Monday, February 2, 2015

Hola Ride # 6 But only Hour 3!

In October of 2014 I put about 14 rides on Hola. 14 rides sounds like a fair number. But in fact, I looked back and did the math and realized that in 14 rides I actually spent less than 2 hours total on Holas back. I count a "ride" as being on her back whether that be 2 minutes of 15 minutes and whether she be moving or not. Six of those 14 rides were less than 5 minutes and none were over 15. I have all the time in the world to get this filly broke and I'm going to take advantage of that fact.  This year each of my rides have been a little longer. I am at ride #6 and already I've spent close to an hour on her back and much more of that time was spent actually moving.
Yesterday I hauled Hola out to an indoor arena. She has been off the property only once since November and she has been ridden 5 times this year (all the last week). My goal was to get her out and not worry too much about whether I got on her or not. I didn't now how busy that arena would be or how she would react. Luckily the other rider was an friend and a lady who I took lessons off of years ago. I was able to stand and chat for a half hour or so and then Laurie kindly ponied Hola for a good ten minutes off of Ella so she could get the willies out. Poor Hola, just doesn't get why she should have to work so hard. The cool part was that she stood around with me near the new horse and then she had to work really hard when she was close to her buddy and then she came back to me and I sat on her while she aired up. She was very happy to have me sitting up there if it meant she got to rest. I was surprised when I asked her to move forward (after about five minutes) that she went and guided pretty well and didn't try to latch back to Ella (smart girl!) I got off and we stood for a while longer. Before we left I got on her again for a few minutes and walked her down the length of the arena. It sounds dumb it was the furthest we had ever gone in a straight line, just moving out and walking on without me guiding her or having to ask anything of her. It felt like a real ride not a training session. It was so cool! When we stopped I took the below picture. Good filly!

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