (f. by Smart Little Lena). $81,143: finalist in the NCHA Futurity. Dam of PLAY PEEK A BOON ($179,362).
AUTUMN BOON (f. by Dual Pep). $259,685: NCHA Open Super Stakes Champion; NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic/Challenge Champion; Augusta Open Futurity Champion. Dam of IM COUNTIN CHECKS ($162,787: 3rd, 2005NCHA Futurity)
DUALS BLUE BOON (c. by Dual Pep). $197,440: NCHA $10,000
Nov ice World Champion; ACHA Open World Champion
TH ROYAL RED PEPPY (f. by Peppy San Badger). $122,585: split 4th, NCHA Non-Pro Derby. Dam of BOONS FARM N POPCORN ($23,787), SHESA RED BLUE BOON ($17,542).
PEPTOBOONSMAL (c. by Peppy San Badger). LTE: 180,487 CLICK HERE.
ROYAL BLUE DUALLY (f. by Dual Pep). $86,394: finalist in the NCHA Super Stakes; 3rd, NCHA Open Derby. Dam of ROYAL FLETCH ($235,852: NCHA Open Futurity Champion),
BET YER BLUE BOONS (f. by Freckles Play boy). $352,694: NCHA Hall of Fame; NCHA Open World Champion; NCHA Open Finals Champion. Dam of BETS CD ($129,130: 3rd, NCHA Open Derby),
RED WHITE AND BOON (g. by Smart Little Lena). $928,411: 5-time NCHA Non-Pro World Champion (in 2005, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000); NCHA Derby Re serve Champion;NCHA Open & Non-Pro Finals Re serve Champion 3 times.
PEPPYS FROM HEAVEN (f. by Peppy San Badger). $143,350:
NCHA Non-Pro Derby Champion; split 6th, NCHA Futurity.
Dam of SEVEN FROM HEAVEN ($83,311: AQHA World Champion Cut ting Horse),
ROYAL RED BOON [UNREG.] (f. by Smart Little Lena). $135,360: Northwest Classic Champion; 3rd, NCHA Open Top Ten.

Royal Blue Boon was a talented mare with some freaky blood that stamped her get with greatness.... she was so great, in fact that some folks saw fit to clone her! But that's a subject for another day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mare Power: Diamonds Sparkle

(Diamonds Sparkle and Shining Spark)

I am a BIG believer in mare power! I'm not just talking about a decent pedigree, consistent produce, performance offspring or good conformation... though all of those qualities are important, to be sure. What I'm talking about are the mares that have the "it" factor and tend to lend that special quality to each and every single one of their foals. A truly great mare almost always produces outstanding offspring. I'd like to take a look at some of the great and legendary mares of our time, starting with one of my personal favorites....

...the aptly Diamonds Sparkle, a 1974 Palomino mare by Mr. Diamond Dude (Blondy's Dude x Wimpy) and out of Pollyanna Rose (Three Bars x Sir Barton). She is best known for producing the great Shining Spark...

(son: Shining Spark)

But Diamonds Sparkle was herself an AQHA Superhorse and earner of 143 AQHA points in 6 events: 23 halter, 39 heeling, 28 reining, 31 western pleasure and 22 heading points.

She was also:

(Diamonds Sparkle)

1979 World Champion Senior Heading Horse; 4th, 1979 World Championship Senior Reining; 6th, 1979 World Championship Senior Heeling; National Leader in 1978 All-Ages Reining; AQHA Champion, Superior Steer Roping.
(son: Zans Diamond Sun)

Sparkle had an outstanding show record but it was her produce record that put her in the Legends Book... She had 18 foals between 1981 and 1999, (eight of which were embryo transfer.)

She was bred to Genuine Doc ten times and of the eight foals that went to performance age, this cross earned $122,000, 2 NRHA Open Futurity Champions, NRHA Open Derby Champion, AQHA Reining Congress Champion, AQHA Jr. World Show Reining Champion, Congress Open Healing Champion, 182 AQHA Points, and many other notable championship and finalist titles in Reining, Cowhorse and Roping events.

(Pictured: Genuine Doc)

Diamonds Sparkle was crossed on Zan Parr Bar five times:

(Pictured: Zan Parr Bar)
The produce of which earned: $263,000, 1,698 AQHA points, NRHA Derby and Futurity titles, and more World Championship titles in Reining, Heading, Heeling, Working Cowhorse, Halter, Calf Roping, than I have time to list!

She was also bred to Doc O'lena- producing a Reserve World show Superhorse; Zans Last Light- producing 126 AQHA points and $24,600 in reining; and Zan Parr Express- producing an NRHA Futurity Open Finalist.
(Son: Genuine Redskin)

**Keep in mind that points and money earnings listed above were largely earned in the eighties and early nineties and as such the value can not be compared fairly to today's money earners. **

(Son: Simply A Spark)

And those are just her sons and daughters! Within three generations her offspring produced 6,532 AQHA points (in virtually every event in the AQHA) and $736,709!

(Son: Genuine As Diamonds)

Diamonds Sparkle is herself a:

Hall of Fame

World Champion
Top Ten World Show
Superior Performance
AQHA High Point Performance Horse
AQHA Champion

And has produced:

Hall of Fame Offspring:
Reserve Super Horse Offspring

World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring:
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Performance Champion Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners
World Show Qualifiers
All-time Leading Dam:

Diamonds Sparkle died in 2003 at 29 years of age. She was a truly outstanding mare that produced truly outstanding offspring. Her influence will continue to shape the reining, working cow and roping horses of today and tomorrow.