Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hotties of Old!

To continue with my love of old things. How about the Hotties of Old?

As a twenty-six-year-old woman, I have to admit that I never understood what all the fuss was about with respect to Marlin Brando, Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I grew up with...

Leonardo DiCaprio, (with his baby face good looks)

Mathew McCanaughey,

(who does yoga for Petes sake!...mind you that is kinda hot...)

and Brad Pitt (even if has become a bit of a pu$$y, as of late, sorry, but he has!) Lets remember him for the way he was...

Each are hotties in their own right but of a different generation.

I have never been one to watch old movies, so hadn't the opportunity to see the hotties of old "in the flesh" or "in their prime" (so to speak) until....

A few years ago I was flipping channels when I stumbled upon the movie, "The Great Gatsby". I don't think I had ever seen a man so gorgeous (other than my DB of course), in my entire life, as Robert Redford in that white suit. Now, when I see his weather worn skin, chiseled lines and ruddy completion, all I can see is the dazzling blue of his eyes and rugged sex appeal. I have to give the man credit for the way he looks today. Did you know that he is 72 years old?

(well, not in that picture he isn't but, damn, that man is fine!)

I had also not had the opportunity to see the Marlin Brando as anything but a balding, very heavy, lisping, old guy. A Street Car named desire changed that perspective in a hurry. He had the looks, no doubt, but his energy! Oh my! He was one slick cat. I have to say, Marlin baby, you left me a little breathless!

This week, we lost the great Paul Newman, another "unknown hottie" of my generation.

So I thought that in the spirit of "Ol' things" and as a tribute to Ol' Newman (not the Seinfeld, or Young and the Restless variety...but then, hey! if they "do it for you", who am I to argue?) I would put this question to you....

Who is your hottie from times past?


If you comment with a name, I will find a picture (or you can post a link to one.) and I will add it to the post. Only one rule. They can not be any less than 60 years old today!

Cndcowgirls: Gene Kelly (Such a gentleman! Yup, hez got the moves!)

Melanie's: Cary Grant and Rock Hudson (Helllooo! how hot of a name is Rock? ) other picks include Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford. OFF her list, Sean Connery! Sorry Sean, what can I say....the woman has picky taste!

Leah Fry- had to sneek this one in for you girly! Mark Harmon is a just a baby at 57! But here shares my DB's birthday so we will forgive him (Sept. 2nd not 1951!)

Big Guys Mom: Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mockingbird) (to me, he looks like the kinda guy you marry! Did I just say that!!!)


Stephanie: I am SO sorry! I had to post this pic of Harrison Ford! It came up on the first page of Google images and just jumped out at me! Pick me! Pick me! I'm naked, hairy and pale! Pick me! LOL I loved Indiana Jones but never liked Harrison Ford as an actor outside of that film.

To make ammends. I'll think of him as Indiana. *grin* He turns 70 this year!


Laura's pick: Colin Firth (at 48 he really misses the cut off but as he really was such a cutie as Mr. Darcy, he is worth the honorable mention.) Give me something older darlin'.


Mrs. Mom's: She pulled out the stops and gave me quite the list. Sean Connery (78), Harrison Ford (70), Tom Beringer (59) and Bruce Willis (53) but settled with Tommy Lee Jones (62) and Robert Duval (77).

F.Y.I. No one has actually picked poor Sean Connery yet...Melanie passed him up for Cary Grant and Rock Hudson.

***** BrownEyed Cowgirls: Antonio Benderas (48) was too young to make the list. I loved him in that boxing movie, Play It To the Bone with Woody Harrelson.

Aunt Krissy: came through for me with Clint Eastwood! Oh yah!

Train Wreck: Now I am wondering if something did happen to this post! Melanie picked him too. Either way, here he is, the one and only Cary Grant!


  1. I'll confess my "crush"... Gene Kelly. *sigh*
    One winter break during high school I was up late with NOTHING on the television when I stumbled onto an old Hollywood musical, "Anchors Aweigh".
    I watched the entire movie and from then on was hooked. I love GK's old musicals, On the Town, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Summer Stock, Singing in the Rain, etc.
    He was The Man to me... his characters came off all cocky and macho but were sweethearts underneath. Plus he was gorgeous, loved the little scar he had. And dang could he move! When he danced it looked like the other male dancers were just clumping around. His dancing wasn't just graceful it was SO athletic!
    I'm not sure how to add links in the comments, hopefully this will work (if not google images of Gene Kelly)

  2. Two of my all time favorite old and dead hotties are Cary Grant and Rock Hudson...sigh....any movie that they are in makes my heart go pitty!!!

    In the 60 and over category, I have to say that Robert Redford was eye candy in his day, and that I fell in love with Clint Eastwood in
    'The Bridges of Madison County.'

    I used to like Sean Connery, but for some reason, I no longer find him as attractive.

    Your young hotties are quite eye pleasing as well!!! Sheesh, I feel so!!!

