Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winning the Lotto!

I am going to win the lotto!!! When!? In the year 2009!!!
Unfortunately, I don't buy lottery tickets. You can see where my problem lies. Perhaps it is the thrifty Scottish blood in me, or maybe I am just plain ol' cheap but, no matter the potential windfall, I just cant bring myself to part with those few measly dollars necessary to give me even the slightest chance of actually winning...

But then....I have a wonderful man in my life that supports me and wants to make all my dreams come true. I appreciate that, I really do (I mean, come on! What girl wouldn't?!) I am blessed to share my life with a funny, smart, good-lookin', generous and loving man! He puts up with me, my horses, cats, dogs, blogs, and all my other harebrained notions! And he tells me I am the most beautiful woman in the world, Every. Single. Day. Seriously.
Some would argue that I have already have won the lotto. I would have to agree!

So why is that, as woman, we are never happy with what we have? We always want more!
For instance....If I were to win the lotto tomorrow, I would be inviting you all to come out to my new ranch within the first week.
Because, within a few days of getting that big fat cheque...I'd be on a plane and handing another big fat cheque over to the owners of the The Devine Ranch.

Which, I must say, is very aptly named.
You'll could bring your horses along of course. I'd put them up in my very posh new stalls....
You could go for a ride in my big arena...Or just sit in the shade and sip margaritas....
You could play with the mechanical cow....
Or try your hand at some live ones. We always have a herd or two on hand....
At the end of your ride, I could ask handsome young assistance to hose your horse down for you. I am sure there would be a nice cozy lawn chair near by and a cool Long Island Ice Tea at hand...should you wish to supervise...
You could turn your horse out in to the lush green pastures...where he could play with my cute new bay filly....
Or if your pony is a little porky, you could throw her in the shorter pasture with my new sorrel gelding.....
And of course, there will be plenty shelter at hand... just in case.

I think it is very important to be prepared...just in case.... you never know when it could happen. Do you play the lotto? What is the first thing you would buy if you won 100 million (It has a ring to it, doesn't it? One- hun-dred-mill-ion-dollars!!! Bwahahah!!! Why do I want to put my pinky finger to my lip when I say that ((like Dr. Evil!!....Austin Powers? Ring a bell? Anyone... Bueller!?.... Bueller?"))


  1. lmao I love that movie!

    ANd I am with you on having the most difficult time EVER parting with a few measly bucks to play the lotto. Those few bucks could be my next hot chocolate and donut for crying out loud!

    If I did buy, and I won, The first thing on my to do list would be a truck. Second would be property. And lots of it. And if I can't find one with the facilities I like, well, I'd just have to have one built myself!

  2. I never have bought a lotto tkt. I just cant do it!
    If I won, after doing all the things that need to be doing ( Giving some to Church, helping family out, etc )I get land and lots of it.

  3. I have no luck when it comes to gambling. But, My Honey? He has luck and he plays the lottery too. Which means when he wins the lottery, I win the lottery. What a guy. He's so good to me!!

    What to do with all that moola? Hmmm?? Oh, I suppose I could think of a few things-LOL. ;)

  4. Every once in a very great while I buy a lotto ticket, but the odds are so stacked, it is rare indeed. And in these times, I hang onto my money a little tighter. Fry...Fry...

  5. My husband buys lotto tickets ALL the time. Have we ever won anything? No. I tell him we've jinxed ourselves because we always talk about what we would do with it if we did.

  6. Oh wow! I love this ranch - that's my kind of place for sure. I wouldn't mind having that little sorrel gelding either! So, we're dreaming today huh? Alright, well I'd absolutely have myself a ranch like this one too. Maybe a little place in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range or central Oregon with a nice lazy river cutting through the property. I'd have my horses for sure and maybe a herd of beef cattle. A beautiful manicured bridal path around the perimeter of the property for exercising even in inclement weather too. I'd have to have a swimming pool with a removable cover too and a huge redwood deck with steps up to my private balcony off the master bedroom which of course would face the east for those beautiful sunrises...aaahh sounds good. Thanks for the dream - I'll be watching for my invitation girl!
    Merry Christmas

  7. Where ever did you find this place??? Pray tell,!!!!

    I love Dr. Eeeeeviiiilllllll!

    Hmmmm....maybe one of these horses is your next?? Is that what you are saying?

  8. Natarojo- I know, right! I love Cameron! LOL

    Aunt Krissy- you made me feel guilty for being all materialistic! I'd be giving lots away too...but I'd be buying that barn first! LOL

    BECG- Of course your honey has luck! He found you right? lol I am sure your "few things" would include some horses and saddles too!

    Leah- I wonder how much lotto's are effected by the economy. I think I heard that they actually sell more when times are tough. People want to dream.

    Ezra- No! Cant jinx yourself when it comes to lotto! You have to have a plan. The day will come, i am sure.

    C-ing spots- you and I think a like. I have a visual image of how I would want things that sounds a lot like yours. I want that cut trail on my own property too!

    Melanie- You totally get me! but no, I am not pulling one over on you at all! I found this ranch a year or so ago when I followed a link to a really nice prospect they have for sale. Of course I fell in love with their ranch and go back every now and then just to drool! It is so beautiful!!

  9. Lottery tickets - an admission ticket to super fantasy land.

    Okay, here's my plan.

    Big Ranch.

    Rescue operation on the side.

    Training facility for kids who can't afford a horse, but who are desperate to ride.

    Harley for Hubby.

    Cute stable hands for me. Strictly eye candy.

    Annual trail ride for all our blogging babes and boys.

    Ah. I'm off to buy a few for the stockings. Just for fun.

  10. Ohhhh...I love the idea of a horse cooler offer boy instead of a pool boy!! Nice!! I could use one of those guys!!

    I don't play the lotto, but if I won, the first thing I would do is buy a nice ranch. Yep, I would love to have a nice ranch, and then I would buy a finished western pleasure horse, a finished HUS horse, and a finished reiner. Yep, all I need are three!! And I would be happy with that.

    We actually had a Grandson of Peppey San Badger as a stallion at our house for 10 years. And we gelded him just a few months ago. I would like a Wizard Chex reiner or cow horse!! I worked for Todd Sommers at Congress one time, and I drooled over his horses. Strangely that year he only showed WP horses? But that is what I would buy. Oh, and I would need a nice rig to take me to shows!!! Yes!!