Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Bye Sweet Saddle-oh-mine.

Yesterday afternoon my Mom and I headed "across the line" (from Canada in to the US) in order to...

*chokes back tears*

...drop off my boxed saddle at a Fedex outlet.

*stifles a cry*

No seriously, I know it sounds crazy and a little materialistic but...

When I walked in to the office with my saddle in a big white box and I realized that at any moment I was going to have to hand it over and I'd never again in my life see that beautiful piece of leather, I got pretty choked up about it. So much so that, when it came my turn at the counter, I found I couldnt let the box go! The big sweaty fat man behind the counter looked at me funny when I became all flushed and wet eyed and told him I needed to say good-bye "just one last time"... and he didnt look too impressed when I opened up the box to steal one last tender stroke of that soft cream leather seat. So what if I clasped my hand around that worn-smooth horn and gripped it tight in a final embrace! That wee horn hand saved my hide a time or two! Maybe I went a little far when, blinking back tears, I traced the lines of that beautiful acorn and floral tooling with my fingertips, pausing over those rough patches- each blemish a chapter in the story of a saddle well used. Finally I nodded my head as a graveside widow would to que the casket to be lowered. And he began to seal up the box. With every pull of the tape I could feel the memories of my time in that saddle unwind... the good and the bad.... Lundbom, Shaunti. Abby, Kari, my first ride on Princess... of those lonely horseless days where I would slip into the garage, pull out my Bob's and find my lost cowgirl self in it's plush deep seat.

So why did I sell it?

Because I am a fool. A fool to have ever thought I could let it go as if it were nothing but a tool. A fool to think it could be replaced. A fool to, when I realized my mistake, not refund the buyers money and cancel the sale....just because "it does feel like the right thing to do"....damn those morals shmorals. So what the saddle didnt fit Princess! It wasnt going to kill her!

It is just a saddle. But I really did love it. So, I've decided that rather than buy another saddle as I had planned, I am going take that money and fulfill a lifelong dream of mine...

I am going to Europe this spring.

Italy. France. Spain. Maybe even Egypt.

I tried to keep that in mind as I walked out of the post office empty handed.

As we drove away my Mom said, "When you are standing on the shores of Santorini you'll look back at this moment and you wont regret that you sold the saddle."

I looked her, burst in the tears and said, "I sure the hell hope so!"

Reba says cowgirls dont cry. But.... as right now all I've got is a big paint horse named Princess and an black English saddle, I think I'm pretty much exempt from that rule.

Farewell my friend! Thanks for the good rides.


  1. Oooh - loved Europe!!! France was fabulous! London was a lot of fun. But I desperately wish I had never sold my Vic Bennett Roper.

    But do have some great memories of Europe... and will go back some day...

  2. Dang girl! That's too bad because that was a NICE saddle. Here is hoping you will find one that you love just as much...

  3. Awww, you poor thing.

    I don't think it is in my DNA to part with a saddle. In all my years, I have only gotten rid of 2 and they definitely needed to go as they were junk.

    I hope your European trip is wonderful.

  4. Naww I got a little misty eyed- totally understand where you're coming from, half of you wouldnt be the strong and independent woman that your are if it wasn't for that saddle and all its stories! Chin up kiddo and enjoy your travels xx

  5. Oh My!!! Completely UNDERSTAND !!! I still have my child hood saddle. It's usable too, just a little roughed up where my Arabian decided to roll with me AND saddle...

    Enjoy that trip though gosh...

  6. When you're in Italy, you have to go to Cinque Terre. It's a beautiful place to mourn your saddle loss.

  7. I would have a hard time parting with that saddle too, it looks sweet! Too bad it didn't fit your Princess! Shoot, if I had money I would have bought it from ya, but unfortunately no money here.
    I am sure you will forget all about it though when you are traveling in Europe!

  8. Thanks for the informative. Fantastic blog. Congratulations!!!

  9. There is fun to be had in Europe, and a better saddle waiting around the corner.... try looking at it that way! :)

  10. I hear ya. I have a saddle I have had for about 30yrs now...sadly it doesn't fit me anymore and probably never will again.... I keep it as an extra in case we have an extra rider. I had a saddle made especially for me ....I love it and now it doesn't fit any of my horses.I can't afford to have another one made without getting rid of the other is so me I don't think anyone would buy it.Oh Oh this is turning into a book....have a great trip

  11. Well, I gotta say I can relate to this post and I'm never selling my show saddle. I've thought about it a lot. It doesn't fit my horses right but I haven't found anything that does and it's just not THAT bad so I'm keeping the darn saddle. Who knows, the day might come when it does fit a horse I own, until then, I hope you enjoy Europe.