  3. Although he's not as old as Redford, Newman, et. al., I must say, I rather like the way Mark Harmon (NCIS) has aged. He's HOT. Those steely blue eyes and that salt & pepper hair -- LOVE IT.

  4. aahh take me To kill a mocking bird with Gregory Peck...I loved him in this movie and still do. And Cool Hand Luke ...with Paul Newman "What we have here is the failure to communicate"
    Did you see the movie Sundance Kid with Paul Newman and Robert Redford...Redman yells out"I can't swima
    " and Newman laughs and say "hell ,the fall will kill ya first!!!"
    ...the hurt is now gone out of Paul Newmans life now ...he died of cancer at the age of 83.And still he had that glint in eyes....
    Big Guys Mom

  5. Harrison ford all the way! And call me goofy but I like Vin Diesel too!!

    Okay now - even if you don't like reading you gotta drop me a line on my blog...I am totally lonely out here on my trip, went to check and see what everyone had to say and I don't know if everyone doesn't read or just doesn't want talk about what they read or if I ticked you all off...or what - heard from denise and CDN!

    So tire of the sirens here!! Can't sleep real well... :(

  6. I haven't seen all of those old movies...but keep meaning to.

    I do think Robert Redford is one of my favourites of the older guys. Harrison Ford is a close second.

    What about Colin Firth? He's in his mid 40's now...but was quite the ticket as Mr. Darcy when he was young!


  7. Well, you got my two top spots already filled with HArrison Ford and Sean Connery... and Bruce Willis isnt old enough.


    What about Robert Duvall?
    Tommy Lee Jones probably is not old enough either, but he's no slouch!

    Hmm.. Tom Berringer isn't old enough either I dont think...

    Boy there sure were a lot of talented "hotty with knotty bodies" back then. Makes me wish for more eye candy of the Real Man variety today!

  8. Sheez-I am drawing a blank!

    In movies I have always preferred dark and rugged. In real life, I always go for the blond(and usually troubled-LOL).

    Antonio Banderas is way high on my list(although not old enough to meet your age quota). He plays a great bad guy-looks a little crazy sometimes-hehe. But there is one movie he is in where the blond Viking stole the show for me-The 13th Warrior. Not the lead Viking, but the one who does all the talking. Ooohhhh la la!! Of course it could be because he looks exactly like My Honey.;)

  9. I had the hots for Clint Eastwood!

  10. How fun!

    I need to tag this post so I can come back whenever I need an "eye candy" fix (places tongue back in mouth and wipes drool from face)!!!

  11. okay, so being that most of my favourite older men are taken already and the ones that really hit home with me don't make the hit list because they are too young, although in my dreams age isn't an issue, lol....Without a hesitation my favourite's are George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Colin Firth, Patrick Swayzee, Kurt Russell, need I go on? These are all just a smidge younger then what we are talking about but worthy of mentioning as they are on the cusp.

    I am going to take this opportunity to give tribute to the likes of Helen Murrin, Sophia Loren, Candice Burgen, Diane Keaton, etc etc.... Older women only make up 8% of the available roles in movies where 1/2 of the roles for men are made up of men over 35! What does that tell us? I find it ironic how we have advanced so far in so many areas yet the so so called "eye" candy for men at the movies does not include a women in her 40's, 50's or older and if they do it usually is related to movies like "Somethings Got to Give", with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.

    Most often the romances are between "much" older men and "much" younger women! Grrrrr...The Graduate was one of the few earlier movies that was the opposite, a very young graduate played by (Dustin HOffman) and Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) if any of you younger people out there haven't seen it, it was a movie that really was a legend in it's time! 1967

    So I have vented but love the blog and it's very interesting to see the responses and I agree that men were men in the movies that we love to look back on!

    The very interesting site to perhaps have a glance at is hopefully it works..

    With Love MOM

  12. Okay Brown Eyed Cowgirl - you are my freakin hero! Antonio Banderas is so awesomely sexy in 13th warrior - they fact that you have watched it and noticed that tells me that you and I would get along...hmmmm

    So tell me have you seen the newer King Arthur movie?

    Laura - you are right, Robert still is but boy when he was younger he was a hunk! I saw him for the first time in Sneakers...loved and him!

    Who listed Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall? Umm Yeeeaaah! Totally - not only now but holy smokes I caught an older wester with Robert in it last week - he was a total sweet heart I don't even remember what happened in the first couple of seconds in the movie - because I was just sitting there in awe of his good looks...

    CDN - thanks for the Vin support!
    Some folks have a real issue with his acting in the Chronicles of Riddick - although his acting in Pitch Black won him awards and was golden - it seems like some folks can't get past the second movie.

    I have heard they are making a prequel...for a third film....
    Ya know I just know we'd get along so wellll as friends in person, hope I get to meet ya someday.

  13. "the" not "they" sorry for the spelling and grammar I am so dang sleep deprived here.

  14. Where is my post! I know I commented on this one!! I love watching all the great movies! Cary Grant! YUM! I love him! I also Loved him, Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart in < ahh It just slipped my mind! Now it will drive me crazy!! I will think of it!....