Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'! Whatchya Got Cookin'?

This morning, (at 8am I might add which is eeeearly for me) I found myself sitting in the dentist's chair trying to prepare myself for my first ever root canal. The procedure went fine (it will be finished next week) and it wasnt too painful whereas the bill, on the other hand... OUCH! Having no dental coverage blows! My root canal alone will end up costing around seven or eight hundred. *groan*

Anyways, as I was waiting for the freezing to take effect I was listening to the hygienist and the dentist chit chat and one of the topics was how the dentist's sixteen-year-old daughter doesn't know how to cook anything more than Kraft Dinner and does a poor job of it at that! The hygienist (who looked to be in her mid-twenties) then commented that she didnt know how to cook a thing when she got married and still isnt great in the kitchen. I was a little surprised. My Mom had my sister and I baking at a young age and helping with dinner by our teens. While I was a little more keen in the kitchen than my sister we both were able to prepare basic meals by the time we left home. Remember that old expression, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Well, I believe that is, at least in part, true. Mind you my evil stepmother used to say "If you think the way to a man's heart is through his stomach than you're aiming too high!" ... but we'll leave that discussion for another day, yah? :D

Call me old fashioned but I take pride in and enjoy providing my man with good home cooked meals and am fortunate that I had a mother who was also a good cook and who took the time to teach us how to prepare some good meals. The time she invested early on is paying off in spades now as my sister and I (being 28 and 31) have slowly begun to do more and more of the cooking at our big family suppers leaving my Mom and my Aunt free to do more important things... like sip paralyzers and "supervise" from the comfort of the sofa. Okay, I'm lying, they still do a lot but Fel and I are both happy to be able to do a lot more of the cooking and so far everything we've produced has been pretty dang tasty.

I do wonder if the heart warming pride and satisfaction that comes from putting good old fashion home cookin' on the table will survive in future generations of women. I guess time will tell.


  1. I take pride in being able to cook a delicious meal daily for my husband and kids, even when hubs and I were just dating I felt like I was surprising him non-stop with my cooking abilities!

  2. Ok hon.....I guess I will have the bar of soap waiting for you when you come over next....on the other side, thanks for the compliment and you are a great cook and love it when you experiment with the food you cook, especially when you add the vanilla!

  3. well then i hope you will start posting your recipes!

    my man and i just got a good laugh out of your step mother's saying, but i don't think my man had ever heard the former.

    i am learning daily and so happy to learn and save money by cooking from scratch. of course, in germany, i am forced to cook from scratch because they don't have what i'm used to buying back home. (yes, i'm totally jealous of you guys when it comes to shopping!)

    my man was 9 days without me as i went to america first. when he arrived, he'd lost his belly and i asked him "what did you cook for yourself?!" and the answer was pitiful.

    i'm working on getting his belly back cuz it's my job. (i'm not talking a big belly, i think you've seen how skinny he is!)

    thanks for the laugh tonight.


  4. I do believe being able to cook has always been a deal sealer! ;-) I've captured multiple men that way-LMAO!!! Including both of my husbands.

    My ex's mother was a horrible cook and I know the first time I cooked a meal for him and his roommates sealed the deal.

    My now-husband's ex-wife was a horrible cook and I'm pretty sure he was flabbergasted the first time I cooked for him and even more so when he looked in the fridge and saw left-overs that weren't take-out. He was like, 'You actually cook regularly?'

    Getting my kiddo interested in cooking has been sporatic. Meg can cook a few things and does them well and she is usually willing to help. She has a hellava time trying to follow a recipe though. I'll take the blame for that. I seldom use recipes. So we need to work on that.

  5. Being handy in the kitchen is something I take great pride in. Everyone - boys included - learned how to cook at a young age and most of us are pretty good at it.

    Traditional? Or just skilled?

  6. Ok I love LOVE LOVE to cook! My family considers me a good cook. I will go as far to say if I say I will make my rolls I can get pretty much anything I Now I also assist a "Endodontist" all we do is root canals:) So if you have any concerns, let me know. I can help you there. I hope all goes well:)

  7. I don't cook much anymore but I certainly know how and I taught all my kids to cook, my husband too. Sometimes I wonder if cooking isn't becoming a lost art. There are so many boxes on the store shelves of quicky this and thats.