Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I ♥ Hawky-dog

(note: Hawky would never growl at his sister! Bitty is biting his whiskers:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Team of Horse Crazed Blogger-Buddies!!

It's a well known by both my friends, family and fellow bloggers that I tend to stalk horses online.... I peruse the sale ads sites, sniff up deals, bookmark favorites and then go back time and time again to see if my chosen few have sold. However, rarely do I look at horses locally (as to avoid temptation) and I have a rule about not contacting sellers unless I'm in the market...

However, I'm not great with rules.

And so, when in summer of last year I found a local mare online that really liked and despite the fact I was in no position to buy a horse.... and despite that she was vastly inappropriate- not being the right size, breeding, conformation, training or having potential in any discipline I'm interested in- and despite my golden rule, I contacted the owner and immediately starting scheming how I might get her....

However, eventually logic did win out and after watching some video and getting the advice from Cheli's Team of Logical-Minded Friends I talked myself out of pursuing her any further....

I told myself to forget about her and never looked back.

*hysterical laughter* Oh my! As if... A rabid dog with a juicy bone aint got nothin' on me baby!

I didnt forget about her. But I did move on.

*snort* Oh, I crack myself up.

Less than a month later I was e-mailing the owner again to see if we could work out a lease but the owner needed to get her sold and I couldnt commit to a lease to purchase. I knew it was for the best.... and so I actually resisted temptation for a second time!

But the story doesnt end there! I had to resist her yet again when I discovered that she had come back up for sale or lease early this year by the lady who purchased after I crapped out! I contacted the new owner but quickly discovered that a lease wouldnt work due to an issue I'll not get into here (to due with bad bitchy blood with a related party).... and so I let her go once and for all....

Of course that didnt stop me from lamenting over her, watching her videos and going back to moon over her picture a few times a month... or week... (not everyday, I promise!) I just couldnt put my finger on why I was inexplicably drawn to her, why I was infatuated with a horse I've never met and would never allow myself to buy....

Okay, so it's not exactly unheard of for me to obsess over horses I want. But this one was more inexplicable than most!

And so I went out and found Jewel, the horse I am currently semi-leasing- a nice, broke, quiet and sensible mare.

Anyways, yesterday I went out to the barn for the first time in a month, looking forward to a nice little ride to get back in to the swing of things before my lesson (also the first in a month) on Monday. The barn where Jewel lives is a small private farm with just 6 stalls and a few run-in sheds, and just two boarders. The two paddock/sheds had been empty for some time and so I was a little surprised when I went to grab Jewel from the field to find an unfamiliar sorrel mare staring back at me from across the fence. I walked up to greet her, clucking softly and cooed "Hey there stranger, who're you?" when a rustling from the dark confines of the adjoining shed brought me up short. I squinted into the blackness to find a faint white stripe bobbing in tune with the rustle of hay in a plastic trough. I clucked again and a head shot up. A black mare, bright eyes glinting in the faint light huffed a breath to take in my scent. A chill ran up my spine as I took in a thin white blaze both distinct and familiar in shape. The mare. My mare. The one I'd never met but lusted after for months! She had found me.

"Damn it!" My brain piped up, "Step away from the horse Chelsi. Dont go to her. Dont! Stop! No, if you pet her you're going to want her! Oh man! Her muzzle just touched my cheek! Oh no! It's so soft! Run! Get away before it's too late!" And then... *sigh* I gave up. I gave in and loved up on her. I let myself "feel" her.

And then I phoned DB (Darling Boyfriend) and the rest of the Chelsi's Team of Logic-Minded Friends and let them talk me down.

I cant have this mare.

No way. No how.

I'm almost ready to accept that.

So I'll now address my Team of Fellow Horse Crazed Blogger-Buddies...

*motions towards the floor... or in the case keyboard*

Tak'er away!

PS- I'm pretty sure she's not sound and wouldnt stand up to hard work... just a minor detail, really...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Pull of the Project Horse

(Aztec stallion Brio)

Last night I was having supper with DB and chatting, as usual, with the wonderful folks who staff and run the restaurant when one of the girls there gave me the latest update on her mother's horse, Cisco. Now, this is a gelding is one I've been intrigued with for some time as a few months ago the Mom and I were having a chat and she expressed how she doenst have any time for Cisco and wondered if I wanted to spend some time with him, (she also lent me a DVD of him showing a very cute four-year-old Andalusian QH cross (Aztec) gelding with a pretty way of going and a decent yet green handle under saddle.) At that time I had a lease horse and was taking lessons and so after much (inner monologue) debate I resisted the temptation and declined her offer.

