Friday, December 19, 2008

Sylvester, Mirmaids, Sixteen Candles and Michael Schoeffling

This afternoon I was replying to the comments left on the post below when I mistakenly identified Al Carver (the heart throb in Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken) as Matt Dillion. Something about that didnt seem right so I checked it out on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and found that it was actually Michael Schoeffling!! I was quick to correct my comment...adding something (typically) along the lines of.. "Oh Al! *sigh*" ...and yes! I did have a crush on him too! Are you noticing a trend? I am...

Who is Michael Schoeffling!!!!?

You might remember him as Jake Ryan from the cult classic Sixteen Candles? (with Molly Ringwald)
Or as the love interest of Winona Ryder in Mermaids?
Remember Mermaids?

But did you know that he was also in another of my ALL TIME FAVORITE horse movies, Sylvester?

Now this movie is a hard find!

I cant say it will be good because I haven't seen it in 15 years, but I cant tell you that as a little totally rocked! As far as I can remember Sylvester is about a young girl named Charlie (Melissa Gilbert), a 16 year old orphan, who is working at a stockyard in some dust bowl of a town when she finds this huge wild unbroke gray gelding that she names Sylvester. After much drama and heart ship, she ends up competing on Sylvester at a Olympic Three Day Event! I wont spoil the ending by telling you what happens then. I might have, if I could remember...but I don' the secret is safe with me.


  1. Ah yes...another good movie! Guess what?? To celebrate the end of my semester, I bought the book Twilight to read!!! I am soooo excited to begin it! :)

  2. Ohhh...I still have a crush on "Jake Ryan". Megan and I was just watching a show on VH1 that said he quit Hollywood, got married, has a couple of kids and is a...Carpenter!

    Oh boy, I would love to play house with him.;)

  3. Hey~ I just realized that my comment setting had been changed! Sorry about that.

    Melanie- I am anxious to hear what you think of Twilight...though I have to say that the next three books in the series where more mature than the if you dont like it try the next one. Let me know!!

    BECC- I LMAO when I read your comment! My sister and I were just wondering what ever happened to him! DITTOOOOO!!!

  4. twilight does not exist in germany.

    anyhoo, i wanted to say how much i hate to enjoy some of your NHR posts. like this trailer for 16 candles, omg. i have to see it again now: )

    i live in a culture where noone knows what a brat pack film is. yes, it's the complete other side of the earth, so i shouldn't be so disgruntled.

    not sure you can actually go back and watch 16 candles for your first time when you're in your 30s. we'll see what my husband says.

    funnily, when we were in forks, wa this summer, the locals told us about yet another movie being filmed there. i had no idea. my man had no idea. i just know forks as the town of nothing, except, sometimes, films. i love vampire films. i wonder if it will come to germany.


  5. found the a good movie