Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review

Thank Stephanie for coming up with this! Great idea!


Here is a meme that Stephanie came up with. Please consider yourself tagged!


List 5 Five Good Things That Happened to You this Year:

1. I bought my mare Abby

2. I overcame my confidence issues handling horses on the ground

3. I started this blog and rediscovered a love of writing.

4. I started writing a novel! (Shhh! Its a secret)

5. I went camping with the horses in Lundbom with Barbie.

List 3 Bad Things that Happened to You this Year:

1. We lost Besi (one of my kitties)

2. I lost Shaunti.

3. I fell into a bit of a funk this Oct/Nov and my health suffered for it (my chair is still shrinking lol).

List 5 things you want to do in 2009 - not resolutions just a big picture to do list:

1. Take a lot of riding lessons

2. Run the Vancouver Sun Run in April (Second largest timed 10 km race in the world)

3. Take a course at the local university (even if it is just a month long one)

4. Complete my novel

5. Travel to Scotland

List 3 Lessons you Learned in 2008 - don't have to be related to the bad or good things as long as it was learned in 2008.

1. Tomorrow is today. The time to act is now. Nothing comes to those who wait. So go GET R DONE!! lol
2. I'm all grown up. (I know that sounds funny but turning 26 was kinda weird for me- I realized that the things I wanted in life had changed and I released that what I do now will effect who, what and where I am at 30, 40 etc.)
3. Horses are not my life. I have a passion for them that borders obsession but there are things in life that I want to do, places I need to go and an education I need to obtain that has, in the past, been compromised by the amount of time and money I committed to horses. If I have decide between putting a horse in training for 3 months or taking a trip to Scotland...

Scotland it will be!

Most Favorite Read of the Year:
The Twilight Series (That is the truth! Which is highly embarrassing because I would have prefered to lie and say Emma or Pride and Prejudice! Both of which I loved but didn't inspire me nearly as much as the Twilight books!)

Most Favorite Movie Watched of the Year:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (LOVED this movie and ladies...Brad Pitt... SO freakin hot in this movie (and he is not usually a swooner for me.))

Most Favorite Horsey Moment of the Year:

Riding in Lundbom. It was AWESOME!! Thanks Barbie.


Update: Abby arrived safe and sound! Thank you everyone for your well wishes!


  1. Hey very cool!

    Good "to do" things - they all seem doable.

    Hope you had a happy new year!

    I think I am going to give that movie a try - at first I was thinking it sounded (the title) a tad weird but if you liked it, I probably will too!

  2. Ok, I so need to go see that movie. lol!

    I enjoyed reading your Year in Review. Lots of things learned, lots of reasonable goals, and a few sad things along the way, but it was all good in the end, because they have molded you and affected the person you are today.

    Happy New Year to you. I hope you reach all your goals and then some!

    New Mexico

  3. I just did this meme on my blog too. I saw Benjamin Button the other day, and although it was a good movie, there were some things about it that bothered me, mostly that Benjamin sounded like a half-wit through the entire thing, I kept thinking of Forrest Gump! Cate Blanchett looked absolutely luminous in her ballet dancing scenes though.

  4. I loved reading your Year Review what a good idea. I think sometimes we dont realize all we have accomplish in a year. When I think of all the changes that took place for me in 2008 it amazes me. One thing on the top of my list for 2009 is to enjoy life more, the simple things. Spending more time with my family, traveling, camping. Going to Lundbum was so much fun we brought the horses up twice and rode the hills with Chelsi and my daughter Erin. I went two more times with my husband and went fishing and we caught fish to much fun. This year I plan to do alot more things with my family and friends. Happy New Year !!!