Monday, December 8, 2008

6 Things about me...

Cndcowgirl over at (Not quite) Home on Range kicked me a tag. "Six things you dont know about me- a meme". I had no idea what "meme" means but I got the gist of things by reading her "six things". So here we go...

1. I love Costco. About half of my "everyday" clothes are from Costco but I have a rule about not going to Costco in Costco clothes. For some reason I find it embarrassing that other Costco shoppers might recognize my clothes as being from Costco or even worse, that they may be wearing the same ones! It is not that I have anything against Costco clothes or there is any legitimate reason for me to feel embarrassed, it just bothers me for some unknown makes me feel like a lemming...or a sheep...and I hate sheep. So the other day my Mom and I went to Costco (I have my own membership, which I am oddly proud of) and I discovered (to my horror) that I was wearing nothing BUT Costco clothes. My pants, shirt, jacket, socks, underwear...everything but my bra (and probably only because I don't like Costco bras) and my shoes were from Costco. My Mom forced me to go anyways. She thinks I am odd. I'm forced to agree.

(Some of our property)

2. I live on a property that spans over 20 acres but because of zoning issues I am not allowed to keep horses (livestock) on it. This drives me insane. I actually did have a mare and colt here for a few weeks. There is a small fenced area but the rest is open and surrounded by the city centre/suburban sprawl. One day I pulled the mare out and tied her to a tree while I dealt with the colt (loose at her side) when all of the sudden she decided to pull back. She did not spook, was not panicked and was totally calm and measured in her actions. She simply backed up until the lead was taunt, gave it a jerk, and then laid into it with all of her might. The second she snapped the bolt she headed, with an odd sense of purpose, for the back of the property where she had been dropped off by the haulers a few weeks earlier. She crossed ten acres of lush grass, on to a side street, through an intersection, and then hung a left on Tenth Avenue (a main drag of sorts). The oddest part about it was that she was following the exact route the hauler had taken as though she were simply headed home. She was also not running blindly, she was practically loping. Of course, she took the colt with her. I ran after her. In my PJs. In my rubber boots. With my hair a mess. No bra. Running. In a very public place. As luck would have it (hear me scoff) a few horsemen (who were also particularly hot firemen) were driving by and managed to get her cornered until I arrived (red faced, sweating and panting....not because they were hot....but because I looked like a total ass!) Needless to say, the local municipality was not happy with me and I have not had horses here since.

Example of the kind of young stud I plan on hiring as my personal assistance (in a strictly professional capacity) when I get older........because sexual exploitation is wrong....and nothing to joke about..... This young man is very intelligent and clearly demonstrating that he is highly qualified as a secretary (knows how to answer a phone) .... really....qualified...

3. I have a very poor short term memory but my long term memory would put an elephant to shame. I consider the ability to remember that I put water on to boil a Herculean task and have trouble completing a sentence at the best of times. Car keys, cell phones, etc... are a lost cause but I can quote Shakespeare, Thoreau and have stored a gamete of particularly useless facts and figures (from movie scenes to law, to recipes and everything and anything in between.) I figure that, if I am this bad now, in time (with age and heaven forbid-menopause,) I will likely need medication...or hospitalization....or a young live in stud to tend to my every need. I like the last idea best. We figure that one of the reasons why my short term memory is so bad is because....

4. I am a dreamer. I have always been a dreamer, in every sense of the word. I have big "dreams" (or things I would like to do in the future.) I and am often caught daydreaming, lost in my horse crazed mind. I dream a lot in my sleep and tend to remember them vividly when I wake up. My sleep dreams are usually a reflection of my insecurities, the things that hold me back from seeing my "big dreams" become reality. I also like to daydream about my "big dreams". I keep my overactive imagination primed and well oiled...which I believe is what usually causes me to forget such mundane things as where I left my purse...or to put the truck into park before getting out. It also explains why I tend to run into things...walls, the corner of the kitchen counter...whatever is handy. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

5. I have a crush on Robert Pattinson. If I were in high school, I'd have little I *heart* Robert Pattinson notes all over my binder. That and "Chelsi Pattinson" would be etched on every line of my diary. I love my DB. I love DB *chanting as a mantra* He is well aware of my affections...that is not to say that he is happy about it.... but...he'll live. here is the deal..... Robert Pattinson- maybe not the best actor in the world, Maybe not even the most gorgeous.... But did you know that he can sing?!! I mean...croon? I mean...make my little heart go pitter patter!! *sigh* Listen here....
Robert Pattinons singing MY song
Mmmm...that voice.... *big sigh*

6. I like to eat traditional "dinner" dishes for breakfast and visaversa. There is nothing I love more than French toast or eggs and hash for dinner and a nice cold slice of moussaka or casserole for breakfast. Oh... and I like traditionally hot food, cold. I will actually order food in a restaurant at dinner in order to take it home and put it in the fridge for breakfast.

