Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love is in the Fuzzy Details

Yesterday I took these shots of P's pasture mate M... a sweet red dun mare with a big soft eye and a coat so soft and fuzzy I just cant keep my hands off of her.

Who wouldnt want to sink their fingers into that ultra lush and plush fur behind her ears....

And tickle the course long hairs that sprout from her ever expressive lip...

Or bury your frozen hands beneath the thickness of her dun streaked mane and feel them tingle from the heat trapped within.

Sometimes I find myself pausing as I pass her by...I stop and wonder at the gentle kindness within the depths of those deep brown eyes...

And at some point along the way I realized that while I love all of her fuzzy details, I've come to love the mare.

div>But she is not for sale.

And I cant have another horse.

But her full sister is for sale...

*devious grin*

*taps her fingers, squints, cocks eyebrow and makes other outward signs of inward plotting*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Many blessings to you and yours.
Chelsi and Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Socks Must Come Off!

I know this post is very unchristmasy (shush, I like made up words) but I had this discussion last night with a waitress and simply had to address it to my friends in bloggerdome!

Do you agree or disagree...

The socks must come off!!

Yah... you know what I'm talkin' about *suggestive wink*

In your relationship is this a request or requirement?

(or maybe you dont care at all)...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Resist Christmas Goodies!

I have inadvertently discovered an easy way to resist those often irresistible Christmas goodies! It is simple... just a little Koppertox applied to the hands and voila! Every bite you take will be overwhelmed by the pungent odor making eating any food, (such as the delicious grilled cheese sandwich I had hoped to have for supper) nearly impossible to enjoy!

And as an extra bonus you get to show your Christmas spirit by sporting vibrant green stains all over your hands!

*bland stare*

Note to self: Use rubber gloves when applying Koppertox to my horses feet.

Monday, December 20, 2010

And We Galloped...

On Friday I took my LP out for a long hard ride.

On Saturday I refrained from walking down stairs, sitting, standing, or doing much of anything.

On Sunday I took some Advil and poached myself in a hot tub for an hour.

On Tuesday I will reclaim my self respect, dignity and (wannabe) cowgirl reputation and forever thereafter deny the following admission...

As a result of that single solitary ride I was one freakin' hurtin unit this weekend. I mean the kind of hurtin where muscles not only protest but actually full-out boycott, form a strike committee and draw up picket with signs that read, "We will not bend!"...

Did I go to far?


Why was I sore? One word: Gallop.

My Little Princes and I galloped. And galloped. And galloped some more. And I discovered that my mare L.O.V.E.S. to gallop and thankfully, she's pretty dang good at it too!

I am not a relaxed galloper outside of an arena... or really even at times inside an arena if the footing is bad or sharp turns are required. Inside the arena I worry about my horse going down. Outside the arena I worry about gopher holes, hidden logs, loose rock, shadows, birds, horse-eating-rocks and an other manner of objects that can pop up out of nowhere to spook or trip up my pony. And then there is the fear of the blind runner, because I've been on one of those before and until you've experienced it for yourself you can imagine just how terrifying it can be. I also had an accident once on my old gelding where he randomly and seemingly without reason decided to run off the road and in to a ditch. I wasnt hurt but after picking myself up and dusting myself off I did discover a group of boys, seniors in my high school no less, were standing near by and had witnessed my demise, much to their amusement. And naturally one of them was the object of my (many) teenage crushes ...

My point is that I'm not the kinda girl who confidently and haphazardly goes running all over hells half acre seemingly without a care in the world. But on LP I found a certain confidence I've never felt at a gallop, not because she was slow, because she wasnt. Not because she felt easily contained, because she wasnt. But because she ran so within herself. The stretch of ground was clear and smooth, and rolled out in a long line before us. Her cadence was even and balanced. Her ears pricked forward and body- gathering and bunching then stretching and pulling ground beneath me. Her power was evident. Her stride, seemingly effortless. To my memory it was the most beautiful gallop I've ever ridden. The sun was sitting low to the west, affording me the view of our shadow stretched out over the grasses of a neighboring field.

It was this moment...

Only except my horse is white...

And I was wearing clothes...

And I had a saddle and was not on the beach... and I'm a girl... but you get my point.

So I couldnt walk this weekend. That seems a small price to pay for one of the greatest rides of my life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sensible Car

For the past year I have been driving a very sensible car... I italicize that "sensible" because while there are many words I could use to describe my 2003 Civic (ie- economic and reliable), sexy is most certainly not the word that comes to mind.... Nor does the terms character, originality or personality. Civics are common, to say the least. I've walked out a store and gone to get in to my car a number of times in the past year only to find that my key less entry wouldn't work because the car I was trying to enter was not my own. Embarrassing? Yes.

I think most people would agree that the car you drive, it's color, cleanliness and finishings, often reflect something of who you are as a person, or at least how you'd like to be viewed. Because I have spent a year driving a car that reflects nothing of who I am, or who I want to be, I can appreciate all the more vehicles with real character. I have always wanted an old classic truck. The closest I have ever come was when I had my 1983 F-250 (lovely named San Jose)... but, while she might have qualified as old, she was far from classic. There have been a number of "classics" owned by friends over the years that I have coveted... see my favorites pictured below.

