Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, what do you think about bling? (as in four white socks and a blaze on a horse.... not 2.8 carat's from Tiffany's). I have a thing for bling! So what is your favorite? Let's explore the world of bling with some of my favorite reining and cutting sires!

Yellow Roan of Texas

Dun It With A Twist (Dunalino)

"Gunner" (Colonel's Smokin Gun)

Dun Gotta Gun (A son of the above stallion)
Wild Thing DNA (one of my favorite hot new cutting sires)
I dont know this stallion Jumping G Whiz but his coloring is sure cool. Topsail Whiz (his grand-daddy) is known for put some unique looking color stamps on his get.

I actually like the look of a perlino or cremello. This is Hollywood White, a dun perlino by the great sire Hollywood Jac 86.
One of my favorite hot young studs of the reining world, Big Chex To Cash.
MA Thunderstorm

Color Me Smart


  1. Oh I am totally a sucker for 4-White Socks and a Blaze...

    I am also growing found of my own uniquely colored horse - Pat of course! I love his near stark white mane contrasted with his sorrel body. I am even getting used to the belly spots - and of course the white feet and face I have always loved.

    I am all for a lot chrome or "bling" as you are calling it. Although I have learned that if you have a horse that sticks out like a sore thumb then it had better be talented because the judges sure aren't gonna miss it! LOL!

  2. I love a lot of bling/chrome on a horse... but for some reason I really don't like white on the legs of a bay.
    And while I love the look of a lot of flashy white I have to admit I am not fond of the idea of keeping all that white clean!

  3. I pass McQuay every day and I'm always hoping to get a glimpse of Gunner, just as I used to do when Hollywood Dun It was still alive. Lyle Lovett's reining horse is there, but I think they must put some of the high profile horses in one of the back pastures. You don't see them out much, or at least not at the times when I pass there.

    I'm a sucker for odd-eyed (one brown, one blue). I think it's striking. I also like dark bodied horses with pale manes.

  4. Well I think that it is no secret to anyone that I love CHROME aka "bling!!!" LOL!!!

    I don't like a bald face though; like that one stallion on your post. Blazes are fine. Big blazes are great. Bald face? No thanks!! (There are always exceptions, but I am just sayin' in general)

    They are all handsome devils! is your horse shopping going??? You are keeping us all in terrible suspense!!! :)

  5. Man, a person forgets just how remarkably beautiful some of those horses are.

    This is going to sound very strange, but I just don't think of coloring very much. Or, maybe I should say I don't think that I think very much about coloring/markings that much...Until I am looking at something I might want to buy. Then, I get really weird-I don't like separated face markings. A star is okay, a blaze is fine, I like baldies, I love apron face baldies. I prefer NO white on the legs, but if they do-1 stock is okay, 2 is better, 4 is fantastic. I do not like 3 stocking legs.

    I love Shooter's little blaze. It's neat and unique, but still symetrical. I like Shooter's front stocking too-that is a bit unusual. My brother had a roan horse that had 2 stockings on the front only-I thought that was really cool.

    Paints are hard. It just depends on the markings. Sometimes I like the minimal white, sometimes I like the wild markings. There is a team roper around here that has a paint horse that is 1/2 white/1/2 bay. His front half is solid bay and his back half is solid white. It's like someone drew a raggedy line around his belly. He has a nice blaze on his face though. His mane is solid black, his tail is pure white.

    All in all though, I would have to say that black is the color that will always turn my head. I just love a black horse-no white chrome required.

  6. BEC-My mom is the same way! Give her a solid colored horse over a chromey one any!!!

    AOHCM-Yep! I live in good ole' Western Washington. I am about one hour southest of the foothills of Mt. Rainier.

  7. I'm with Melanie, I don't like bald faces. They are creepy. I'm not sure exactly what you call what my mare has, but one side the white goes out around her eye. On the other side (in my picture) the white goes 1/2 through her eye and it's bay on the other side. That side is pretty, the other side is just plain scary and she looks crazy scary. Perlino's and cremello's look strange to me too for some reason. I think I like darker horses in general. But I do like Gunner, he reminds me a little of my mare, except she's darker bay and tri color. She doesn't have much white, but what she has looks nice.

    I like when a horse's mane and tail are different colored on parts of it. Like it starts out brown, then where there's a white spot on the horse, the hair turns white there too. There's a big draft at our barn that's tri color and his mane is a bunch of big chuncks of color. My mare's tail is dark at the top then lightens to white at the bottom because of her white socks. Our other mare has a really cool mane. She's sorrel and it's sorel and flaxen. It's like someone gave her highlights thoughout. Jumpin G Whiz looks really cool.