Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sinful breakfast for DB's B-Day

A big thanks to Brown Eyed Cowgirls for awarding me this:

I love keeping up on their blog, they have really great pictures, stories, info and some really pretty horses! When I first started writing this blog I had no idea that there was such a sense of community amongst bloggers and have really enjoyed sharing thing with you all and being able to share in your lives too. Thank you!

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I really enjoy all the blogs on my favorite list every day (or every time they post) and HIGHLY recommend that new visitors check them out. They are not only great stories, but they are all really great people too! So I will use this to share a few that are not on my fav. list (because they are new).








Thanks again Browneyedcowgirls! Keep up the good work on your blog.

I was inspired by Pioneer Woman to do a little cooking, photo journalist style! So here it is, my delectable and salaciously sinful recipe for Breakfast Casserole.

Warning: may cause a dozen or more cellulite cells to form, will certainly add 3 pounds to your thighs, 2 to your stomach and a good 4 or so to your ass! I promise it will be good.

You will need:
3 green onions
4 eggs
red pepper
crusty bread
salt and pepper

lime zest
Cayenne pepper
chili powder
fresh peppers

Bubblicious Bubble Gum (this is for the cook). Mmmm...bubblicious.

To start:

Fry up a third of a package of bacon (cut into one inch slices.)

Is it just me or is there very little actual meat on this bacon fat.....

Mmmmm....bacon. We never, ever have bacon in the house or I will eat it all! I only stole 2 pieces out of the pan....maybe three....four, tops!

Because we are being sinful this morning, I went right ahead and fried my hash browns in the bacon fat!! *gasp* (I always wanted to say that, "I went right ahead and..."

I used about two cups hash. (the potato variety, this no "magic" casserole.)

While that was frying I finely diced my green onions (3) and red peppers(1/4) and shredded my cheese. (about a cup) I used a sharp Canadian cheddar but would maybe use a stronger cheese in the future, maybe mixed with a little Parmesan. Here you can see that I also cut my bread into large chunks. I used two crusty buns because I wanted to make sure that I would get enough crust as to prevent sogginess (I am sure sogginess is a word...I'd love to hear Paula Deen say that, "saw-gi-nass")

I seasoned my hash browns with seasoning salt, pepper, Cayenne, and chili powder.

In a small bowl I beat up my eggs (4) with homo milk (from fabulous cows) (3/4 cup), some vanilla (1tsp), salt, Tabasco (to taste) and the zest of half a lime. I added my bread and allowed them to soak up about half of the egg mixture.

Time to assemble the casseroley.

I used a small disposable tin pan. Why? Because I am feelin' so sinful this morning, I went for the easy clean-up option over the saving the environment consideration....don't hate me, please.

First, I used all the hash browns as my base layer. I topped these with half the bacon, cheese, green onion and red pepper. I then placed the egg mixture/bread pieces evenly over the top. I poured the remaining egg mixture evenly over everything and then used the last of the cheese, bacon, green onion, and red peppers to top it all off. I baked this uncovered in the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Bon Appetite!

Mmmm....it almost looks good enough to eat.

But first......the good stuff......Ohhh, yahhh!

Would you look at that....

Just one more step and your all mine, baby!

*sigh* *chew chew chew* *bubble pop* *chew*


Just so that one day I don't get sued for introducing you to this recipe (and for the resulting heart failure) here are some variations you can use that will actually lighten things up a little.

1. use partly skimmed low fat mozzarella cheese.

2. use egg beaters or low cholesterol/low fat egg substitute

3. use ham or a well drained (or washed) ground pork instead of bacon.

4. bake potatoes and dice them rather than using fried hash.

5. you skim milk in the egg mixture.


  1. Ahhhh mannn that sounds so good - I'd never get to make it my house... :(

    Maybe when hubby is gone hunting I will make it for myself - I printed it out and will stick it in my recipe book...


  2. ah! ha! ha! ha! ha! ah!
    I had to scroll all the way to the bottom first to see what in tarnation you were doing with that gum!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome! Have you tried PW Sheet cake?? It is sooo yummy!! And if you read my Meme, I do not like chocolate!! Now I need to go check out your page!! Stop by anytime!

  3. That looks dee-licious! I wonder if i can get my cousin to make that for me? And, congrats on your award! I love your blog, too!

  4. Can't wait to try it. It's hard to go wrong when bacon is involved!

    Pioneer woman would be very proud. :)

    I'm with train wreck--her sheet cake is delightful!

  5. *whine*

    if only i could find bacon in germany. *sigh* you can get a trillion types of pork, but not bacon as americans eat it (in that thickness - what we have here i'd call "proscuitto" (sp?)). and cheddar cheese? i have to go to a specialty store for exotic cheeses and pay an exotic price.

    so although it was nice to experience your pleasure at such a dish, i hope you don't do it too often ....in full color.

    i'll be in america next week (to get my horse!) and i'm gonna have me some bacon and cheddar cheese. and root beer. and doritos. and ranch dressing. and seedless watermelon. and...: )

    ~beth in Germany