I have decided to sell my car and buy a truck (and hopefully a horse trailer too). While I know I have to be smart and buy something that I am going to be able to haul with... not to mention reliable, safe, and somewhat economical.... I am so sorely tempted to indulge in that life long dream and purchase a truck that will make my heart go pitter patter.

A girl can dream (of trucks).

1972 Ford F100

1969 Ford Bronco
1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

1970 SS 454 El Camino

1971 Chev Blazer

1972 GMC 4x4

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bob Marshall Treeless?

Lately I've been bantering around the idea of looking at a Bob Marshall treeless saddle. Back in 08 I did my research on them but I ended up going with a Bob's Custom (entirely different (treed) brand ... who knew that "bob" would be such a popular name in saddle making!)

Now that I'm back to looking at saddles again I've been keeping my ears open to what people are saying and it seems like I keep hearing time and again that the treeless Bob Marshalls are the way to go. Those who have one claim that once you've gone treeless you wont go back! And I am even more suprised that they are popular in the barrel racing world (a sport where the security of your seat would be more than a little important!)

Also, I was told that there is a difference between the origonal Bob Marshalls and the Circle Y Bob Marshall. Anyways, I just thought I would put the word out there and see if anyone had anything good (or bad) to say about the saddle. The concept of a treeless saddle makes sense to me but I just wish I had the chance to try one out for a good length of time without having to make a big purchase.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silent Sunday Still

(double click image to see large version.)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Princess of all Trades

(I snapped this pic quick to show P in her Simple boots and english saddle. The result is proof that I can take a REALLY (really really really) bad picture! While in real life she certainly doesnt look at all FUGLY, as she does in the photo, she actually does look just about that ridiculous in her English saddle. Sorry P!)

Princess... *deep sigh* (Still not lovin' the name) is doing really well. I really like this mare. The word that first comes to mind when I think of P is gentle. Her mannerisms on the ground...the way she steps, eats, and interacts with people is soft, fluid, dainty and ultimately gentle. The words that do not come to mind are sassy, snappy, sharp, quick witted and complicated. I love how nice and quiet she is to be around... but I also sometimes miss the challenge and passion that can come with a horse that challenges you... which is why I'm glad she isnt as passive under saddle as she is on the ground.

I love riding this mare. I dont know if I've ever ridden a horse that so doesnt fit in to one category or another. She isnt that super quiet dog and isnt a hot firecracker performance horse either. See my post on the topic of Creating vs Containing Energy here.

P is quiet and very sensible in her own way but she's also insecure, worried and forward. She has a very strong, powerful way of going, a ground covering, smooooth and effortless stride but she isnt super athletic and has no cow horse snap. I have never had to create energy in her, she is always eager to move out and move forward but I dont have to work very hard to contain her energy either. I would never call her hot. I wouldnt hesitate to put a complete beginner on her and let them ride her around the arena but I would never dream of sending them down the trail. To those thing she has become accustomed P is a bombproof as they come... I've had a massive tractor hauling an 18 foot trailer pass us on the road not ten feet from her and she doesn't so much as bat an eyelash, she will step over logs and through water and she will squeeze herself through the narrowest gap out on the trail but these railway tracks (photo below), in her mind, are the epitome of a horsey death trap. The train- not a problem at all! The tracks- big freakin deal. Silly mare.

What I love most about P is that she is not a bitch. Not even a little. And on the rare occasion she does get bitchy about something it is almost comical... a quick swat on her shoulder with the end of the reins and she is like, "Oh! *nods amicably* I see your point!" That is not to say that the majority of the time she responds well to negative correction. P needs to be encouraged and supported with firm but clear and fair direction but if you get in to her and start pushing too hard she just breaks down, looses all her confidence and then there is no reasoning with her. I like being her leader because I feel my job is not to just control her but to encourage her to be bolder.

I still have no idea what, if any, discipline best suits P. She doesnt have a strength but also doesnt really have a weakness either. She is just enough of everything but not quite enough of one thing. I think she just might be a true jack-of-all-trades-king-of-none horse... I guess in that way the name "Princess" might suit her after all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One would definitely not want to do this...

Okay, so... Here is what you do not want to do...

If one day you you happen to hear two people talking about something of suggestive nature and in that conversation they make reference to an innuendo that is unknown to you... an innuendo that sounds suspiciously sexual and intriguingly freakish but the meaning of which eludes you...

... if that happens, what you don't want to do is...

.... you don't want to use google to satisfy that curiosity. Oooh no, don't do it.

Do this- smile mischievously like you are totally in on the uptake... or you could even go with the "You're so naughty (and I kinda dig it)" sly smile, 'cause that's always cool.

