Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Fatties of 90210!!

I think I might be loosing blog has degraded to talking about 90210 for Pete's sake!! But serious.....
I know that they say, "IN WITH THE NEW AND OUT WITH THE OLD".....
But is just me or has the new female cast of 90210 made the old cast look like a bunch of fatties????....

I am sure you all remember Kelly Taylor the beautiful Blondie, boyfriend stealing, bitch....
(Jenny Garth)
and Donna Martin ( Tori Spelling) who admittedly struggled with an eating disorder and was yet in some photos still manages to look hefty compared to the new girls on the block...

Lets not forget Andrea Zuckerman (aka "the old lady" (who was 30!!! *gasp* when she played a high school teen!! (Gabrielle Carteris)
and the conniving Valerie Malone (Tiffani Amber Thiessen) (who btw, I remember from Saved by the Bell, and was horrified to learn, in the researching of this highly educational and informative blog article, turned into a total porn star...well, not quite but I did find some naughty, naughty photos of her!!!)

and the ultimate bitch, Brenda Walsh (Shannon Doherty).
I never did like her....Now Dylan on the other hand..... Ahh, Dylan!!! *sigh* we miss you! Btw, you were smokin hot in 8 Seconds!! You really worked 'em Wranglers boy! *wink*

Check out the new tall and skinny bitches...

Jessica Stroup (Erin Silver)
Shenae Grimes (Annie Wilson)

AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi Clark)

I hate to admit this, but I probably way more than they do collectively! Well, maybe not quite but still!!! Eat much?

Thank God fashion has evolved.... this new generation has probably never even heard of "camel toes" (and for those of you who don't know what that're on your own. I braved "double bagger"! So, I don't dare get into a camel toe explanation in the very next post!)

What can a girl do?


  1. Love your it everyday...I too need to vent on here goes...
    I'll take the "fatties" of 90210 any day! Why we want to look at girls who consume 700 calories a day is beyond me. What happened to healthy, athletic, girls with some muscle mass and a complexion that isn't pasty and odd? If I can count your vertebra on your back when you turn around in your skimpy clothes, I am not going to watch...or let my niece watch. What are they telling the kids these days? Either play video games until your couch collapses under the strain of your weight or starve yourself until you look like these skinny little pixies? I am going to go eat a couple of doughnut for breakfast and move some hay bales around at random...

  2. Oh, crap...I didn't know this was going to come up Chad...its not Chad, its his girlfriend... Heheheeee!! He just has g-mail!

  3. Ugh - those girls are really skinny - but it suits the LA/90210 scene - everyone is skinny and fancy. Not that I like that look at all. The girls from the original weren't that skinny, by far. Glad I don't have teenage girls that would be watching that!

    On another note - please tell me that Lori Laughlin's character is a teacher or someone's Mom. What is she doing on that show?

    I liked the old 90210 - it was the show of my high school years, so I don't think I even want to try the new one... Guess I'm getting old!!

  4. Ha Ha to funny! I remember all to well 90210. I did not watch it, my (Ex) husband did! He liked Tiffany! Ugh! How could I compete with that? Thank goodness my Cowboy does not like that kind of show! NO way I could compete with those skinny minnies! I like to eat!!

  5. Can you imagine how stick thin they must be in person if they look that thin on camera?
    Personally, I never cared for the original show and don't plan on catching the new one either. But still, the original girls look much healthier than the new ones.

    LOL-The few times I did see parts of the orginal, I always thought the blonde was super thin and needed to gain a couple of lbs.

  6. Glad I am not alone. I did watch the early years of first 90210 but for the most part it was because my older sister did (and I had to do anything she did!) but we didnt watch when the cast went out of high school. I watched the first episode of the new one for shits and giggles. I expected the girls to be thin, with the way that Hollywood is today but I was still swearing at the would it be horrible if they cast girls that were just skinny, not toothpicks!! It is disgusting.

    Nikki/Chad- good to hear from you! You go girl, eat one for me!

    Laura-Lori Laughlin (who I always loved from Full House) is playing a Mom. She looks to young for the role but I guess that is true to hollywood too.

    Train- Eh! is right. My DB always had really thin girlfriends before me. I think he finally apprecaites some curves on a girl. I love when he pokes me to say, "look at that girl, she looks nasty she is so thin!" I always have to smile:)

    BECG- That is what I was thinking. I met Jennifer Aniston in Vegas and was blown away how TINY MINI SKINNY she was. I mean REALLY small!!!! It didnt help that she was standing next to Vince Vaughn (who, btw my DB saw naked in the spa! but that is a whole nother story:)) LOL

  7. Too funny! I'll admit it, I loved and was addicted to the original show (grew up on it) and the new one is okay, too. Not the same of course, but worthy an hour on Tuesday nights occasionally. Remember that the old cast was wearing a very different style of clothes~ really high-waisted jeans, etc. Yes, they were not the waifs of today, but they were not overweight back then, either.
    That new cast you added photos of...whoa, they were barely wearing any clothes!!

  8. I think the "skinny bitches" look ill and unattractive. How is looking like a walking skeleton attractive?? Hey I'm no skinny minnie and could always use to lose 10 lbs but I just want to give those girls a cheeseburger or something. Number 6 with fries please......

  9. My Dear Husband says he likes my bod as I have Curves and muscle. He always wonders about those skinny scrawny women out there, and WHY someone would encourage that? He says, "Think about it- would you rather snuggle up with someone who HAS muscle and form, or a skeleton?" (Well, OK, so he says it a bit more graphic at times than

    I agree- it is not healthy. They look like walking anatomy lessons. If they were horses, someone would probably be in jail for some serious neglect charges....