Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bay horses won!

The results are in and it seems that you all have picked Bay horses as your favorite color of horse (37%). Sorrel finished a distant second (18%). I am shocked at the results. I had better notify all the color horse breeders out there and let them know that they are totally off track if they think that colored (palomino, dun, buckskin etc.) are peoples favorites! Thanks for voting!


  1. Hey wait I ,you just found me!! I want to vote!!! I like color! Palimino, Buckskin, Dun, Gold I like gold!! There I win! What did I win??

  2. LOL! One day late girly, you missed out! I forgot to add gray to my list! Can you believe that, and I love grays!

  3. I missed the poll, too! I guess that's Ok. I can't seem to get the colors straight in my undeducated mind! :)

  4. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yay for bays! they are the best! bays forever! oh, how i hope i own one someday!

    after having a white horse and a black car, i've learned my lesson.

    go bays!

    ~beth in Germany

  5. oh, in case you would like to feel my pain at having a light colored horse... it's impossible for a bay to look this digusting

  6. Dang it!

    I didn't see it either. :(

    I would vote for Black or Grey.

    Bays are pretty yes - just not my favorite.

    I like Roans and Palominos and Buckskins too!

  7. Stephanie- you would have been out of luck because I didnt put black or gray on my list. Why? Because I am an idiot and forgot! The stupid thing is that I really do love blacks and grays!

    I will have to maybe try it again sometime soon and include a few more colors so that The Wades and Train Wreck can get their dibs in.

    Lythia, Thats a dirty horse!

  8. AOHCM: Thanks for your comment on my post. I wanted to ask about Besi but didn't want to bring up what maybe a sensitive topic. :(