Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Idiot Box

I promise that tomorrow's blog will be horse related. I am actually planning on doing a post on the Australian Stock Horse after reading Pony Girl's blog today and learning of Bush Babe's blog and her post on camp drafting! I have been meaning to do a post on ASH for some time now so look forward to putting one together. Stay tuned.
Now.... about the Idiot Box.

My Poppie was known to call the television, "The Idiot Box"!

Over time, he grew to understand the positive aspects of what TV had to offer....things like the History Channel, the Discovery channel and all the other educational programs. Over time he came to love Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and a host of other Senior TV staples.

Eventually, Poppie bought himself a special pair of ear phones to allow him to hear the TV...that is, without neighbors three streets over having to hear things like, "I'll take Musicals for a thousand, Alex" blasting from the vicinity of Poppie's house, like clockwork every evening at seven-thirty.

(Poppie loved when this guy was rockin' it!)

Then came cable TV and the Sopranos. Poppie loved the Sopranos. Thank God he had the ear phones by that time, or the neighbors would have been calling the cops every Thursday at ten-thirty.

No matter how much he grew to love what television had to offer, he still called it "the idiot box".

With that being said, my Poppie would be horrified to hear of a terrible little secret I have.

I am SO embarrassed.

I don't know if I can tell you.

Oh, but I just have to....

Tonight is the season finale of a show that I have faithful watched for many years...far more than I care to admit.

I hide away in my closet.

A blanket over my head.

I turn the volume down really low so no one can hear.

I have my hand poised over the remote in case someone should come in!

So that I can change the channel to Animal Planet or Myth Busters or some educated program...anything but the trash that I am secretly watching!!

Americas Next Top Model!!! *gasp* There! I said it!!

I am so excited! Tonight it will come down to these three girls....
McKey with her infinitely long legs!
Analeigh with her sixties flower child charm....
Or goofy Samantha, with her girl next store good looks...

I cant wait to find out who will win!!! I am hoping for Analeigh. My secret is out. Any other's care to fuss up? Come on! What junk tv do you watch? Celebrity Rehab maybe? Come on! You know you do it!!


  1.!!! I just finished reading your last post, and I am still laughing!!!
    Your man is definitely a keeper!

    About the Idiot Box...I also watch ANTM, The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Orange County, and The Biggest Loser. There, I have confessed my reality (is it really reality though?) TV!!!

  2. I love America's Next Top Model. I always forget to watch the series though and have to do the entire day of it on VH1-LOL.

    I'm guilty of liking the Real Housewives...the California babes, not so crazy about the Atlanta bunch. The blonde with the super rich boyfriend just pisses me off-hehe. It really shouldn't be legal to be THAT obvious that everything you have is supplied by your sugar daddy-I wonder if he is married?
    Most of the other "reality" shows I can't stand though...are people really that dumb or are they just that good at pretending to be?

    Yay for me though, in December my cable company is adding Bravo and SciFi to the channel lineup. Megan and I love to throw all of our blankets and pillows on the floor and watch a day of silly scifi thrillers...bring on the popcorn and coca cola!!

  3. Oh, if we're confessing guilty pleasures, mine is Project Runway. One Saturday 2 years ago, I was cleaning and had the TV on for noise and was flipping around. For some reason it caught my attention and it happened to be a marathon Saturday, so I ended up watching the whole season up to that point. I've been hooked ever since.

    Only other reality show I watch is Deadliest Catch. I LOVE that show. I will even confess to a teeny crush on Captain Sig.

  4. I used to love watching Flavor of Love and Rock of Love (*hang head in shame*) I like Celebrity Rehab too. They are just crazy. ESPECIALLY Gary Busey. How can you NOT want to watch something more dysfuctional than your own life? I really pull for Jeff sometimes, but he really needs to get rid of Vickey. Totally.

    I like the good stuff on tv though too, not just the trashy stuff, lol. I like Dirty Jobs and NCIS and the Mentalist. I'm sad to say this, but I'm part of a tv watching group. We originally got together while playing a tv trivia game on That game went off almost 2 years ago, and here we still all are, emailing and talking daily. So I can't say tv hasn't brought me any good in my life :)

  5. I must admit between a full time job mon-fri, a part time job sat-sun, a puppy, and horses of my own, I rarely have time to watch TV. (or 'the idiot box' as my dad still calls it!)


    I just can't miss Heartland on Sunday nights. I know that may seema touch childish, but I love the story line going between Ty and Amy, and Lou and Scott, heck even Valerie and her little cowboy! Never mind the fact the show is covered in horses and ranch life.... lol. There. I said it. That's my guilty pleasure. And if I miss it on TV (cause it's on at 7 and I have 30 horses to turn in Sunday nights) then i'll watch it on-line when I get home.....

  6. I caught the tale end of the finale, and it was the first time this season I'd actually watched it. I kind of liked Analeigh or Samantha, obviously neither of them won!

    Other guilty pleasures....90210 and Gossip Girl! ;) And the Hills on MTV, but I don't get MTV so never get to watch it.

  7. Mine is the Tori Spelling reality show and also Family Jewels. That's about Gene Simmoms (Lead singer from KISS)

  8. Holy Moly.. you Americans sure have lots of 'reality shows'... I admit to watching the two last episodes of Australia's Next Top Model (or something like that, can't recall exact title). Ludicrous. But funny. A bloke won ours - kinda cute in a posed kinda way I guess. I like my men a bit more rugged. Heh.

    I liked Gordon Ramsay too (perhaps for reason stated in last sentence?). That's MY guilty secret!

    Looking forward to your post on ASHs...


    PS Does America get McLeods Daughters?

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