Friday, May 10, 2013

She Came Stock That Way...

Over the past two years I have been able to live out a life-long dream. I wanted to train my very own horse from the very start. Here is the number one thing I've learned so far...

Hola hit the ground happy, light, good minded, trusting and full of try. Whenever anyone comments on how nice she is I always say, "She hit the ground that way, all I have to do is not fuck it up." Sorry, but that is what I say (so long as young children or my mother is not within ear shot... sorry Mom). And that's the honest to god truth.

My biggest challenge is not teaching her new things. That part is usually pretty easy once I get out of my own way and find the right way to ask. The hard part is teaching her how to be a good citizen (how to load in a trailer, tie to a wall, accept a saddle, and put up with all those crazy things we ask a horse to do) without messing up that innate softness, willingness, trust, curiosity, and try in the process. I've made mistakes. Some I hope I can undo. Some are there for good. But I've tried my heart out and so has Hola. I am damn proud of what a nice little filly she continues to be (not has become). I also love when she is naughty and sassy and full of herself...  because that was in there from the start too.


  1. I had always wanted to start one from the ground up and was given that opportunity with Chance! It has been the best experience ever. So happy that you have gotten to experience it as well with Hola!

  2. Very nice sentiment. Wish people would be a little more humble about "their accomplishments" with their horses. After all the horse is at least 50% of the equation, and shape us just as mush (if not more) than we shape them. I like to think that Pippi is like a diamond, it was all there, my daughter and I just brought out the shine.