Friday, September 5, 2008

Dont kill the messanger!

Here is a poem I wrote a few year ago and have tweaked over time. The story behind it is a long and personal one. But I think, in a sense, it is a story not uncommon woman; That of loosing a close friend to a man. This story took place during that transitional stage of life where girls discover themselves and become women. It was also during the time when you lean most heavily on your friends for guidance. My friend and I shared every thought, every step and every waking moment. We were joined at the hip and thick as thieves.

One night were were headed out on the town when our car ran out of gas. We were "rescued" by two men, one of which would prove to play an important role in my friends life. That night was a pivotal moment in our friendship and the start of its demise. Her new boyfriend would become her entire universe. He was all she could talk about and my personal crisis went unnoticed. But I was a good friend, and cut her slack, asking little of her.

I worried about her and her new boy because I had, in fact, actually dated him and knew him well. I knew that he was a player and sneaky one at that. A year later, I had heard a few times, here and there, of his infidelity but could not risk breaking her heart over gossip. I think that deep down I knew that she would never believe me.

I kept my mouth shut until one day I saw it with my own eyes. Not only that but I saw him with a woman that I knew to do I say this? Unladylike? A floozy? The village bicycle would sum it up best! At that point, fearing more for her physical safety than for her heart, I broke the news. It was not received well. She killed the proverbial messenger and our friendship was ended. Looking back, I realize that there was no friendship to loose but at the time, I was devastated. I had been a good and loyal friend and asked so little in return. I learned my lesson about giving and receiving in friendships but the hurt lingered for a long time. I wrote this poem about the night we met her boyfriend. He had a friend with him, a guy that I had a "crush" on and hoped to date. I didnt approve of his behavior that night and so nothing further ever came of us. I later learned why it was his nickname was "Cupcake".... but I digress. A poem...

Sorry, editor wont allow me to make paragraphs for some reason!! so **** will act as spaces!

Two Friends

Two friends walked, two different paths

Both fighting fates unrelenting grasp

That they should be but one

And leave behind all left undone.


It was during that uncertain time

Wherein girls leave themselves behind

To become women and open the door,

Into a world unknown, they yearn to soar.


Two girls set out to play the part

Of a woman with a childish heart.

To hit a note with fates fine tune

And sing their sweet innocence to ruin.


Destiny saw to forestall their ride.

So staggering heroes could abide

A noble fool’s golden rule-

No damsel be denied!


Too young to know the evil at play

Of reckless men, best kept at bay.

The type that know how best to charm

A woman’s heart straight to harm.


Fate had pawned two men to meet

These girls, so innocent and sweet.

That it took but one glace for them to decide

That these was the men they’d hoped to find.


One knew that her pick was best known

for a char grin smile and eyes that roam.

But for love, she looked in him to find

A chivalry, long lost to time.


The other had found herself a man

To whom she was forced to take a stand

That while he could, her heart play.

It took more than one night to sway.


Two paths had been laid forth in the dark

For morning to light a stage to start

These two on their journeys way

Towards their friendships truth and future fray.


A lovers betrayal, she had to her friend confide

But what she couldn't accept could only be denied.

The burden of delivering such dire news

Was what broke the fa├žade of their friendship’s rues.


Friends that once looked to each other

Were broken apart by the lies of a lover.

Left to walk two paths strewn wide,

tread heavily by hurt and pride


Two friends walked two different paths

Both fighting fates unrelenting grasp

That they should be but one

And leave behind all left undone.


  1. that was a hard thing to do I'm sure. Its good that you waited till you saw with your own eyes the unfaithfulness and did not spread gossip, but stil....hard thing to do.

  2. Great look into the heart and soul of young women! Man alive I am so happy that I am "old" now, and grown up, and have a fantastic life- getting here was a trial!!

    Thanks for popping in at my blog and saying Howdy! ;) Looking forward to being a regular reader here now too :)

  3. for a char grin smile and eyes that roam
    Friends that once looked to each other were broken apart by the lies of a lover

    I like the picture and foreshadowing that you paint with that one first line. Also line below that I think is the strongest one in the poem. Really enjoyed it - thank you,

    and I want you know that I have been that friend too - not exactly like that but similar. Its sooo sad when they lose that guy too because that guy has become her whole life. His friends are her friends, what he likes - she likes....

    My old friend would almost become suicidal when she broke up with a guy. It was sad. My there I was always the faithful friend - it ways "all about Andy or Marvin or whoever" until they were gone.

    Final I ended the friendship - like you said there never really was one to begin with but I always try to be a good friend - so it was hard on me - and she was angry but I am better for it I think.

    You are too.

  4. You must know you did the right thing. You were just the better friend. Beautiful poem!

    You didn't refer to her as soap scum did you?! LOL! You know I won't ever leave that alone don't you?

  5. Stephanie- thank you. I usually dont write poems like that. I always think they sound childish when they rhyme but I was reading Shakespeare at the time and wanted to try my hand at it. I really like your poetry.

    Sounds like we had the same "friend". It was just as you say, his friends, his opinions etc.. I phoned her one day crying because my dog died and she said, "Well, K. always said that dog was good for nothing anyways, buck up." WTF!!! Nice friend, eh? (<--- my canadian coming through!)

    Aunt- Looking back I think that I would have been guilty of spreading the gossip if I didnt know deep down that she wouldnt believe me.

    Mrs Mom- Young and stupid, I was! (and sometimes still am!) It is too bad that we always have to learn the hard way. I loved your blog and will be back for sure. Glad to have you here.

    Train Wreck- Oh man!! LOL, you are funny! I'll never live that down.