Friday, November 8, 2013

I've been waiting on Hola...

There is a poem in the movie 8 Seconds (looooove that movie by the way) that I often quote when waiting on my man, my Mom or whomever the tardy party may be at the time. I've done this for years. The poem goes...

"I've been waiting on *insert name*
Ever since I could recall,
I started in April and it's coming on Fall..."

Well... funny how life works...

I had hoped to very lightly start Hola in the Spring of her 2 year old year.  Sometime about... April. But she just wasn't big enough for anyone, especially someone with such a bodaciously curvy bod such as me *cough* and she was not mature enough mentally either. I figured I could wait until... you guessed it, Fall.

Well it's Fall. And I am a bit smaller than I was April. And she is a wee bit bigger than she was in April. But she is still small (14HH and 800 pounds) and I am still too big (most definetly NOT inserting my height and weight here*) so it looks like I am going to be aiming for Spring. I am going to be hoping for a Christmas miracle... that I might drop 20 pounds and she might gain 200. That is possible right? Right? Right? *crickets* Right.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Poor Hola is teething. For a few days she was just acting grumpy and not eating with her usual gusto. I checked her mouth but couldn't see or smell anything but could hear a definite click when she chewed. The next night she barely ate at all so I looked again and sure enough....

Poor girl! I was giving her some extra beet pulp and grain soaked when she first started showing signs of mouth pain but took to soaking her hay too once I realized that tooth was gone. She also has some lumps on the bottom of her jaw.

Speaking of the bottom jaw.... is there anything in the world so hard as the bottom of a horses jaw when it hits the top of your head!?!? That happened last night with Marm when I stood up after picking her feet
. Ouch!