Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"That's Normal Though, Right?"

I am super excited to tell you all about my new blog!

It has the unlikely title of, "That's Normal Though, Right?" (click for link)

You see, I think that (for me) blogging is all about this quintessential question. It is a forum to express, to communicate, to share and seek validation and commensuration from my peers. We all look to one and other in our quest to figure out what to expect in and from life....

And so I got to thinking, How many times have I asked or been asked, "That's normal though, right?" And what if there were a blog based around such a question....wherein I, or anyone, could pose their ponderings....where no inquire would be to insignificant.... a no holds barred, anything and everything forum open to the bloggerdome universe! A place where everything from the mundane to the risque is fair game! And all out question and answer orgie!!!...
I got a little carried away there, didnt I? Sorry.
The problem with getting such a blog off the ground is that it'll only be interesting if there are enough people willing to play along... so I hope you some of you might be so kind as to stop over and check it out. If you think the idea is schlock please dont be shy in saying so. I can take it:)

Monday, April 26, 2010



Red Dun Filly born April 25th, 2010

Sire: Jumping Jack Whiz (Topsail Whiz x MS Maggie Jac by Hollywood Jac 86)

Dam: Roosters Abby (Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) x Rosie O Shorty by Rosie O Llama)

All photos property of Marcy McBride

For those who might not know, this filly is out of my mare (Abby) who I have on a breeding lease to McBrides Quarter Horses. As such Whizeroo belongs to McBrides. I am, nonetheless, immensely proud of the quality of filly Abby produced and wish to kingdom come and back that I could have her for my own:)

(click for link to McBrides Quarter Horses)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eclipse Trailer and Abby's Waxed Up!

Sorry for (what may be for some) the graphic photo. But Abby's waxed up and her milks gone white and that means that she should be foaling really soon now! I actually did a little happy dance when I received the e-mail from Marcy. Someone seriously needs to remind me that this coming foal isnt mine. Actually, on second thought, dont remind me... I'll take the sweet bliss of denial of reality gladly. I have a feeling that I'll be jumping out of bed every morning and on the computer within minutes until that foal hits the ground.

And in other news....

OH MY!! Oh my...oh my! The trailer for my favorite book of the Twilight Series has been released. I may have giggled...... And maybe even squealed... just a little.

Link to watch it on Oprah's website here.

Oh but there is more!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wasted Guy vs Flip Flop

If Anderson Cooper can cover it, so can I!

*** PS- check out the new polls ------> ***

Monday, April 19, 2010

Unusual Horse Names and New Abby Pics!

(New picture of Miss Abigail (Abby) with her big baby belly. She is due on the 28th of this month! Still lookin' a little rough in her winter clothes.)
I dont know about you but I LOVE unique horse names! Over the years I've known (or owned) horses with common names like Abby, Ellie, Rocky, Tucker, Trooper, Tonto, Dusty, Rusty, Musty, Blue, Little Blue, Old Blue, New Blue (those "blues" were actually owned by the same person!) Comanche, Cowboy, Sugar, Honey... etc. etc. etc.

As horsemen we're not always the most creative folk when it comes to naming our horses... or children actually... I actually knew a chuck wagon racer who had three kids named Dusty, Colt and Blaze. Seriously.

(Look at that belly!)

Most of the horse I've owned have come to me with common names. Up until Ellie I was in the habit of changing a horses name to something unique but then some ol'cowboy I knew told me that it was ill luck to change a horses name and so, as I'd had a string of "ill" luck, I figured that when i bought my next horse I'd just stick with what came and just hope and pray I didn't end up with another Tonto... and so Abby stayed "Abby" until Marcy, the wonderful lady who has her on a breeding lease took to calling her Abigail. I fell in love with that name for my sweet little mare and I feel like I snuck by that name change rule as we haven't changed her name so much as expanded upon it:)

In the past I may have gone a little too unique...even my friends couldn't remember the uniquely titled Gala, Shaunti (shawn-tee), Keo (Key-o) or Loachan (Low-can). But over the years I've run into a few horses (and dogs) with unique, fun and creative names that suited the horses well.

(Looks like she could use a day at the spa!)

Crayola- a wildly marked paint.

Truck- a 1400 pound Appy on a 15.3HH frame.

Taikya (ta-kie-a)- a beautiful gray half Arab

Tonka- a big buckskin

Jablo- (hab-low) a gorgeous imported Hanoverian

Sparrow- a doe eyed blood bay fresian cross

Grissom- I havent met this hunter/jumper TB yet but I LOVE the name.

Ready- a TB lesson horse I rode as a teen

("I may be a porker but I still have me one fine lookin' ass!")

I know I've come across so many more but for some reason they're just not coming to me now.

