Friday, December 26, 2008

Bom Chicka Wah Wah.....

(By this morning the roads were relatively clear.)

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! Canada lived up its name of being "The Great White North" and for the first time in 37 years we had a nation wide white Christmas. It was beautiful but made driving a little hazardous.

But Hawkydog had no complaints! He LOVES the snow! Unfortunately his dark coloring against the white of the snow makes getting shots of his adorableness (is that a word?) difficult to catch.

We celebrated Christmas at my Mothers house this year. The spread was beautiful and the food even better.
For those of you who are wondering about my infamous Carrot pudding... well... it was edible and if you drowned it enough sauce, one might even venture to call it tasty. I know what I need to do differently next year to make the texture a little better and give a kick to the flavor. I wouldn't call it a success... but it brought back old memories...which was the point to it all anyways... kinda!

So, what did you get for Christmas?

I dont know about you but I got spoiled rotten! One of my favorite gifts would have to be these beautifully bound copies of Jane Austen's Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. They are so pretty I feel guilty just opening them! But I will... because they are books... and their words are screaming to be read...because Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are waiting to find each other, in my imagination.... Jane Austen is calling me from the grave.... or maybe.... not...

Okay...I'm working on a major sugar high here... give me a break. Auntie CC's butter tarts, short bread, and date bars combined with a few chocolates and a glass of eggnog or two has me feeling a little goofy!
But arent they pretty? Speaking of pretty... how 'bout these beautiful earrings that my sissy Felicia made for me....

I LOVE them. Fel also made me two paintings by hand but I had a feeling she'd beat me half to death if I put them on she is 4 inches taller than I.... and much...much stronger.... and because she is my big sissy and I love her.... I wont. But I want to because they too are beautiful.
(this pic doesnt show how pretty these earrings are but it does let you see the gorgeous colors in the stone)

A little entertainment on Christmas day came to us by way of these beautiful canines! Buddy, Elsa and Hunter.!! Check out the three-dog snowy smack down they had!

Where is Hawkdog you ask? Poor Hawky got left at home!!!.... denied the fun and games of the other raindogs... who laughed and called him names... or was that Rudolph?!...

Hawky stayed home because three dogs and a thirteen people in one little space was cramped enough as it was! But he did join us later in the day for some eggnog...oh and some fun with a phallic looking chew toy that Auntie CC bought from Walmart.....but that is another story... for another day.

Actually, the real entertainment came from Uncle John playing his gui-tar... or was it Uncle John playing charades? Or was it Uncle John just being poor Uncle John .... the brunt of our jokes and the easiest and most lovable guy to tease?

But I have to say that the highlight of my evening came in the most unlikely of forums.... and at the dinner table no less..... Let me set the scene.... A lovely toast had just been made by my mother and all of us had lingering tears in our eyes.....folks had just settled in to their scrumptious meal.....soft candlelight flickered and Elvis played Christmas carols in the background..... people murmured mouth filled compliments to the chef... we sipped wine.... it was peaceful... tranquil....

When suddenly....down at my end of the table, my sister and I heard a very unexpected and highly inappropriate musical impression coming from my (clueless) nine year old cousin. No one but Fel and I heard it and we both couldn't help but burst out in a roar of laughter! .....

The entire table froze to stare at us in puzzlement... but we could hardly explain what we had just heard- or why it was funny!!!...

which only served to set us off into another fit of giggles...

..which of course led to the kind of bone deep laughter that makes your face turn red and the tears stream down your cheeks...

..which just makes it even harder to stop laughing because people around you start laughing at you laughing...

*sigh* OMG... It was funny....

Guess you kinda had to be there! *sheepish grin*

It was a great night, which I have to thank my beautiful and amazing mother for!

Thanks Mom!

I hope your Christmas was as filled with laughter and love as mine was!


  1. I saw the title of this post and had to come over to see what this could possibly be about!! Thanks for the laugh :-) You didn't have to be there to find it funny!

  2. I have to do a bit of heartfelt thank you's here, sorry all. I can't begin to say how proud I am of our whole family. Thank's to every one of you for making it such a special one, you all bring such beautiful qualities that embraces the origin of what the word "family" truely means.

    Yes there were a few tears as we remember the ones that we have lost that were so much of who we are today but what we carried forward was the love of sharing, giving and being able to laugh at each other and love each other so openly. I love you all with all my heart, thank you.............MOM (Lynda)

  3. We felt the same way about letting the kids bring their dogs, but it was warm and sunny, so we just let them all in the backyard until after we ate, then opened the gates and let them run with the horses. They had a blast and so did the horses.

    I covet those earrings!

  4. LOL. The boom chicka wah wah is from Alvin and the Chipmunks. My four year old son sings it all the time and the first time he did it, I was like WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT????? lol

    The books are an awesome present for you I'm sure. I got a couple pairs of pjs, a U2 CD, a horse calendar (of course) and a pair of Carhart bibs for the barn. I was the only one without those and when it got to -1 here a few days ago, I sure could have used them!

    Sounds like you and everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. books and fabulous earrings??? What more could a girl want??? LOL!!!

    I am glad that your day, and your pudding, turned out to be so nice. Mine was really awful, because I spent it with the dysfunctional extended family (my family of origin), and I didn't have my hubby there for support.

    Just to let you have sparked my interest in QH lines again, and I have been playing catch-up on the stallions of the last 10-15 years. Believe it or not, I used to know a lot about QH's (not just Arabs...shocking, isn't it???) and thankfully, they have not changed too much.

    It is interesting to see how the lines have definitely become more specifically refined over the past 20 years. You can almost tell what their breeding is, just by looking at them. How are most QH's when it comes to hardiness, endurance/stamina, and lameness?? I know there were issues with those qualities about 15 years ago, and was wondering if it had straightened itself out yet?

    BTW...I finished "New Moon," and I am running to the store to buy "Eclipse" some time today!!! It sounds like there is a shift/change in Edward and Bella's relationship....

    (Sorry this is so long!!! I should have just sent you an e-mail!! :(

  6. I covet your entire day and your family. I won't go into how lonely and sad the holidays make me feel, but somehow being able to share in your perfect Christmas gives me hope.

  7. I so enjoyed seeing that lovely snowy road. My hubby and I have dreams to move to Canada one day. Maybe you can suggest a province for that is rural and animal friendly, with lots of places to ride horses nearby. ;)

    That table was so beautifully se up. Do you all dress up for dinner, too? I can relate to the funny giggly moments. I usually end up snorting. Not pretty! lol!

    This reminds me of my friend's wedding reception many years ago. The prayer was being said before the meal was served, and on the other side of the uninsulated wall was a very rowdy wedding going on. As the prayer was being said, the song "If you think I'm Sexy and you want my body" was raging loudly....and it was impossible not to laugh. Crazy!

    I loved seeing all the dogs playing in the snow. I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas and received such lovely gifts. The books are just beautiful.

    My Christmas stunk. I fell off my horse on Christmas Eve, got nothing for Christmas except an empty box with an IOU, and then spent most of the day in the ER.

    sigh....Hopefully next Christmas will be better. It has to be right? lol!

    Happy New Year
    New Mexico

  8. I must say I am very jealous of those earings! AND those books! I am sure you will enjoy them. We have trucked Tika along with us to all our festivities so far, mostly because she is still a puppy and I don't trust her alone for much more than a few hours at this point! My Christmas was good aside from being sick the whole darn time. Still am too. Yuck. Ah well. I am glad yours was great! I would have split a gt laughing if I heard that!