Since then I've heard off and on that the distention between her Mom and Cisco continued....the longer he sat not being used the more the distance between them grew until everything came to a head one day when her Mom met and fell in love with a Mini... a mini who Cisco met and instantly decided to kick the crap out of. Anyways, last night I hear that Cisco is for sale. Of course I havent stopped thinking about him since.

(Diesel the Beagle hanging out at the barn, looking at Roxy's paddock)

Next horse, Roxy. A solid bay four-year-old bay mare I met a few weeks ago. She isnt clicking with her owner either... a difference in personality types we'll call it. Well, her and I got along just fine. She has a pretty head, nice big solid body and a sweet eye. I didnt ride her but I did spent a good while hanging over the fence loving up on her. Roxy will come up for sale next month. I havent stopped thinking about her either.

(My friend's Arab cross mare, barnmate of Roxy)

What is it with the pull of the "reject"horse. ("reject" meaning the horses the owners dont want for whatever reason.) Is it Flicka Syndrome? Is it just that I have a soft spot for to the misfits? Is it that I want to make a good horse, instead of buy one. Pride? Greed? Scottish thrift? I want to buy both of these horses.... even though neither of them really suit my needs.

I can not buy them.... but that doesnt mean that I have to stop dreaming about what I'd do with them if I could!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Help! My purse is soaked in beer!

Help! My poor purse! DB bought me a purse for Christmas a few years ago and I just love it... it has buttery soft Roots leather, it's the perfect size, has easy access and the perfect length of strap... *sigh*

Ladies, you know how hard it is to find the perfect every day purse!! Well I had it!

But it needs saving!

You see....

This evening DB and I went to the Tim McGraw concert. (It f'n ROCKED!!! I mean really, really rocked it and I didnt even consider myself that big of a fan (of his music anyways *ahem*) Here is a link to his tour dates, go see 'em!)


But never mind that now!

The problem is that some jackass spilled his beer on my purse! That soft buttery leather is now totally saturated with that sickly sweet, sticky booze! Yuck!

Is there any way it can be saved?

Friday, March 19, 2010

REBA baby!

Yesterday night DB and I were lucky enough to score some tickets to a Reba McEntire concert!! It was great to get out and shake loose after a few weeks of feeling anxious about my sister's health and spirit. First, can I just say that my sister is such a trooper. She might not ride horses but I swear that girl has the heart of a cowgirl, she is one strong chicky! No way would I be able to grit and smile through what she has had to go through. I am so proud of her and I'm also super proud of my Mother.... I know some people say "well that's just what mothers do" but my Mom truly goes above and beyond the norm. They are both so amazing and I am SO lucky to have them.

Anyways, DB and I lucked out with the location of our seats... we were like three rows up and four rows out from the stage so we had a great view... however, we werent so lucky with the company we landed in! The folks in front of us where really quite strange....some lady with with a fanny pack, bad perm and a serious fetish for Reba that was spastic enough that a guard had to come tell her to chill out. She scared me a little. The older lady on my left was really quite nice but had an unfortunate flatulence problem... I was thinking Oh crap, people are going to think that is me! But then I'd think, Oh dont worry! I doubt anyone else can smell it... which was about the same point that DB leaned over and asked "Was that you?"


And then there was the gal on our right. If DB had slipped a dollar bill in her jeans I cant say I would have blamed him... after all she was practically giving him a lap dance! Red head, young, heavy makeup and a skinny ass that she insisted on shaking in DB's face at every chance she got. I'm not the jealous type (okay I am but that's beside the point) but this girl was over the top... she actually fell into his lap at one point.

But, despite Stalker Sue up front, Stinky on the left and Sex Pot on the right I actually did have a pretty good time. Reba sang Midnight in Georgia, Fancy, The Greatest Love I Never Knew, Because of You and so many more of her classic hits. She also did a pretty funny skit with her Reba co-star Melissa Peterman and a duet ( with Canadian opener Crystal Shawanda.

