Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am old 'n wise!

I am officially wise. Or at least my teeth are. The past few weeks I have had a really sore jaw that I assumed was from grinding my teeth in my sleep but last night I discovered the real reason why- My wisdom teeth are coming in! And it hurts! lol For some reason I find the idea that I am getting teeth very odd. Like I was transported back to third grade when I was missing a few important ones on photo day. UH!, photo day! Did you hate photo day? I did.

I also wanted to thank you all for the comments you left on "Starting Horses". One of my favorite aspects of having a blog (the number one being that I get to meet such wonderful people) is hearing the different opinions of such kind and caring fellow horse lovers. I love being able to put a topic out there (or comment on one in another blog) and get to hear such a vast array of opinions that stem from such a vast array of experience basis and disciplines. Y'all never leave me short of food for thought!

Thank you!


Here are a few pics that I wanted to share...

Like Oprah, I want to share my "favourites" (that is how we spell favourites in Canada).

Lets start with the good stuff, shall we? Like this....

This would be one of my favourite the universe.

A hot bath and this little green package of joy...and my life is complete.

See that creamy white centre? (that is how we spell centre in Canada!) the peppermint filling. Did I mention that it is deeeelicious! (that is not how we spell delicious in Canada!)

Now, here is what I should be eating instead of chocolate....

Mmmmmm! Veggie plus fruit bites! Yum!


  1. Ahhh, wisdom teeth. I only had two. One on the top left and one on the bottom right. My top one always bothered me so we had that taken out and then a discovery. I too, at almost 29, am growing a third. How the heck does this happen? What age are they supposed to stop growing in? You are close to my age aren't you? I thought like early 20's at the latest and that was it.

  2. Had mine all pulled when I was 20/21? They came in all at the same time and no room in my mouth for them. I also would always pick chocolate over fruit and veggie bites?

  3. Ick...... dentist stuff...

    I have done too much of that stuff already. Do you have room in your mouth for the new teeth?

    I had room on my top teeth for them but not the bottom, so I had those pulled. It was a disaster, I developed dry sockets and it hurt like heck.

    But I had the process done while I was put under so I have no memory of it - thank God.

    Your welcome on the comments I usually will almost always speak my mind. I would NEVER intentionally try to make you mad so if I ever cross a line just let me know - you can email me if you want and tell me so, I just have a bad habit of not filtering my thoughts well if at all...

  4. I remember when I had mine out, all 4 of them were impacted. Good Luck on that and get it taken care of sooner than later.

  5. ugh - wisdom teeth. I had mine out when in university. Least fun March break EVER! lol. Mine were all impacted, so were hacked out by the dental surgeon. Luckily I had no complications, but the stitches coming out of my mouth were just gross.

    Why isn't cocoa and cocoa butter a food group? That is what I would like to know! Any peppermint - mmm - have you tried the President's Choice Candy Cande Fudge Crackle ice cream?? *droooolll* (oh - do you have PC products out west??)

  6. Ooohhhh-no fun. I had all my wisdom teeth yanked when I was 19. Musta taken the "wisdom" with them, because I went on a weekend party and ended up with dry sockets in the bottom holes. Ughhh-that was one of the most painful experiences ever.

    I guess I'm not much of a chocolate connoisseur . I'd take one of my mom's apple pies over any other sort of sweet item any day.

  7. Ahhhh yes...had all of mine out when I was 30, and thankfully I was unconscious for the whole thing!

    Chocolate??? If it weren't for chocolate I would be at least one size!!!

    About your need to explain. We are the ones who write differently from everyone else. :)