Thursday, September 18, 2008

House Work Makes you Ugly!!!

My house is spic and span. I am not. Why is it that housework really does make you ugly? I just finished cleaning my house from top to bottom. Right now I look SO nasty! I mean... I look like a 60 year old bag lady having a bad hair day. Maybe the problem is that I wear paint smeared sweat pants and a wife beater. Wow! Did I just type that? Wife beater! As in white sleeveless tank top!? I just realized where I went wrong! How could I possibly look decent when I am wearing something that is named after shirt worn by some chauvinis, beer stained, paunch bellied redneck named Bubba?! Lets face it. I looked bad before I even started! Maybe I would feel better if I wore a 50's inspired dress curled my hair before scrubbing the tub! That way I could come out looking all pretty and perfectly pressed like one of those little Stepford wives? Those little freaks that dust and mop in poodle skirts and heels! Maybe they are on to something! Maybe that will make me feel all glamorous and feminine! Or maybe not. So, I do apologize for the profanity you will see in the photo posted below. I just finished four hours of housework. I smell like Mr. Clean, dust, sweat and god knows what else. My cat just spit up a hairball on my freshly washed and formally glistening floor and I still have two loads of laundry to do. God bless the Stepford wives for getting it done while lookin good but for now....

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sounds like you worked your butt off - I always look like crap after cleaning the house too - and I got a whole weekend of it ahead of me.

  2. I am also thinking we are some of the only people online these last couple of days - I have been reduced to blogging only at home, my work load has just peaked at work.

  3. LOL-I get the midnight urge to clean my house. It's either then or first thing in the morning. Whatever...I am always in PJ's...and it usually isn't pretty-LMAO.

  4. My housekeeping skills were at their peak when we built this house 8 years ago, but they've been on a steady decline. Now that I have horses, pfft! Out the window. I do just enough to keep the Board of Health at bay.

    My standard garb is a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top. On occasion, I have been known to don a tiara, just for devilment. Mr. Fry says I'm making a fashion statement, but he can't figure out what I'm saying.

    I've been lurking all week but too lazy to blog.

  5. Love the signs! There is a place in Virginia City Nevada that sells signs like this and coffee mugs too!
    Clean house? ERK! Clean the barn maybe. Clean the trailer- certainly! Today I actually cleaned the GARAGE! Talk about U.G.L.Y.~

  6. Umpffff...I despise housework!!! I ususally do it first thing in the morning, so I can then go and take a shower, but before I!!
    Great pictures!

  7. Steph- A little dust never killed anyone right? Go ridin!

    BECG- I only get the midnight cleaning if my DB is not home (because I cant sleep with out him.) Gotta love PJs.

    Leah- LOL a tiara? As in glittery crown you put in your hair? LMAO...OH I am SO going to get one!! I love it.

    VG- I love vintage posters. Cleaning the garage is mans work! How sexist is that!?

    Melanie- brave girl...I cant clean before noon. No way!

  8. LOL I look like a wild woman every day. We have a small house, and TWO small sons. The living room can be spic and span, and they can tromp through it on their way outside... and ... well.. it looks like a tornado passed through it. (Add in one large dog, and one smaller dog, and that does not help either! LOL)

    Love the second photo...hehehe