Monday, April 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye... Kinda

On July 12th 2008 I hit "publish" for the first time. Since then I've hit that little orange button over five hundred times and in doing so unleashed my unique and quirky perceptive on the world on such varied subjects as horses, dogs, cats, sheep (and my disdain for all wooled creatures), to pop culture, relationships, personal anecdotes (note: anecdotes not antidote... who knew!) and everything and anything in between. While "Horse Crazed" might suggest a primary topic most of you have come to know that you're just as likely to find a rendition of "Night Moves", a story of how I was once blinded by a Caesar salad, and book review of Vampire Porn (no joke) as an article on horse color genetics, the ethics of breeding or my failures as a horseman (See: "Mounting: A Failure to Launch Story".)

I've loved writing Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind... I loved it. Past tense. For nearly three years I've indulge my passion for writing and personal expression through blogging, not as a chore, out of obligation or for the gratification of having a readership (though it was appreciated), but because I felt an irrepressible desire to share and to share in a form that represented my creativity at its best. That urge to express remains. But my dedication to the art of sharing... to my own standards of quality has been seriously flagging these past few months to the point that I'd rather not publish at all than to continue publishing these half hearted efforts, schlocky (What! It's a word!) written updates or quick little didlees as I have been. In other words, I've put far to much time, effort, love, blood, sweat and tears (okay maybe no blood or sweat but tears for sure!) in to this freakin' blog to let it go to let it go to hell in a hand basket (I tried googling euphemisms for "going to hell" in an effort to get something with more umph than the above but by the time I figured out how to spell euphemism correctly enough that google could figure out what I was trying to say I'd lost all patience.)

So, is this good-bye? Kinda. I dont have the heart to shut this baby down. So this blog will continue to exist and I'll continue to post on it when or if I have something of importance to say and the time and patience to say it in a (remotely) eloquent fashion. Which wont be often. Or at all. We'll see. In the mean time I will continue to post random, poorly written and otherwise shitty blog posts over at The Schlock Blog- where even the name is schlock. I don't recommend you check it out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Hola

Need I say more?

(of course I do!)

She is just as sweet as pie and cute as a button.

It didnt take me long to name her either. Hola! She is such a friendly little filly with a happy eye and soft demeanor...she just suited a name that meant "Hello!" I get her home in the Fall. My first baby... An hour with her and I was in love... but it took me a few days to get past all of the practical arguments against my buying a foal. But when I saw the above photo I knew. I knew that I would regret saying no... and that I'd never regret saying yes.

So I said yes.

And I feel so damn good about that decision I just cant tell ya.

But there is one decision left to be made! The name for her registration.

I would like it to incorporate Whiz and Rooster... or Gallo Del Cielo (means Heavenly Rooster (the Cielo means heavenly). Jack could be worked in there too. Last year's foal was Whizeroo. I love it but want her to have her own name. Ideas?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Filly

She is just hours old in this photo. All red. Not a stitch of white. She should shed out a dark chestnut. And yes, this one may be mine... who am I kidding? I think she has to be mine... I meet her tomorrow.

Let the naming game begin!

Ponies At Sunset

Friday, April 15, 2011

Waxed Up!!

(ABOVE: ABBY AND HER 2010 FILLY WHIZEROO) Just got word that Abby is waxed up and dripping white milk. And guess what!! I (God willing) will be able to meet her 2011 foal within the next few days! I am hoping to leave her Monday and get there in time to see a healthy and happy Momma Abby have a healthy, sound, and beautiful little colt or filly. I am so excited.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Everglades

The Everglades- a place of raw and savage beauty... ...of lush green emerald palm fronds, stunted Poisonwood and brackish gator filled swamp... ...of strangled trees, unearthly mangroves and a scent so rich and damp it lays like a mossy blanket over you... though it is not stagnant, it teams with life... home to those who slither and crawl... ...those who scurry unseen into the depths of bottomless shadows... snakes, spiders, vultures and... ... the Geico Gecko... What? He could be visiting! Maybe even seeking a tax shelter... or visiting elderly relatives... or (with that vibrant colored beard) maybe he's visiting South Beach... ya never know.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

These Eyes

(sorry about the lack of spaces, blogger is being a (insert bad word)...

*dunt dun* *dun dunt da da dunt da dun* *dun dun* *dun na da dunt da dun* *dun dun*

Oh come on! I got it close!

How about ya just go on and hit play on this video (make sure your volume is up... 'cause These Eyes, is a must sing-along kinda song and that's just the way I roll... have you hit play yet? Go on... I'll wait....

Oh yah, *bob that head* ... *dunt dun*.... trademark chords, classic... just classic.... These Eyes... cry every night... for you... These Arms... long to hold you... again... The hurtin's on me yah... I will be free now, now my baby oh no now You gave a promise to me, yah you broke it.... you broke it... oh no... *sigh*

Oh yah... God I love that song.

