Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hola- Ride #5 2015

I had a great ride on Hola yesterday. We started by going for a walk in hand down the road where Hola met and instantly fell in hate with a newborn lamb, a llama, and a ram. She lost her ever-loving' mind. So on the walk home Laurie ponied Hola off of Ella and worked out some the kinks. By the time we got home Hola was in a much better frame of mind. I tacked her up and mounted. She walked out really well again and guided around the cones. I am still not happy with her attitude at times (just a bit of tail swishing and ears back, tight neck) but it is coming and going and she didn't lift her back this time. After we did a couple of laps I sat one her for a few minutes and tried to make my energy go really soft and quiet. She stood and started yawning. And yawning. And yawning. She found her happy place. Good filly.

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