Monday, November 10, 2008

My Computer Chair is Shrinking....

It seems that my computer chair is shrinking....either that or a certain aspect of my anatomy is growing. Which is more likely? With the changing weather and my natural inclination to cocoon at an all time high, sitting in front of the 'puter with a hot chocolate (with marshmallows, thank you!) seems much more appealing than wandering out into the dark and rainy streets to exercise. I have also been baking lately, which, if I had a family might not be such a bad thing but with just DB and I in our cozy little home, the unfortunate truth is that the responsibility of eating said bake goods largely falls into my very capable hands! All of this is compounded by some life circumstance that has me sitting at home much more than usual. I am not riding, not going to the barn, not mucking stalls, not pulling hay, hauling saddles, brushing, catching, washing buckets, dragging hoses, etc.. all of those countless little calorie burning chores that were once a daily part of my existence. Instead I watch the horses click, click, click on by from the comfort of a chocolate brown padded throne. And so my conclusion is that either my computer chair is shrinking....or my ass is growing. *sigh* Today is Monday right? As good of day as any to get back on track? Right! But right now all I can think about is that Divine tub of spinach dip and that delicious loaf of sourdough bread I bought yesterday at the grocery store (we all have weak moments!). It is calling my name...."Cheeeeellllllsssssiiiiiiii!!!!..... I can always buy a bigger chair right?


  1. OK lady, this is the calorie police. STEP AWAY FROM THE SPINACH DIP AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

    Honey, I'm SO there with you. And somehow, there's just not much motivation to do a whole lot about it either.

  2. LOL!!! I am (unfortunatly!)also right there with you!

    I have not been able to work out for three weeks now, because I cannot seem to kick this cold. That totally stresses me out!

    Hang in there, and grab a bag of nice, delicious, healthy, scrumptious,!!!

  3. Ahhh what the hell, if this is a short term break, indulge, enjoy and don't worry, your metabolism won't slow overnight.

    The nasty weather we just had put me into a cooking mood too. If I can just force Megan to eat leftovers for another day or two, we might have the refrigerator cleaned out again-LOL.

    I always find that I HAVE to eat more in the winter time to keep weight on. Chores just take so much more energy when it is cold, than when it is nice out.

    In the meantime, if you really are worried about a couple of extra pounds, switch from the hot cocoa to hot green tea with a dollop of honey. Green tea is great for helping keep the weight off.

  4. Yes I am feeling the desire to hibernate as well. On weekends in the summer I am super productive getting things done keeping the house clean and all of that but now, especially now, since i can't exercise a whole lot - I tend to want to layer blankets around me and snooze on the couch with a nice glass of wine.

    Highly recommend the wine (red wine at that) - lower cal than hot chocolate, plus in moderation it is good for your heart.

  5. Uh-oh. It's only going to get worse dearie, as Thanksgiving and the holidays approach! Hee!

    Well, I hope all is okay and that you are able to visit the horsies again soon!

  6. This will work some calories off of you:
    You and Buttercup are invited to join the Pony Cousins at our "Hypothetical Stampede" and the 2 of you are featured on our "Trail Ride" of the day.
    You and your pony have a lot of work ahead of you. You need to gather up everything that you and your favorite pony
    are going to need for this ride with the Pony Cousins.
    Come on over to the Middle of the Road! We'll leave the light on for ya!