Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chestnuts mares....

Here are a few more from my favs. Just so happens that they are all chestnut mares. Are any of you getting a sneaky suspicion that I have been holding out on you? Keeping a few tucked up my sleeve? Ha ha! Maybe! I'll never tell.... but for now....

Here is a mare I like. She is out of a good, earning and producing son of Peppy San Badger (x Doc O'Lena). All the way around her breeding goes back to some good horses but she is not really well bred (in my book). She is a good size (15H), 5 years old and pretty. At $3800, she is not a smokin deal but maybe worth making an offer. I like her. I am a worried that her face might be a little overworked and that she was only started a year ago (at four) but I can live with that. This is the kind of horse that I really like, but that does not get my blood pumpin' and heart racin'!
Now, here is a mare that I really like. She is a nearly finished reiner and is well bred (by a really nice Smart Little Lena x Colonel Freckles stallion and out of a NRHA $ earner.)

She is well built, well bred, and trained by a top reining trainer. She is actually reasonably priced at $8500. I'd love to make an offer on her....but then, I'd also love to be 5'10" and 140 pounds. We can all dream.

Sure, I could post a hundred of my dream horses that are ten times as nice (and priced at twice as much as this mare) but coveting those horses is not nearly as fun as wanting the ones that are juuuuuuust out of my reach! It makes them all the more tempting *grin*

Alright one more....

Here is what I think of as a backyard horse that just happened to turn out nicer than some.

I like her. She is not super fancy, not well bred, not expensive, and not something to get excited over...but she is juuuust nice enough to get my attention. 10 years old, 15.1HH, BS APHA and great out on the trail. She has been listed outside of her website for $1000.

There are a few short clips of her at their website.


  1. lovely horses! My personal fav is the second mare you listed. But then again it's difficult for them not to ALL be my favorite.....

  2. I also like the middle mare the best, am somewhat surprised that the bottom mare is so ordinary looking. She has some breeding behind her, but how far?

    I also am a red horse person. I like the red with a bit of chrome the best, so all of these mares attract me that way.

    Why are you worried about the age the top mare got started? For me, that would be a plus. In fact, when I bought my daughters mare, I specfically bought a 3 year old that had not been started, the same with my mare and the gelding we just got.

  3. Wow!! These are all really nice horses.

    That backyard barney might be a diamond in the rough! However, if you are thinking of eventually breeding to an ASH, bloodlines are definitely a strong consideration.

    Are you seriously looking at these guys, or are you just teasing us??? I can't handle the suspense...lol!!!

  4. Chelsi this is your fault... I'm not ready to buy until spring and I sure don't plan to travel far BUT I found some horses I'd take a closer look at... if they weren't in TEXAS! lol

  5. I vote for the one in the middle - give the market some time she may come down in price...

    There is something not so hot going on the the third one's hind pasterns, too much flex and/or angle going on there? But dang everything else look great - regular diamond in the rough if she could stay sound.

  6. That first mare is nice enough IMO, and her being started later rather than sooner is a HUGE plus in my book too. Gave her some time to Grow Up. ;)

    The second mare is sweeeeet.

    The thrid mare... well.... front end is nice. Dont like her rear though. She looks a tad posty behind, and those pasterns might wind up taking the road to DSLD.

    You are a shopping maverick here! I love seeing what you turn up for us all to check out!

  7. Those are all nice horses! I love chestnuts....in fact, that is what I had my heart set on! A sorrel QH! Before I ended up with my Appy boy. I love the copper color of the first two, and chrome is always good!