Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Bee Gees

Sorry for the lack of posts lately (she says as if someone cares:) I've been both a little bit busy and a little bit uninspired...

Hence the post about being uninspired.

Who wants to hear that dribble, right? Right.

So.... How'bout em' Dodgers? They are a basketball team right? Or was it baseball? Baseball!

DB and I are of two very different schools of thought when it comes to sports. He thinks sports matter. I dont. Ever so often he'll say, "Quick, what team does ____ play for? (fill in blank with some universally recognized athlete) My answer, (said immediately and as if the answer was obvious, which it would be to some) goes something like, "The Denver Wild Cats!" or "The Winnipeg Brown Bawlers!"

He likes to play the same game with songs on the radio that (in his mind) are classics and thus (in his mind) should be universally recognized. He says, "Quick! Who sings this song!" and I say (my patented answer), "Engelbert Humperdink!" And he says, "No seriously, you have to know this!" To which I reply, "No seriously, this song sucks! And... AND, just so you know, last got air play in about the same era as acid wash jeans and mullets...which, by the way, was shortly before I was born so I'm terribly sorry if this isnt exactly in my freakin' repertoire." This is about when he shakes his head in wonder and mumbles something about "Nights on Broadway and Bee Gees...

Arent you glad I posted something for you today?

(I would write *crickets* here if it weren't so self deprecating)

So... how'bout em' Dodgers?


  1. I'm the Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomer Edition champion in this house, so I know all the answers, I'm embarrassed to admit.

  2. I suck at the sports thing, too. I travel some with my job & my boss, if traveling with him, is always trying to drum up pro (football, baseball, the sport) tickets. He gets so excited when he scores, so I play along, sit at the BORING games. Call my sister & tease her because she IS a sports junky.

    I used to be better at music than I am now. The kids hijack my radio station & I don't care for their tastes.

    Yeah, blogging has been tough for me lately, too. My blog is horse related & this time of year, not much horse relatin' is happenin'.

  3. I don't keep up with sports but I do know the Seahawks won when everyone thought they wouldn't. Go Seahawks!!

    But when it comes to the Bee Gees, you are now getting into territory that shows my age. I think I'm the oldest horse blogger in the community, which I would prefer to forget, but the Bee Gees are AFTER my time. LOL

  4. Tis okay - I feel the same way about sports.

  5. The Bee Gees had their special place in time... My my how time does fly!
    BTW- they were on Biography last night!

  6. Chelsi, it's not worth trying to keep up with which team is where. You see, when I was 4, which was shortly before your time (I mean shortly!), I knew ALL the NFL teams and where they were, thanks in part to my older brother having a collection of all the pennants. However, since then, the teams have moved, been bought, changed names, and new ones have been added. It's just simply not something you can learn by rote memorization and expect it to last forever. So, why bother?

    When your Honey can name all the major names in the horse world, from all the sports and breeds, then you might have to start worrying about which team belongs where. ;-)

  7. I'm pretty good with sports ... not so much with those 70's bands.