Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crafting- It's a Messy Business

I spent this afternoon afternoon with two children under the age of 7. And we all lived to tell the tale. To say this was a novelty for me is a gross understatement... I haven't spent that much collective one on one time with a small child since... 1998. Approximately. That is a long time ago. Like, in '98 Justin Beiber was 4 years old.

In '98 I was sixteen, Will Smith was singing "get jiggy with it", I was figuring out what "get jiggy with it" meant and Bill Clinton was paying the price for having gotten jiggy with it ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman").

Anyways, the point is that small children scare the bageezus out of me. They are so little. And honest. And insightful. And fragile. I am used to trying to keep a 1200 pound animal from killing itself. Easy. Keeping a determined 5-year-old from using scissors to cut open a tube of glitter paste will perched on a white slip covered chair... Now there is a challenge. We crafted. It was epic. Shockingly, I had fun.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SPF 60 of little help...

So it turns out that the SPF 60 sunscreen I have on my bathroom counter is of little help... That is, when you forget to apply it before heading out to spend all of this gloriously sunning BC summer day at the Maple Ridge Country Fair! Oops! And ouch!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to Blogging:)

I'm back! I miss writing. I miss using this blog as a forum to explore, vent, give voice to and sort through my ever active (horse crazed) mind. I miss having a journal, the chronicle of my adventures and misadventures. Last night I looked back over my old posts and was so happy to have that record and sad to have missed the time that I did. When I quit blogging I started up a private (not even invited members) blog with every intention of online journaling. I think I managed a total of three posts before loosing momentum and finally even the address. It just didnt work for me because on some level I felt like I was talking to myself, which oddly enough lacked the cathartic quality of public blogging. So I am going to start back up right here at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind because this is where I want to write. It is like slipping on an old pair of jeans. It just feels right.

As much as I've always enjoyed and valued the feedback and community that comes with blogging I've decided to go "comment free". The reason for this is simple... I'm completely self absorbed and want to hear nothing but my own voice. *guileless smile* No, not really. It just feels right.

I cant wait to get caught up! I have so much to share!

To start...

My Oh-La-Hola- The sweetest filly E.V.E.R.

Every time I do something new with Hola I am just blown-away by just what a good good girl she is... from her first bath, first fly spray, first blower-vac (my buddy J was using the blower on his 4H steer and I figured, `why not`!) to her first time being tied and hauled, she has been just as good as gold. I have hauled her out a few times, walked her down the road and ponied her at a new arena. Every time I do something new with her I marvel at her calm, sweet and sensible disposition. She looks at the world with curious wonderment. Hola doesnt step back from the unknown. She steps in to it.

I just love my Hola girl.