(Reba doing that duet with Kelly Clarkson... I swear it was even better with Crystal!!)

I didnt recognize Crystal Shawanda's name right off and so was taken off guard when she sang one of her title hits, "You can let go now, Daddy". Poor DB, I couldn't keep it together through that one (good thing Reba didn't sing "Cowgirls Dont Cry"!) that song was one that meant a lot to my family and I during the time we were mourning the loss of my Grandfather. It is such a sweet song... ever heard it? Here you go....

Although I dont consider myself a huge fan, I really do respect Reba and enjoyed her concert... besides, any woman who can manage to stay on top through all those many years, bad perms and shoulderpads deserves to go down as a legend!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I cast the role of Jamie Fraser!

I FOUND HIM!!! Oh yes I did! I found Jamie!...

...(as in James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.... as in the actor to play Jamie Fraser in the Outlander movie! As in the screen adaptation of the best selling Outlander series by the amazing Diana Gabaldon!... die hard fans have endlessly debated the casting of this larger-than-life-but-oh-so-glorious-Scott but almost always come back to the same man... but it will not do!

I am bucking the trend and saying "Down with Gerard Butler!"

Okay, not really... I'm actually a big fan of Mr. Butler but Jamie is suppose to be 21 in Outlander, for goodness sakes! Gerard is in his forties already there is just no way he can pull off a coming-of-age Catholic virgin, Scottish accent or no!

So who did I find? Well, first let me tell you he's not Scots.... but really, how hard is it to master an accent that most people cant understand half the time anyways?

What counts is that he is big, buff and (maybe not Jamie's 6'4") but as far as actors go, a
near giant at 6'1"!

He's ruggedly good looking (having modeled for Ambercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, GAP and others) and is currently the new "it" boy in Hollywood after the success of his staring role in Dear John.

His military, dance, and martial art background shine through giving him an authentic and athletic grace, raw physicality, poise and that (oh-so-necessary) menacing air of confidence and superiority.

His face roughly fits Gabaldons description of Jamie: close set, deep eyes, been-broken-before nose, and a full lower lip... his nose isnt long, nor is his mouth wide but he has the sharp edged jaw, and celtic look (having some Irish blood).

He even has a hint of red in his beard and a ruddy cskin that could easily pull off the look of a natural red head. And at age 29 he'll be the right age to play both Jamie of young and old(er).

Okay so are you ready? Wanna know who I've got?!!?

Why the fine Mr. Channing Tatum of course!

He has the face, body and moves but the big question is does he have the acting chops?

Maybe not... but he did an alright job in Stop-Loss.

Either way I'm totally sold on this guy for Jamie.

And I'm ready to start a campaign to get him the role!

Not really.

But I think the producers really aught to consider him!

Oh! And while I'm at it I should also mention that Keira Knightly (who most argue for the role of Claire) would need to put on a good 30 to 40 pounds to be a credible Claire. If I had to pick an actress for Claire right this minute, I'd go with Scarlet Johansson.

She has the clear pale skin, beautiful eyes, fine bone structure and full lips, butt and bust that Claire would require... though as with Channing her ability to actually bring the character to life might be of question. Anyways, at least physically Scarlet and Channing should be able to make it work, (make it work-work make it work (name that song). )

And that's all I have to say about that.... till next time at least:)

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am a proud and frequent follower of The Pioneer Woman's home, confessions, cooking, tasty kitchen and photography but don't often stop in to her "Homeschooling" section, however, this morning the heading "FreeRice.com" caught my attention. Freerice.com is a trivia website (it's free and you dont even have to set up an account!) where for every question you get right they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

I had some fun on the site this morning and quickly racked up 1300 grains of rice! And (I like to think) I might have walked away a little smarter for playing to boot! The questions get progressively harder as you go along and you can select from different "subjects" like vocabulary, geography, math and even art!

Give it a shot! It's fun!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The horse I think I should love + update- more on Willy

I found a gelding today that I think would make a sound prospect for many riders. He isn't, to the best of my knowledge, killer well bred or totally finished out in a specific discipline but he moves beautifully, freely and with a nice frame and he appears quiet, sound and very well broke.

