Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feeling Naughty

Do you ever feel the urge to do something naughty?.... you know..... to stir up some sheet???!!!

Maybe it is the weather that has me feeling all bent up and ready to go paint the town red! Or maybe I am just tired of the day by day mundane!! In truth, I may have a little bit of the Christmas Crazies!! What is that, you ask?

..... that would be like when you are walking through a mall and you hear "Jingle Bell Rock" for the 1,282nd time in a week and you find yourself singing along... only with obscene and profanity laden lyrics substituted for the real ones?

Or when you feel like "taking out" the singing snowman or cheery Santa displays in a flurry of projectile tree ornaments (I dont know about you but I say or-da-ments! Did you know there was no "d" in the word? Weird!)

Personally....all of this happy-go-lucky, peace on earth, Merry Ho-Ho Bullshit is starting to drive me up the wall.....

Maybe I am just jealous because I haven't had any corporate Christmas parties to go to!! I haven't had yearly dose of "coworkers gone wild"!! To balance out all the merry making.

I have a feeling after this rant I might have earned my way on to the "Naughty" list after all!

Ba humbug! ( Oh and what the heck! Merry Christmas too! )


  1. LOL! If all this is just to lead up to the spanking at the end, why don't you just ask him?

  2. OK, if I spend any time at all in a mall, I can so get just like this year I did my shopping online. LOL I'm actually thinking Christmas cookies might be good about now. LOL

  3. LOL!!! The first thing I thought of when I saw these old pictures, was "Ok...are these going to be Chelsi too???" LOL!!!

    I am feeling extremely bah-humbuggish right now, and it is all because of the weather!!!! Your pronunciation of "ornaments" gave me a good laugh!!! I say it just the way it is spelled. :)

    About that book...OMG, I am hooked!!!! Of course my Edward and Bella look like the movie characters now, but that is OK!
    I can;t wait to read the next one!!!

  4. Leah- LMAO

    Rising Rainbow- Mmmmm..the best part about Christmas is all the goodies!

    Melanie- if i had a body like that santa pinup I just might post some pics of me lookin' like that! LOL.. !!! SOOOO glad that you are liking the books. Is it not FUN?? My sister is reading the first book right now and she is anxious to get to the second because she watched the movie and it kind of sucks to know what is going to happen. The second was not my fav. but the third i LOVED.

  5. You are a naught girl! hahaha I know what you mean though. I don't mind a bit of Christmas music. NOT all day everyday! Argh! You can come to our Christmas party! C'mon!! We will have so much fun...

  6. I must admit after I trecked out after our latest snow storm to the mall to finish up my shopping, the constant Christmas music and hustle and bustle drove me nuts! But the weather isn't dampening my spirits at all. I love the snow. Don't even mind driving in it. And if my car gets stuck I have a sister with a sweet truck to come save me! lol. And Tika is just having a blast bounding through all this new found white stuff! I had a hard time getting in the Christmas Spirit at first, but I think I'm there now!

  7. All I can say is - bring it on. The world could use a bit of wild side during Christmas.

    Watch Bad Santa for inspiration. Nicholas Cage as a raging alcoholic is soooo cleansing.