Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hope this makes you smile!

It is time to lighten things up a here it favorite commercial of all time.... It inspired me! It reminded me that no dream is too big! That a strong heart and a brave soul can overcome any obstacle! That there is no such word as "cant"! That with dedication and hard work....okay, okay, you get the it is!

**click here to open a link to youtube**

One more...just 'cause! This one made me teary eyed the first time I watched it!

**click here to open another link to youtube**

**Oh damn, one more!**


  1. Yes it does(make me smile)!! I love Budweiser Commercials.

  2. I love the 06 one as well with the little guy trying to pull the wagon and the big ones pushing from behind. Heck, I love them all too. You can't have just one favorite.

  3. I love the bud clyde commercials. Always makes me smile :)

  4. HA ha ha hahhA! I have never seen that one! "Hair extensions!" Crack me up!! I love it! Beer commercials always are funny!!

  5. Very, very amusing! Thanks for sharing :D