Monday, December 15, 2008

Horse Breakers

I have not been keeping up on the horse market much this past few weeks (well, "not much" for me might be a little different than not much for you!) I thought I would share with you a few more horses from my favorites. And yes, I am still holding out on you (just a little). My top three horses are staying safely tucked away in my back pocket. I am holding out for the New Year and so far, my plan is working *knock on wood* *fingers crossed* in that none of them have sold (which hopefully means I will be able to get a better deal after Christmas when everyone is feeling the pinch). I told you before, I am evil! Bwahahah!

Also I wanted to share a link to I have been following Horse Breakers for about four years now. While they do some breeding, for the most part they are a marketing/sale business based out of Arizona. They specialize in well broke, pretty, colored, western stock horses. They offer a few open sales a year (with a focus towards colored horses) like the....

"Colors of the Sun" auction on January 9-10th

These folks always turn out some outstanding, well bred, good-looking horses but unfortunately (for me not the sellers) they usually go for a premium.

All of the above pics are horses that are have for sale in the up coming auction or on their site.

Another website I check on every now and then is and both based out of Montana. They are also marketing/sales ranches that do a nice job but they offer more work-man-like horses. Fisher Equine is a little short right now on their usual stock but they usually have a lot of nice horses.

Bluequest has this gelding for sale that I really like. He is a bay grade and not my "type" at all but if I were looking for a solid trail horse, he is one I'd give a good hard look at. He looks...strong.
And last but not least....
Her ad at: A red dun mare
Here is a mare that is closer to home that I think is really cute. She is not as refined as my usual type but something about her "look" makes me think that she is a really sweet mare with a good mind. Isnt it funny the way we conjecture like that?


  1. Being from AZ, I'm familiar with HorseBreakers. I haven't gone ( like I need another horse) but I know people and I've shod horses bought there, and they run a good sale with real nice horses. Not cheap, but good horses!

  2. I am a sucker for a dun/buckskin. Those are some nice looking horses. It seems kinda funny to me that you are in Canada, but the majority of your horse searches (as far as I know anyways) are located south of the boarder? I am not too familiar with searching the market, is there a different quality bred across the line that we just don't see here in Canada? I am very curious.

  3. Those are some nice horses! I like that red dun mare at the end of the list. There was nothing for sale around here like that when I was shopping. :-(

    Would you ship a horse up from Arizona or somewhere? Seems like a long haul. I guess WA isn't that far though... You are lucky to be a straigh(ish) shot up from all those great western horses. We don't have much like that in the east!

  4. here you can check and it has premium, synthetic saddle, english saddle, Australian saddle.

  5. Dang those are some good looking horses!!! I think that we should all take a road trip that way, and we can stop off and visit!!!

    Thanks for the new links1 I can find DreamHorse with my eyes closed...teeheehee!!!