But don't act on impulse... some mysteries are best left unexplored Judith, trust me on this.
But for those of you who just cant take advice... those who buck authority... to all those lonely, horny, totally socially inept hackers who proclaim "information wants to be free!" (or was that just in the movie?) ... to you I say this...
If for whatever reason, drinking, drugs, a dare, boredom, etc. you did decide to pick up that laptop and type in those seemingly harmless and inconspicuous words of mystery...
... don't reference urban dictionary.... definitely not

But... if you were so inclined one could look up one's own name on and learn some very interesting things about one's self. But "one" would definitely not want to do that if one was faint of heart....

The filth that is on that website... *shakes head in wonder*

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chex Nu Jewel

My friend Marcy McBride posted pictures of her beautiful Nu Chex To Cash son, Chex Nu Jewel on facebook and they were just so awesome I had to share! Jewel stands at McBrides Quarter Horses.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Temptation and the Naughty Pecker

(Hawky Tempted by the Llamas)

(This naughty Wood Pecker has done a number on our tree. Double click image for a much better look!)

What kind of naughty pecker were you thinking of you naughty thang you!?


Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Spectacularly Happy"

I really don't know where to begin. There is so much I want to share about everything I've been doing these past few days, from interior designing with my amazingly talented mother to riding, cooking, saddles, dogs, cats... property purchases and even my friends new horse... and so much more. But ultimately it is not the details of the day that compel me to write this post... it is the emotion... Not to get all "Its a Wonderful Life" on you or anything but I just want to say that I am spectacularly happy. "Spectacularly?!"... Yes, I said spectacularly. I have an amazing friends and family, a boyfriend I absolutely adore (he is just so totally charming) and to top that off I have a horse I really enjoy, a barn I love to go to and pets that make my heart smile. And yes, I just said they make "my heart smile". What can I say... I'm happy. It is hard for me to not find that scary... to not brace myself for the inevitable all but I'm going to try to savor these moments and let tomorrow worry about itself.

Yesterday I tried to write about some of the highlights of my day but I found that I had no patience or desire to explain the particulars... I didnt want to say "HS brought me a green tea latte to the barn and I was so cold and it tasted so good...." I wanted to express the way my heart swelled when I saw his car pull up the drive, how in love I was with him when he handed me that drink and I saw my happiness reflected in his eyes and in his smile. I didnt want to write about the mudane details... like that I was able to take P out on my first ride with another horse (and friend) and how I was able to help that friend school her mare through some issues... Instead I wrote this:

“The sun was shining but the wind was blowing fierce and cold. There is a magic in riding on a day like today… the warmth of the sun on my back all the more welcome for the sharp contrast it sets against the harsh bite of cold on my cheeks. The air itself feels somehow dead and barren while the horse beneath me is so vital and alive... each stride rhythmic, an ebb and flow of energy, vitality and vigour. I love how the grasses lay flat and the birds seem to fly in slow motion as they beat their way upwind. There exists nothing but the ride- the effort of creating impulsion and directing her movement into a form that is fluid and graceful, contained and controlled yet free. I walked back to the barn satisfied. Deeply. Spiritually. Satisfied.”

And this:

"...there is also something wonderful about being able share a ride with a fellow horse lover- to revel in a mutual passion, to ride through the long lines of corn stocks and last rays of daylight and talk of all those things that women talk about- memories unravelled, secrets let loose and frustrations let fly."

Or this:

"As I drove away from the barn, knowing that horses were tucked up safe and snug, I phoned my HS and told him how thankful I am for this day… for him, for my horse, for my Mom, dog, for new friends and old and all the blessings in my life. Then I asked him what he wanted for supper. I came home and cooked pork chops with apple sauce and scalloped potatoes. When I set that plate of food before him my heart swelled and when he told me it was the best he ever- as he always does- I thought I couldnt love him more. And then he did the dishes and I found it was possible afterall. I love this day. "

I am thankful for happy days. ... As in days that I am happy... not the Fonzie kind.... That was before my time.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Ebay Trepidation

I sold my Bob's.

Please excuse me a minute... it is hard to type and cry at the same time.

I am having serious sellers much so that I'm thinking I might beg the buyer to cancel the sale but that feels just so... I dont know.... impolite. Sometimes I wish I werent so damn Canadian.

So... I thought maybe i'd drown my sorrows by doing a little online shopping for a replacement saddle and guess what? It worked! I found a saddle that I'd really like to buy... only...

It's on ebay.

And I've never bought anything on ebay before. As in... never... and so am a little intimidated by the prospect of buying a rather expensive saddle as one of my first purchases.

Also, the buyer of my Bob's (who is on the east coast of the US) is having trouble figuring out how to get me payment as I dont (or rather now didnt) have a paypal account and my bank said it could take up to a month to clear a US cheque. So this evening I set up an ebay and paypal account but am worried about about walking the learning curve on paypal while selling a rather expensive saddle.

The only thing I've ever bought online was a Buns Of Steel Yoga video for $8.99 from and it never did get delivered. I was very disappointed. Seriously, I wanted that VHS something bad. So you can understand my trepidation.

Any words of wisdom?