Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Typing today could be a little difficult today.....

But I will give it a go to tell you the story behind my wound!

The weather was beautiful yesterday (as it is today), nice and cool with blue skies and the smell of fall in the air. I headed out to the barn later than usual and was looking forward to a nice ride in the light of the setting sun. I grabbed my halter and headed out into the back field to catch Shaunti. I was lost in thought, day dreaming as usual while walking through the tall grass of the cow pasture. I heard a noise to my left that quickly snapped me back to reality. It was the grunt of a bull.

I glanced in his direction and was alarmed to see that he was giving me the ol'stink eye! Usually placid, I tried not to worry as he developed an increasingly aggressive posture. His head dropped low and he leaned backwards, glaring at me with a fierce and intent gaze. I ran! He took charge. My fear surged me forward! I felt fleet footed and like a gazelle as I danced across the grass, ruts and boulders! But he was closing ground on me too quickly! The fence was getting closer and closer but he was gaining on me, faster and faster!!! I could hear his hooves hit the ground behind me. Could feel his hot and sour breath on my neck. I deeked! He dodged! I ran again. Just a few more feet! I felt his forehead press against my arse for a fleeting second and then he was gone. The barb wire fence loomed before me. Adrenaline flashed through my body as I launched myself into the air and over the wire. As I reached out to break my fall, my hand caught on a barb! My flesh tore! My life flashed before my eyes as I hit the ground and rolled. In a second I was on my feet and turned to look behind me. The bull, his massive black body heaving, was standing a few feet away, mesmerized. Drool and froth dangled from his mouth. He was not looking at me. A massively fat Hereford cow had walked into his vision. She was a beautiful! Russet in color, with a white face and long eyelashes! I sensed his blood lust fade as his eyes filled with want. He quivered as she turned to look at him. Red eyes watched her intently as she lumbered away, her bulk swaying to and fro. The bull turned and began to follow her bulging hindquarters. I glanced down at my hand. The blood poured freely down my finger and pooled into the cup of my hand. The sting was harsh but I welcomed the sense! I was alive!

Okay, so that is not really how it went. I was washing off the dirt and sawdust from Shaunti's salt block and sliced my finger open! How? F'kd if I know! All I can tell you is that it burned like the hells of Haiti. Personally, I liked the bull/life flashing before my eyes story went with it. *grin*

I did get some lovin' from my babies though!

LuLu smelling my boo boo!

Hawkydog kissin' it better! (because that is highly sanitary!)


I have posted some health option substitute on my recipe for yesterdays breakfast hash at the bottom of the post!


  1. Oh my goodness. All I could think of was how amazing your recall of the supposed events was...little did I!!!

    My kids saw your breakfast casserole and told me to come look. I now have to try it :)

    Kind of random, but bays won? I noticed that you did not have gray listed as a color, but I thought that it was intentional for some reason.

    Lastly...I enjoyed reading about all of your "pretty horses." It is always fun to hear about other peoples equine journey's.

  2. OUCH! The combo of salt & minerals from the block and an open wound.... *shudder*

  3. You stinker! You had me going there. ;)
    I'm glad you are okay, crazy attack salt block and all!

  4. When I started reading you Blog today I was so worried about you, but it seems your story was full of bull. Keep on writing I love reading them all.

  5. Hey now - that's not funny here we were thinking...Good God what is she doing in the pasture with a bull...and you know, she's lucky to be alive...

    But I do the same thing - if I do something silly I will almost always might up a better story, although the truth usually lands here on my blog, I just hate walking into work and telling everyone I'm limping because my hubby threw a piece of driftwood to me and it landed on my foot!

    The Salt Block would totally happen to me - surprised it hasn't...

    Let me know if you post another poll.

  6. Hi just stopping by to say hello, I read your blog- it's wonderful!
    Looking at your lucsciou pictures it struck me- how crazed do you suppose our signifigant others think we all are? Taking pictures all day- loading and blogging all night? HHHHAAAA! I love it!
    Glad it wasn't a bull that got you!

  7. I am sorry, you'all! LOL, I didnt think about the flack I would get when I wrote that. I had to feel bad when my mother phoned me to say "you ass****!" LMAO because I forgot to tell her that I was writing that and she was all worried and upset reading my post (till she got to the end).

    Mel-lol! thanks for reading. I am sorry for missing the grays and blacks.

    Cnd- It stung....REALLY really bad!!! I cant say I would have prefered the bull, but it was close.

    Ponygirl- It is funny, I read you calling me a "stinker" right after my mom called me an....


    Stephanie- I'm sorry. I couldnt resist. I am a total putz (as I have read that you are too!) and I hurt myself in the STUPIDEST ways. I walk into walls, trip up stairs, you name it. The driftwood things must have reallllly hurt. Has it all healed up now? Watch that salt block! It is a doozy! lol

    Vaquero- Thanks girl! Yes, they think that we are INSANE in the MEMBRAIN! But it sure is fun!

  8. You should write a book! I too was ready to come help put that bull in the freezer!!
    You should check out WOWs finger! She almost cut off her pinky when her run away horse ran under the clothes line! She reached up to make sure it didn't hit her in the face, and caught her pinky ! Yikes!

  9. If only I were that clever!!! (to dream up that story of TW's!!..bless her twisted ways!)
    I love your 'story' & saw the whole thing as it was happening! A pretty darn good yarn!

  10. omg! i was so there with you, you fibber! but what a grt story! iuam sorry but its difficult to type withmyjhad thius way. thnaks for stopping by and wishingme well!!

  11. mmm .........I was thinking"something smells fishy here" you are a stinker girl...
    Still catching up on the blogs. You are getting better and better at this...hugs..."V"