What are some cool and unique names you've come across or come up with yourself? One you cant wait to use? Or are you scared that someone might "steal" it:) Like that baby name you told your bridesmaid?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going to Meet The Pioneer Woman

Yesterday morning I stopped over on Pioneer Woman's blog (as I do most mornings) and realized that Ree Drummond's book tour had finally made its way to my neck of the woods (and I say "woods" literally.) "Close" would also be a relative term as her signing of "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" would be held at a bookstore in Seattle, a two and a half hour drive from my home. I couldn't decide if I wanted to make the trip or not... I really enjoy PW's blog, have used dozens of her recipes with great success and own the cookbook but I'm not really die hard enough to drive that far for her alone.

So... instead I dragged DB across the border for an "adventure"! I tempted him with California Pizza Kitchen and a piece of pie from the Dutch Mothers in Lynden. I've learned that you can drag a man just about anywhere if there is the reward of good food on the other end (Orange Julius hot dogs will get him to the mall:)

The Dutch Mothers is a (duh) Dutch restaurant in the freakishly Dutch town of Lynden, WA (I did a post a few years back about how the abnormally neat lawns of Lyndon gives me the heeby-Jeebies...and it still does btw!) They serve up the most fabulous deep dish pies in Northern West... or at least the Northwestern region of North Western Washington...

And so after filling up on Carmel Apple pie we made the long trek south towards Lake Forest Park where PW would be making her appearance at a Third Place Books. Even though I was prepared for the crowds it was still really kind of shocking to see the number of women gathered! Young, middle age and old(er) all buzzing happily with a bright yellow cookbook or book(s) tucked under their arm. I quickly discovered that they had a system in place for the signing as to avoid huge lineups but also that it would be hours before we could expect to even begin to stand in line. And so I took my "ticket" and DB and I went out and spent an hour or so hanging out at a mall and then went in for supper and CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). DB used to live in Dallas, TX and has long complained about the acute lack of CPK's in BC (there none) and so he was thrilled to get his fix of Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza! Despite the helping of pie we had earlier in the day we still ordered a big piece of delicious Red Velvet Cake.

By 9:40pm, when we started the jaunt back up towards the bookstore, I wasn't feelin' too much like standing in line for an hour or two with a full belly (Sorry, PW but even spanx wouldn't have helped last night!), tired feet and a long drive ahead of us. As much as I might have liked to see the lady in person the idea of my comfy bed and two dogs waiting at home won out and so.... make a long story short... this is the closest I got to Ree Drummond, the (now) famous Pioneer Woman...

There were a number of people that wanted to get a snap shot of PW signing but the organizers had her tucked away in a little nook and the only space to get a picture was through this cozy wee spot...

(here you can see a nice lady knitting away while watching Ree's meet'n'greeted (behind the pillar)...

What the organizers missed.... while factoring in the family friendly-middle age female-houswives- Christians- and other good-god-fearing soul-demographic attending this event was that the first glimpse of PW you were likely to get would be while looking over this book cover....

A minor oversight... really...



Maybe one day she'll come to the Pacific Northwest on this (the North side) of the 49!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andrea the computer-human-wannabe

(Picture that tries to evoke an inner zen-like-peace!)

Yesterday afternoon I was on hold with my cell phone provider.

Despite my best effort, I wasn't actually able to speak to a human being.

Wanna know what pisses me off even more than a ten minute wait time and disinterested service (*snort*) provider?


Andrea, the computer human wanna-be.

Andrea says: "Hi! My name is Andrea. I'll be helping you today. Can I start by getting your birth date?"

And I say, "No, your name is NOT Andrea because you're a computer!" (And then I say my birth date.)

Andrea: "I'm sorry but I didn't hear that. Please try again."

: "Shocking! And here I thought inanimate objects couldn't "hear" at all!" (hits zero repeatedly)

Andrea: "Would you like to hear the options again?"

: "OPERATOR!!" (now gripping the cell with white knuckles.)

Andrea: "It seems I'm having trouble understanding you. Let's start over. Can I begin with your birth date?"

: "Understanding me? Understanding me! You're not an f-ing human, Andrea! Get over it! And let me speak to a freakin OPERATOR!" (Blood pressure spikes)

Andrea: "I'm sorry I'm having trouble understanding you. Let's start over. Can I begin with your birth date?"

: (now trying to be polite... as if this makes a difference to an inanimate computer program.) "Can I PLEASE speak to an OPERATOR!!!"

Andrea: "You're password has been reset. Can I help you with anything else today?"

: (bangs head repeatedly on counter) "Bloody &*#ing &$^#n&^ucker computer-animated-human-wannabe-*#$%

Andrea: "Thank you for calling."

(train running over river.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pee Pee, Dipsee, Poody Poo, you name it...


Ya'll know how I like to get all in depth and personal on this em' here blog...

But is there a limit to just how personal one lonely, late night blogger should become?

I guess we're gonna find out!

My sister suffered an injury to her posterior region on the first day of our cruise last month. Since that time the aforementioned region of her buttocks and you-hoo has been a daily, if not hourly concern and topic of conversation with both friends, family, hospital staff, hair stylists and heaven knows everyone and anyone who dare asks, "What happened?" I cant begin to say how thrilled I am that my sister is finally starting to get back up on her feet (quite literally) after nearly six weeks of very restricted movement. I also cant begin to say how thankful and proud I am of my Mother, who has watched and tended that wound so fiercely I'm sure even Nurse Ratchett wouldn't have dared question her dedication.

