Friday, May 13, 2011

MyBlingsOnTheInside (Hola Update)

Hello! It would seem I couldnt stay away for long after all! How could I stay away when there are photos of my sweet Hola to share?!? To say I am happy with the way my little filly is turning out would be a huge understatement. And, within just a few days of my visit I found the perfect registration name for her too.

Meet MyBlingsOnTheInside!

MyBlingsOnTheInside (so named because Hola doesnt have a stitch of white on her, only a few white hairs on her forehead that you have to look hard to find...the white on her legs will disappear.) is everything I wanted in a name... It says that she is something special... and that she doesnt need chrome to be something to special... It doesnt have the pedigree reference that I wanted but the second it popped in to my head I knew that was it!

I am so very excited about this little filly. I pray that she grows up to be a healthy, sound and solid minded mare with a heart of gold like her Momma. If she has even half the amount of try that Abby has, I'll count myself lucky... actually, I already am lucky just to have such a beautiful little filly to pin my dreams on.