Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hola! Sweet Hola.

Look who arrived this evening!! Hola! (Hello!) Sweet Hola girl!

She isnt officially home yet, but she is within reach... She's being layed over just across the border (in the US) until her health certificate arrives (it didnt come when it was suppose to) and then I can take her across and she'll be come Canadian, eh!

It has been ten months since I saw Hola last. At that time she was just a few days old. I expected her to change some. But she hasnt. She has grown up a lot, no doubt, but she retained that sweet sweet energy and lovely calm disposition. It took all of about a minute for me to fall in love with her all over again.

Shhh! I know what you are thinking... Shhh! Shh! Dont say it! Dont say it... I refuse to even think about that "s" word right. I cant possibly even think about that right now. Let me live in the bubble where I get to keep her forever and ever okay? Just for a little while longer.

Heaven help me.


  1. She is just adorable! How fun to have her (almost!) home now! Can't wait to see lots more pics of that cutie pie!

  2. you absolutely should keep her forever and ever! She's darling! :)

  3. Scream!!! Oooooh! I am so excited for you. You will have so much fun with her!