Through it all my sister has had to withstand more discomfort than I could possibly imagine but surprisingly enough, having to divulge the rather intimate and private nature of her injury has not been one of them! Though that is not to say its not been a little awkward for others! It is always interesting to see who is able to speak opening and frankly about it in medical terms vs those who just cant find the words to begin to preface a question that involves terms for the "nether regions" ... then of course there are those who stick to the four-year-old's versions... like wee wee or bum hole.... Or "buttocks" like Forrest Gump ("I was shot directly in the butt-ocks!")

Like a woman who's gone through childbirth some times you hit a point in life where you just cant be bashful about the female form... and yet, despite six weeks of having to talk about it I still find myself saying things like "dipsee" (as a friend calls it) or "poody poo" as it's known to another friend...

I'm a little ashamed that as a 27-year-old woman I'm still so juvenile when it comes to discussing the female form... though I'm sure there are those who'd argue that it's indecent and unladylike to even write this?

Are you comfortable discussing anything and everything? Did you change after you had children?

Or is this all just far too personal?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Picture Thursday- Love it or Hate it.

I havent decided if I love or hate the above photo. Please feel free to love it or hate it with me.

Wet Fields and Corn Stalks.

Wishing I had the above for PW's "green" photo contest.

I know the above picture makes it four pictures instead of three... but "Four Picture Thursday" just didnt have the same ring to it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

$538 vet bill and I got nothin'

Hawky had x-rays done today. I had a $538 vet bill today. And, as of today, I still have no actual diagnosis as to what is causing the front limb lameness he's been displaying for months now.

Here is what I do know...

He is showing mild arthritis in his elbow, shoulder, hips and most of his joints but nothing that would cause lameness.

The IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) he was diagnosed with three years ago has become worse in his lumbar and hip area but the effected vertebrae in his shoulder and front end are not the source of his lameness. However, the loss of mobility he is showing in his hind end is a result of IVDD.

His right hip show very mild displasia.

He has fantastic "knees". Or so I was told.

So... the diagnosis is that he has an "itis" of some sort (inflammation)... possibly tendinitis in his shoulder. The treatment?

Well, he's recommending drugs for his "bad" days and Pulse Signal Therapy or K Laser Therapy for long term reduction in pain and swelling as well as physiotherapy and exercise such as swimming (Yay! He LOVES to swim). However, he doesnt feel that I can expect Hawk to ever be fully "sound".

Do my question to the blogger sphere is:

Has anyone had any experience with pulse signal or laser therapy?


PS- I had the chance to meet a "blogger buddy" for the first time today. Natarojo and her sister were both so warm and friendly... It was truly a pleasure! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I've met through blogging and for the great sense of community we share:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

"I can handle it"

I am making some big changes in my life. Big! Huge!

(Whenever I want to emphasis just how "big"something is, I always think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when she walks back into the shop where the snooty sales staff refused to wait on her and says, "Big mistake! Big! Huge!... well.... here just watch....

I am making a BIG change! We're moving!! ... we'll at least relocating for a few months from where I've been for over 9 years, (since the age of 18) to a whole new area, town and hours away from my friends and family. I'm just a wee bit terrified at the very idea. I've also decided to go to school. I'm thinking of working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree (despite everything I've heard about how worthless a BA is these days.)

I'm also trying on a new motto for size.

"I can handle it."

In the past I've live in a perpetual state of indecision because I've been terrified of making the wrong decision.

No more!

What changed? I read a book. It's called "Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway!"

More on this next post:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This evening I was buzzing around looking at horses online when I realized just how much and often I've come to depend on It is easy to assume that such a popular site would be common knowledge but then I realized that there might be some folks out there that dont know how broad and far reaching their pedigree database has become and how fun it can be to search back and look at some pictures of the old legendary sires or even those who's blood contributed to the horses we own and love today.

A feature on that you might not know about is that if you right click on the name of a specific horse within the pedigree you can actually look up "progeny" details (it will list all the sons and daughters of that horse within the database) without becoming a member. This can be useful in finding brothers or sisters of some of your favorite horses or to research the produce record of your own stock. (remember that allbreedpedigree is a growing database built on contributing horse owners like you and me. It is far from complete.)

Also, at the top you will see a name listed and beside it a little "i" next to a picture icon. If you put your cursor over the the "i" information on that horse will appear (in some cases no details are entered, just the AQHA reg. number, etc. but there may be such details as produce ans performance earnings, titles and show records.). Your cursor over the picture icon will allow a picture to open. The little red astric (*) next to any name in the pedigree indicates that a photo is available for that horse.

I hope that allbreedpedigree will continue to expand and remain (mostly) free to use. In the past doing pedigree research through could become an expensive prospect, especially for a chronic horse shopper and pedigree junky like me:)

(note: I have no affiliation with