Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not really....

Its confession time again over here at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind. In truth, I already told you all about it in my Six things- a meme (which, btw, I later learned means, " is unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices that transmit from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomenon." Got it? Good!) Where was I? Oh yes! A confession. DB is not going to be happy with me, at all! I might have to make Lasagna for dinner tonight... *sigh* but I have to get this out there....

I have a crush.
His name is one that has been splashed around the new media for the past month as thousands, if not millions, of teenage girls scream his name. They camp out on sidewalks for days just to catch a fleeting glimpse of his flawless face, and when they do, they cry out loud and squeal, the Beetles didn't have anything on this kid. So who is he?

Robert Pattinson.
Who? You might have asked (if you are over the age of 16!)

Now you know why this is a "confession". It is highly embarrassing. The kid is 22, (4 years younger than myself) and is a teenage heartthrob, for goodness sakes! He stars at Edward Cullen in the coming of age, soon-to-be cult classic, the Twilight movie. He has some funky hair and some even funkier ideas of what the facial expressions of a vampire should look like... He is goofy and boyish in his mannerisms and utterly adorable in interviews....They are pegging him as the "new Jude Law" for his ambrosial English accent. *sigh*

Only, its not like that between Robert and I. Robert and I, we're like this *fingers crossed*..... only not really. I have forbidden myself to camp out on sidewalks.... though I wont deny that I may have squealed a time or two.... not really either....but was iffy a few times..... I felt that little hitch in my throat.... it was coming, but I contained it. I might have giggled. (Just a little.)

Its not my fault! He is positively charming. It is not the movie star, Edward/Robert that has me giddy. (I didn't just admit to being giddy) It is his voice. His crooning, raspy, kinda-like-Elvis style, melodies that have me swooning in my seat (I didn't just admit to swooning).

So there it is...a confession. And DB: He is slowly, but surely coming to terms with the new man in my life. Not really. He hates it. I have to sneak away and watch YouTube videos of him in the wee hours of the morning, with the volume turned down low and my finger poised on the mouse...just in case. Not really. But close. Check it....



  1. I was giddy the 1st time I saw the movie Ocean's 11! I may have even, just a little bit, squealed! And I think I was 38 at the time?

    Robet Pattinson, he's cute, But he's 22 years younger then me. So it's hard to look past his age...for me

  2. He is a cutie. Young, but a cutie. I saw Twilight and loved it, I just bought the book! At least you know you'll see him in a few more Twilight movies as there are sequels....pastey white face and all! ;)
    p.s. I've had numerous boy star crushes over the years, some more embarrassing than others!

  3. I agree there is something about 15y/o daughter was ga-ga over him in the movie trailers and in the movie. I could see the little hearts popping out of her eyes everytime the movie trailer came on tv. Alas, she watched him in an interview and the crush was gone.

    I know how she feels. I have had movie crushes and then when I saw the actor NOT in character, totally lost interest.

    And hey...4 years is not THAT much. My ex-husband was 4 years younger than me. Age was never an issue. Shhhhh-don't tell DB I said that.;)

  4. I may be 56 but I'm not blind or dead! He's a hottie, for sure. He's got those brooding dark, bad boy kind of looks. Not a bad voice either.

    I saw Daniel Radcliffe on Actor's Studio (Bravo) last weekend...umm, he's not turning out so bad either. He is 3 years younger than my son. But we're all allowed to look.

  5. LOL!!! He is pretty cute, but I haven't fallen in love with him yet. Maybe it is because I haven't seen the movie yet? Sometimes seeing a good looking guy in action makes him more appealing.

  6. Aunt Krissy- giddy over my second most favorite man, Mr. George, baby? LOL

    Pony Girl. I actually hated him as Edward!!! I was so mad after watching the movie (I guess because I loved the books) that I looked him up on youtube just to bitch about him some more...and that was when my little heart went pitter patter!!! I forgave him when I figured that it was the director that made Edward look like a drag queen....!!! LOL You will LOVE the books, I am sure.

    BECC- funny how he had the opposite effect on me (see above). A few articles have said that they havent seen this kind of girl fair (except for the Jonas bros of course) since Leo in Titanic!! I will try not to tell DB that 4 years if fair game!! LOL

    Leah- No, we most certainly are not dead...and our vision is in good working order! It is never a bad thing to put it to use.

    Melanie- you never might like him in the movie. I didnt, but that is maybe because I had my own version of Edward already in my head from the books. Let me know! lol

  7. Yeah, he's cute, and yeah, looking is okay at any age, why not?