I am going to be a little presumptuous here and suggest that Willy is the kind of horse that we women should buy the first time around but often dont... not until we've over indulged our "Flicka Syndrome" one time to many and have come to appreciate a safe steady Eddie (or Willy)... to for go all of that wild fire and romance for a consistent, safe and enjoyable companion.

I dont find the prospect of buying this gelding necessarily exciting... but he is the kind of horse that would be smart to look at!

Willy's ad says that he is a 12-year-old, APHA gelding, 15.2HH tall with experience in reining, cows, clinics and as a schooling horse. He hauls, ties, clips, bathes and has placed in shows. The ad claims his video will tell the story and I believe it does.

I could take Willy today and show him at some level of reining, Western Pleasure, Trail, Cattle Penning or throw a rope off of him and then throw an English saddle on him and show him on the flat or try some dressage. He really could be a Jack of all trades.

I think he's priced well at $4500us.

(FYI- I dont know the owners of Willy and havent actually sent them this post (but will). I cant say if Willy really is a good prospect or not but he is the kind of horse I'd personally travel to see. Willy is in NW Washington.)

I left the following comment (or I should say, a less articulate version of this comment) on Story's All Gear No Skill blog in an effort to offer my advice on the subject of giving up a good horse who just isnt working for it's rider. Also, my opinion on how we, as horse lovers, are often inexplicably drawn towards certain horses, a "love at first sight" phenomenon, even though that horse isnt necessarily the best fit.

My comment....

"I am a hopeless romantic who leads with her heart and has bought many horse after "falling in love" at first sight (or even at first sight of their ad!) On paper a few of those horses even worked on paper too but in end many caused me a lot of heartache when I was forced to sell them because they were not a good fit. What I had to learn was to respect good, solid horses and to have faith that, given enough time, I will fall in love with any horse, especially one who make me happy and helps me follow my dreams.

It is SOOO unemotional sounding (and I am anything but) to say that you should only buy a horse that fits your needs on paper...
.... While I want to instantly fall in love, (when I first meet my future horse) I know now that it is more important that the horse works for me and that she be sweet and willing....
... I know that it is possible to find both at the same time (because I've had it happen) but I had to learn to stop leading with my heart. Think of it as falling in love with that friend you've known for ages, the one who's always been there for you but you never felt romantic towards until one day something changes."

Dont hold me to it or anything but I think that when I go to buy my next horse I'll try really hard to focus first on whole "respect" thing and not put so much stock in my level of attraction towards a certain prospect.

It's much easier to sell a horse that does everything you need but who you dont love than to sell a horse that you love but who doesnt do anything you need.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hawky says, "Houston, we have a problem!"

One evening DB and I returned home from supper expecting to be greeted at the door by Hawky, as usual, but as we entered the house there came no clip clip clip of doggy nails across the linoleum, no body jiggling, fierce doggy waggling, no exuberant sneezes of pleasure! Oh no! Instead all we could hear was Hawk's high pitched whine coming from somewhere within the house. Fearing the worst I quickly ran to see what was the matter but to my surprise I found Hawk standing stock still in the middle of the hallway, his ears pricked forward and his whole body preening with an inarticulate whine that expressed nothing but acute frustration! Of course I talked to him as if he were human and asked,

"What is it? What's wrong!!?? Has Timmy fallen in the well?"

Hawky's body quivered and he yelped impatiently before turning and trotting into the bathroom.

Curious as to what he could possibly have him in such a tizzy, I followed.

When I flicked on the bathroom light I was surprised to find Hawky sitting intently before the toilet staring in to the recesses of the bowl as if the proverbial Timmy really were lost within it's recesses.

What was it?




I believe Hawky's impatient and high pitched whine could be interpreted as, "OMG!! It's my ball! My ball!! It's drowning!! DROoooooWNING!!! Hurry! *he calls like a Curler* Hurry and save it!!" And I swear he was actually trying to put get his leg over the lip in an effort to paw it out!