Why are we listening to it, you ask? Well, 'cause these eyes (mine) are the issue at the forefront of my mind right now... While I was away I had to accept something that I've known but have been avoiding for some time. A few days ago my Mom and I were sitting out on the deck of our condo looking out over the ocean and she commented on the size and name of a cruise ship that was sailing past. The thing was that I couldnt see the name on that cruise ship. I could only see a dark blur where I knew the name should be but I couldnt make it out. I was quick to find an excuse...the glare of the water, my tired eyes, that I had been reading and such but then later, as we were driving through the city, I noticed that the road signs were a little harder to read than I remembered... then I recalled how last year I had commented that the isle markers at the grocery store we hard to read and a few other little things like how "tired" my eyes felt at the end of the day. I know you might be thinking, "What's the big deal, go get your eyes checked!" and I'd have to agree. Being less than 20/20 isnt the end of the world.... But... for some reason the idea that I might need corrective lenses really bothers me.... maybe it's because I am an artist and the way I see the world, the detail, light, color, shades and shadows is so important to me... it is almost that it defines some portion of who I am... the idea that I have lost, or am loosing any portion of that is really a little scary to me and I really haven't wanted to face it. This evening I was in Chapters and I was looking for the "Pet" section and found that I had trouble making out the section markers. As we walked to the car I pointed to a sign in the parking lost and asked HS if he could read it. He could. I couldnt. Tomorrow I am going to make and appointment to have my eyes tested. It is pointless and childish to be a little scared. But for some reason I am. *fingers crossed*

Now, I have to leave you with this. One of my favorite scenes of any movie, ever. These Eyes rendition by Michael Cera in Super Bad. The intensity of the coked out guy is crazy...

"You want a line of cocaine?"

"No way, man."



Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Robert Is Here' Key Lime Milkshakes

I am home from Florida and while I have much to report I'm going to keep it simple for tonight by posting a picture from our road trip to Everglades National Park that is, surprisingly, not of a gator, a vulture, a mangrove or an exotic bird, as you might expect (those will be coming shortly) but instead this is a pic of a milkshake cup! Why? Because that cup contained the best freakin' milkshake I've ever tasted in my entire life made with fresh Key Limes and ice cream so thick and smooth you cant even suck it through a straw .... I swear this thing was just To Die For. OMG. Seriously.

Want one? Just go to "Robert is Here" fruit stand on West Palm Road outside of Homestead, Florida (on your way in to Everglades Park). The stand also has a large assortment of fruit (duh!), tons of different kinds of honey, pickled vegetables and canned fruit, preserves, real sea sponges, shells and there is even a petting zoo to boot! Oh and Robert really was there! (hence the name). This is obviously a well loved family business that is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Okay, What Did I Say Then!?!"

West Palm Beach Photos
So... I am in Miami. Long story. The short story is that it is warm, sunny, palmy (lots of Palm trees) and I like it.... especially when I turned on the television Clinton Anderson was right there on regular cable. I think I almost fell off my chair. FYI- I am not leaving our condo for the remainder of our trip as I dont think I can bring myself to turn it off.... partly because I like Clinton Anderson and partly because the Scott in me cant handle turning down a bargain! It'd cost me $190 to order the DVD for what I watched today, and that's used off of ebay!

The real story I have to tell today is one you are probably all familiar with... I'd almost bet you've done this yourself.

Picture this: I am running around the house like a madwoman trying to get packed and everything sorted before I leave (HS is staying home) when suddenly I remember that I havent told HS what he needs to do to give Hawky his medication (another story for another day). Before I can forget I go in to the living room where HS is reading and I say, "Honey?"

He doesnt look up from the paper but does say, distractedly, "Yah?"

Me: "Can you pay attention for a minute?"

Him: *glances up at me, takes in my impatient expression and resists the urge to look back down at the paper*


I can tell by the expression on his face that his mind is still occupied by whatever he was reading but he was looking at me at least and I was in a rush so I decided to give it a shot so I go ahead and say, "Hawky needs three pills, twice a day and the cream on morning and night. Tomorrow he is only suppose to get two pills twice a day but if he isnt doing any better phone the vet and ask them if you should give him three instead, okay?"

Him: * nods with a blank stare*

Me: "Okay?"

Him (impatiently): "Okay."

Me (impatiently): "Were you listening?"

Him (defiant): "Yes, I got it."

*hint of a sheepish look on his face*

Me (challenging) "Really?! Okay, what did I say then?!?"

Him: *coy smile* .... *taps fingers on desk*..... *thinks hard*

His reply: "Dog.... um... Pills...." (I nod encouragingly) "... something about cream.... and.... (triumphantly) Call the vet!"

*I cross my arms and sigh*

Him: "Did I ever tell you that you're the most beautiful woman in the world?"

*I continue to stare blandly*

Him (resigned): "Alright fine!... Sorry, what did you say?" *smiles that impish, sweet, gorgeous smile*

That smile... I just cant resist it.

So I wrote the instructions for Hawky in a note, stuck it to the fridge and covered it in x's and o's like the big ol' sap I am.

I'm just sucker for that man.

Miss you sweetie! xo