Wednesday, November 5, 2008

But Honey, Please!!!!

I know this is the third time I have posted today and I love each and every single comment I received from my fellow bloggers about the US election but lets move on to some more important matters, shall we??! Like the fact that I found a mare today that made my little heart go thump, thump!! After my Goldilocks post I actually spent some time seriously thinking about buying a breed other than a Quarter Horse!! First on my list was a Canadian in a western stock horse style and so I set out to see what was on the market and in what price range. First I found that there are very little on the market and then I found that they are actually bloody expensive! lol It was while looking for my non-quarter horse that I found what will hopefully be my next QH!! Isn't life like that? She is a 2006 palomino, 15.1HH, with a wicked set of papers on her and is drop dead gorgeous to boot! Now, there is just the small inconsequential matter of finding the $$ to buy her....hmmm.....

For those of you who have requested pics of this mare...LOL...NO way Jose!!! This one is staying in my back pocket. I don't think that anyone one of you blogger buddies would steal this mare but others (notice how I am acting like a true addict...all suspicious and paranoid about the "others") might mention it to someone and then someone hears and so it goes down the line. Once I get a deposit on her I will let you in!! Bwahahah!!!! lol

pictured above is her sire

pictured below is her grand sire on her dam's side (Shining Spark)


  1. Don't you love how the perfect match finds you once you finally stop looking? Good luck in your searches , and in convincing your honey it's a good idea!

  2. What, no pics of the actual mare??

    I know, you're worried I'll want to snatch her up! (lol - not going to happen til spring, I have to keep reminding myself of that)

  3. What?? I wanna see her!!;)

    Are you guys getting bad weather too? We are getting slammed with winter weather and I have been stuck in the house since 1pm. Looks like I will be haunting the internet for the next couple days-heehee.

  4. Hahahah!!! No way. I am keeping her tucked away safe. lol

    BECG- we had bad weather for the past few days but today it was beautiful and we had some sunshine but it was coooooold.

  5. LOL you horse buying addict you!!!

    How exciting! I can't wait to see her (I am thinking positively here for you!).

    I looked into the Canadian horse, as I already mentioned, and was stunned to see how expensive they were...well...maybe one day! :)

  6. Her sire and dam are absolutely beautiful, I can only imagine how stunning the mare you are buying is. I do like my little quarter horse palomino, she can be quite opinionated at times, but she's still hilarious to have around. Good luck with this.

  7. Considering his past breeding fees - I am just gonna gander that what you found was fairly expensive and yet still a good deal for the bloodlines - or you've revealed your source already.

    For that reason I am going to guess the you weren't shopping directly through Carol's farm, but maybe one that is know to breed to her studs exclusively.

    And before I even saw the pic I knew you'd found yourself a Shining Spark baby - don't know why but it just jumped in my head as soon as I read the title of you post.

    Tomorrow I am going to reveal some of my new horse plans...been doing some thinking and some planning during my "down" time.

  8. Stephanie- I wish she were a Shining Spark daughter but she is not...the titles were confused on my post, I meant that the top pic of the red roan in the snow was her sire. Her dam is by Shining Spark and this mare LOOKS just like a Shining Spark. I actually did come really close to buying a finished money earning Shining Spark mare a few years ago from Montana that was awesome for $10,000 (great price) but I didnt get in fast enough and missed her. I saw her go through an auction last year in foal to some top stud and she sold for $22,000...ouch! I still dream of that mare. This mare is a steal but not quite to that degree. I dont know if I can swing it and I am not willing to sell Abby to get her so we will see what happens! Dont you just hate reality?!!

  9. threw me off...

    And BTW that does suck - I would literally be kicking myself for a year if I missed that.

    But you know we've all missed out on good deals for a variety of reasons. I once missed out on purchasing a fairly sweet gelding that was a half brother to my colt that died in the fire.

    The owner said I could have either gelding for $8000 - the one that turned into "the rotten gelding" or the one out of a Dymanic Deluxe daughter by Zippos Old Gold. Sorrel white socks, blaze - right up my alley right? When i got the tape she said she'd send me only one gelding "the rotten one" was on it. My train liked the one that turned rotten and thought that I should by him, he said the other gelding was looking like just a ranch horse. Unknown to me he sent the video home from a show with a friend of mine (ultimately to give to me), only he asked her to remove the second gelding from the tape because he knew if I saw the Dymanic Deluxe breeding and white feet I'd want him. So I never saw him and purchased the gelding that turned into a shithead.

    The horse I didn't buy. Went on to another trainer's client, won everything in sight kicked my ass for 3 full years, went to the World Show then sold to a youth $40,000.

    Now if that doesn't make you sick I don't know what does. I don't know that I have quite forgiven my trainer for that. He thought he was protecting my best interests I understand that - but what could've been still bothers me.

    My next horse that I purchase will not be one coming through his barn. I am telling you this because I think he randomly checks up on my blog - will explain another time - plus it will help you understand my future plans for a horse.

    And I hope it makes you feel better - I really at one point or another we've all been there.