I think this is a great tag and welcome any of my readers to consider themselves "tagged". Please post a comment if you decide to do your "six things" ...I'd love to see them.

I'd also like to tag and let y'all know about my good personal friend, Julie's blog over at PJ's and Horses.


  1. I think I understand the whole Costco clothes thing... I like Old Navy t-shirts but I try to *never* wear one of their shirts when I go to an ON store.

    As for your property, well that just seems stupid! Why the heck would you need or want 20 acres if you don't have livestock to put on them.

  2. Very interesting things there Miss Chelsi. I must remember to do this tag...Mikey tagged me last week and I got on a roll with Ezra and didn't remember to do it. Bad BEC, Bad!!;)

  3. Man I am there with on the Costco thing - but it's like Wal-mart. You hate it, but somethings are so cheap their how can you not shop there.

    I have good long term memory too. I have memories my mother says I can not possibly remember, some as far back as before I was 2 years old. And like you I am rarely wrong.

    And how lucky I am find a another person who enjoys breakfast for dinner - and you know what French toast is the bomb!

  4. I'm so jealous of you guys who can shop at Costo, Sam's club, or any other big warehouse store. Germany is not this way. I cannot buy large amounts of anything. I have to go shopping over and over and over, whereas if I had a Costco, I'd just buy the super pack of TP, 5 gallon jug of cornoil (for the horse), and big bag of frozen chicken breasts, etc.

    I MISS IT! I have a whole 'nother way of life here, where I fill my tiny car with tiny grocieries and then come home to read blogs about your Costco experiences.


    A very special memory for me: the first time my to-be-husband saw Costco. He was totally in awe. He said "We must visit every aisle!" and we did. It took hours. He found the piano section and sat down and played and played. I fell in love with him. He tries to explain Costco to other Germans, but you really have to see it yourself.

    No more Costco blog entries, please!

    ~lytha in Germany

  5. Oh my gosh! Your #4. I was actually going to do a post on daydreaming. On my way to work today, WHILE driving, I kind of started daydreaming. And my daydreams are really vivid and consume me. Not good while driving. I actually had to blink several times to get my eyes to focus and clear. It was kind of freaky. I was wondering if anyone else did that!

    I have the whole memory problem too, but I was atributing that to having kids. They each seem to steal a little of your intelligence. But you don't have kids, so maybe I've been wrong all along. lol

    We frequently eat pancakes for dinner because they are cheap and fast. We don't usually do that dinner for breakfast though. lol

    Chasing the horses though town had to be a hoot to see. I'm sure not so much from your end, but for everyone else watching it unfold. Don't you hate when hot men are in the right place at the wrong time? lol

  6. Whoops. I feel the same way about some of my Walmart clothes. I probably only shop at Walmart a handful of times a year, but I do like their Faded Glory brand....but everyone seems to wear it, too.
    And I don't like to BE a sheep....but I do love my wooly sheep here at our ranch. lol!

    You're so lucky that the mare and colt didn't get hurt themselves or hurt anyone else. Whew!
    Even if you fence the entire 20 acres, you still can't have horses?
    That would drive me to move for sure. I don't know how you stand it!

    And I've never heard of Robert Pattinson, but gosh! He's a hotty! He's just so cute I want to snuggle him!
    And where does that voice come from? It totally doesn't match his looks, if you know what I mean.
    But I'm going to be keeping my eye out for him from now on. hehe

    I totally enjoyed your meme!

    New Mexico

  7. I am suprised at how many of you "got" the Costco clothers thing!

    Cnd- I really should not complain about not getting to keep horses here. We are lucky that it worth WAY more than it would be if it were zoned for agriculture.

    BECG-I am dying to hear yours!!! Keep it real! LOL

    Stephanie- French Toast...mmmm.... One of my favorite recipes has them with strawberry syrup and topped with grated lime zest. It is devine!

    Lytha- Poor you! No Costco! I had to laugh at the mental image of your husband marveling at the scope and size of Costco! lol

    Ezra- OMG I do daydream while driving. Thank God I havent hit anything yet while doing so but I do at times end up on the wrong side of town with no memory of how I have gotten there! How scary is that! And yes, when I look like crap, I am a magnet for hot men! lol

    Lisa- No offence intend towards your is a personal isse that I have yet to get over. Sheep make me shiver. brrr...

    I think that my dear Robert deserves a post of his own, dont you! LOL He is *sigh*...I just cant say. They are dubbing him the "next Jude Law".

    It is a zoning issue with the land. It is so pretty hear and I would love to have my horses at home.

  8. lol I think I know which Township you speak of that doesn't allow horses, etc, on acreage... Sucks doesn't it? To have all that land and not be able to have your four legged furry friend around all the time.

    AND I fully understand the Costco deal! It's like Walmart, like Stephanie said! It's a love hate relationship I think....