Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Fetch...

So, Melanie posed a really interest question today about the soundness of Quarter Horses...

An issue that I would really like to talk about...

But my brain doesn't want to work today... so I am not going too! .....

... tomorrow, k?

Instead, I'd like to tell you about the unsung hero of this blog.

My fetch.

My Bitty....

What you may not know is that just about every moment I spend writing my posts is spent in the company of my kitty Bitty Boo! I call her my fetch because she rarely leaves my side. In the morning she sits and watches the computer screen as the letters magically appear in a neat little row and the "mouse" (which is aptly named) zooms around...too fast for her to catch.
At night (as she is right this moment) she usually curls up on my lap. I love all my animals, my sweet little Boo-boo (LuLu) and even grumpy ol' Halle cat. Hawkydog (at my feet) ... but Bitty... her and I.... Were like this *fingers crossed*
So, here's to Bitty!


  1. My cat Myke (died 10 years ago ) would go crazy over pens. I couldn't write anything without that cat knocking it out of my hand!

  2. Bitty is quite the fetchingly beautiful feline. How blessed you are to have her in your life.

    And I'm tickled by all your cute nicknames, too.

    New Mexico

  3. All the animals are lovely. wonder if she's trying to write her own post. 'Greetings from Bitty Boo'!

  4. Awwww...what a sweet Bitty Kitty!!!
    Posting pictures of her is more fun than answering my questions anyway, right??? LOL!!!

  5. She's so cute! Her color is lovely. What kind of cat is she, any breed specifically? I just love the pic of her pawing at the computer screen, LOL!

  6. As far as soundness goes for QH's it's my opinion that alot of specializing we are doing is breeding some exceedingly unsound horses. Haven't seen it in HUS horses as much as Western Pleasure horses. Although both categories pale in comparison to Halter Horses as far as soundness goes. IMHO