Sunday, December 14, 2008

It 'tis Me Silly! the below post was a little unclear.... I thought it would be more fun if one of you were to guess who it was (me) but my post (written in the wee hours in the morning) was a little unclear. I debated long and hard on whether to "come out" (in a totally unfabulous way) to my blogger friends and ditch what remained of my anonymity. Having this blog, and getting to share my life experiences and thoughts with such wonderful people, has enriched my life far beyond what I ever imagined possible when I first started. I want to share more with you and in order to do so, I will need to step out from behind the camera!

I have some very exciting plans for the New Year!! I hope to have a new horse and look forward to chronicling that experience through videos and pictures. So...... SURPRISE!!!!!
(That would be me looking very suprised!)

Hi! That's me! Chelsi!


  1. I have been wondering when we were going to see a picture of you featuring your face.

    Glad you got the video thing to work.

    Been off-line most of the weekend. We had the storm then an outrageous cold snap. I don't know how far north you are of me - but out weather station recorded a low last night of -60F below zero with a wind chill. Stupid pipe froze up - spent all day today working on them.

  2. So you're smart, funny AND gorgeous. I hate you.

    No, not really.

    The cold snapped here last night too. I rode yesterday and it was 76 and now it's below freezing. Welcome to Texas!

  3. Nice to meet you Chelsi!
    Very brave!

  4. OMG!!! So I am not a dumb blonde after all, am I????

    What a clever way to reveal yourself, and I LOVE your short hair!!!

    PS-Did I mention that you are gorgeous???? You look like a 50's pin-up model!!!

  5. Stephanie- It is something like -14 here right now and really windy! Which is about as cold as I have experienced...I cant imagine -60!!!! Yikes!

    Leah- LOL..hardly, but thanks. I hate when the temperature varies that much, it makes it feel twice as cold when you dont get any time to adjust.

    Aunt Krissy- Hi! LOL

    Malanie- Thank you. I played with that picture in photo shop a lot to get it to look like it was from the 50s. I love pin ups.

    I actually dont have short hair! My hair is really long, to about the small of my back. I would like to cut it short but I dont have the guts! lol

  6. Love the reveal! And I am exited for your new pony endeavours in teh new year! Keep us posted!