Saturday, September 6, 2008

50 First Dates and Soap Scum

Have you ever been deeply and profoundly touched my something completely unexpected? I have. The first time I watched the movie, 50 First Dates I bawled my bloody eyes out. This movie, staring Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore, is a funny and heart warming tale about a woman who looses her short term memory in a car accident. She wakes up every day thinking that it is the morning before her accident. She can remember everything up till that fateful day and so in order for her to live a relatively normal life, her father and brother pretend that it is that day, now a year past. She wakes up every morning and goes to the same cafe, talks to the same people, and dresses in the same clothes. Everyone, out of love, tries to keep her from knowing the truth and to save her from the devastation and confusion of waking up in a world that has gone on without her. Until one day, she meets a man named Henry (Adam Sandler) wh falls in love with her and tries, every day to make her fall in love with him.

I wont spoil the ending for those of you that have not seen it. There is something about this movie that pulls at my heart so much, I cant help but cry no matter how many times I have seen it. Maybe it is the demonstration of such selfless love. Or the hope that even though things are not simple, they can still work. I love the humor too. That you dont have to take things so seriously all the time. The strength found from laughing in the face of adversity. I don't know why it speaks to me so. I guess the why is not important.

On to more important matters.

Soap Scum.

No, you didnt miss anything. There is no tie between 50 First Dates and soap scum. Nor am I lacking inspiration for new blog subjects!

I just feel that soap scum is an issue that resonates with woman around the world. It is a daily battle in my life. I hope to persevere until one day, the great minds of our time find a solution to this, one of life's greatest challenges. My DB does not make my job any easier. He insists on using nothing but Pears glycerin soap (aka, the Soap Scum Quicker Maker Upper...or is that paper towels?....). I have spent a fortune on products that promise to quickly and easily clean up the deplorable white residue!!! But at last, not one has lived up to its promise! I slave, scrub and spray, to no avail. Sure, I can get it to appear clean! But a day later, there it is again! I use a daily shower spray, but it is not use. That nasty murky film continues to plague my existence!

So I ask you this, What is your weapon of choice?

PS- If men had to clean showers, soap scum would be a thing of the past!!


  1. hello from amerika!

    i landed in vancouver for the first time and got to see the pretty ariel (arial?) view.

    now mt rainier is glistening in the sun, it's an amazing feeling to be home.

    ~lytha in Seattle

  2. I have such bad eye sight that I dont "see" soap scum! I'm always shocked to see how bad it is when I put on my glasses! I like soft scrub, it works for me, but you have to rinse it off real well or it leaves a film

  3. I have seen that movie and love it too!

    I didn't cry but it was one of those movies that I continued to think about for a long time. It was WAY WAY under rated!

    I recommend it to anyone1

  4. I too am a fan of 50FD! :)

    As for soap scum, whenever the shower is used it gets rinsed really thoroughly with HOT water. I also use a shower spray daily. Can't remember the brand (and I'm not home right now so I can't check) I do remember I used one that didn't really seem to do much. Of course, again I can't remember the brand!

  5. My weapon of choice would be SOMEONE ELSE doing the cleaning. We have a large 2-person stall shower and have found that if we but wipe it down while it's still wet every day, i.e. dry it, we only need to actually clean it a couple times a year. We wash the dogs in there so, of course, after that, we rinse everything down really well.

  6. Soap Scum!! You use MY Blog photo for a SOAP SCUM post!?? I am hurt, sniff.., hoo.. So sad!
    I thought we were starting a friendship, only to find out I am soap scum! I must go and ponder how I feel. LOL!! Just playin.

    I love 50 First dates!!! It is a awesome movie!! I cried too, (of course not as much as when I found out I was soap scum,)It was a great movie!

  7. OMG!!! I feel horrible. I thought I recognized that picture from some where!!!! I feel so bad! LOL
    I actually spent about 10 minutes online looking for a picture of a woman bathing in a wooden tub because I have often thought of how convenient it would be to not have to clean it (but at the same time...yuck!) So sorry, my dear friend!

    Lytha- welcome home!
    Aunt Krissy- lol, I am going to put on blinders
    Stephanie- some of the humor in it was a little too hockie which brought the movie down in ratings but the story is soo sweet.
    Cnd & Leah Fry- sounds like you guys have it under control! I bow down to you!!

  8. I need to go rent the DVD!

    Soap scum....hmmmm....lots of repetitive cleaning?
    I hate it too :)

    Oh, and yes, Bo does have quite the personality, and yes, I LOVE a wild and exciting ride! Like you said, it makes you feel alive.