I wish my dog loved me as much as he loves his ball. When or if I fell in the toilet (ehem! Men! Seat DOWN please) I bet Hawky wouldnt lift a paw to save me:)

*no balls were harmed in the making of this post*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Disney Movies of Old

(The real Pocahontas)
I love that this blog let's me express that crazy rambling and often non-sensical inner monologue that up until now has remained, as it probably should, strictly inner... an example of which would be the lengthy photo caption from my last post wherein I babbled on about The Little Mermaid and Sebastian the crab whom I somehow mistakenly remembered as being Jamaican rather than French.... because a Jamaican accent and French accent are, like, you know... virtually interchangeable right? (just nod and smile)

It is not suprising that I sometimes get my Disney characters mixed up, after all I grew up watching a whole pluthera of animated movies- being of that generation who enjoyed both the big budget animated Disney movies like Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story as well as the classics like Snow White, Pinocchio, Lady and Tramp, and The Jungle Book.

I was thinking of Disney movies (or I guess I should say animated feature films) that I once loved but have since forgotten about like "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "The Wind in the Willows", "Oliver and Company", "All Dogs Go To Heaven", "The Land Before Time" and so many more.
One of my latest and probably all time favorite characters (though he is not officially Disney) is the little squirrel in the movie Enchanted. I am in love with Pip!!

Check out this scene wherein Pip tries to warn the prince that his attendant (the man trying to stop Pip from talking) is secretly working for the wicked witch and trying to kill the princess with a poisoned apple!

Too cute for words!!!

Is there a movie that stands out from your childhood? A character? A song like Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas), I Can Show You the World (Aladdin), or my favorite....

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... didly dee! There they are standing in a row... bum bum bum....

All together!

Big ones! Small ones! Some as big as your head!!

(*groan* "Oh I'd never have to do this for Mofasa!")

Now please excuse me, this walk down memory lane has lead me to watching the classic 1989 coming of age hit, "She's Out of Control" staring Tony Danza!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blessed is the Quiet

(Please excuse Arial. I just felt she belonged with this post for some odd reason. Which actually got me thinking about Arial from the movie The Little Mermaid... and how the title is kind of funny because Arial, the mermaid in the movie wasnt that little... in fact she was pretty average in size... which makes me think that the title "The Mermaid" had either already been taken or just didnt have the same ring to it... either way... on to my post about "being quiet" ... which I've pretty much blown to hell now by writing this super rambling photo caption and singing "Under-da-sea" to myself in a Jamaican accent... which makes me wonder why the crab was Jamaican... made me wonder enough to look it up and discover that his real name is Horatio Ignatius Crustaceous Sebastian.. but he just goes by Sabastian for short... which is great because that guy from CSI Miami is named Horatio and I cant stand that weasley bastard.... but I guess I better leave that quandary for another time.)

I love to blog. I love the blogs of my peers. But these past few months I've been more content to remain quiet and have not been inspired to write and share or even to explore and comment on others blogs, no matter how much I value their authors. I am not bored of this format of creativity and still very much care to keep this blog alive. But not today. And not yesterday. And maybe not even tomorrow. Though the writing of this post is a contradiction of sorts.

As women we feel this inherent need to share- to express and commensurate. We also sometimes feel the need to wrap ourselves in the comforts of home and tune out the world at large, to seek that quiet place within ourselves and rest a while there. So please excuse me if I take this time. And don't be surprised if I change my mind tomorrow... another distinct female trait, fickleness, is one I'm certainly guilty of at times:)

Thank you for your well wishes for my sister.... She is resting and healing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jingles for my sister, please.

We are home... Early, exhausted and emotions spent, but home. I've never been so happy to step foot on Canadian soil in all my life. At this time I'm not going to go in detail but I can say that on the second day of our trip- on a "sea day" in the Gulf of Mexico- my sister sustained a significant injury. The doctor on board determined that it was best she travel home as soon as possible to see a specialist here in Canada but due to our location we had to wait two days before being able to catch a flight (from Belize) that could accommodate her needs. As horrible as these past few days have been, and despite how much my sister has had to endure, we still have reason to be thankful as she is expected to make a full recovery. My family was raised with the expression, "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet."

As bad as it is, my sister is walking, her spine is in tact, her brain is as sharp as every and her heart is beating strong. There is so very much to be thankful for... but it is hard to remember that when you see someone you love in pain.

I believe in energy and positive thinking and so would greatly appreciate any "jingles" for my sister's health and speedy recovery... no need to leave a comment, just a moments thought is all it takes.

Thank you and I'll post an update soon.

(a few pictures from the flight home)