Monday, October 19, 2009

Confirmed- H1N1 and I suck at Math!

Well, it was confirmed today that I do have H1N1... I refuse to call it Swine Flu as I am not a pig! (and no that is not open for debate!) I am feeling a lot better but still have trouble catching my breathe and so was sent up to the hospital today for x-rays as my doctor thinks I may have pneumonia. (and no, I did not spell that correctly the first time.)

In other news, I suck at math. Just a little FYI... Mathematicians are from Mars, Artists are from Venus. I am practising for a test I may take next week (to see how stupid I've become since high school) and so am reviewing my math skills... I didnt have much 10 years ago and it doesn't seem I've gained any over time... however, for what it's worth, my answers are written out in very neat numbers, lined perfectly in columns and balanced over the space of the page...

My question is this... when... WHEN will I ever need to divide fractions? In the ten years since high school I have never once thought to myself "Dang! I'm sure glad I learned how to calculate the distance between myself and that tree by finding the value of X times by Y squared!" (or however I'd go about figuring that out.... I told you I suck!)... the only point in math is to be able to help your kids with homework and I dont plan on having kids, so there *sticks tongue out*....

And THAT is all I have to say about that.


  1. I have forgotten all math skills. My son is in second grade and I find myself double checking with my fingers!! LOL!! Good luck on your test, I would probably fail!!

    And I really hope you feel better soon! I think a lot of people are getting the swine flu and just don't know it. I am glad you only got a light case of it! Get better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you have the swine flu, oops, okay, not the swine flu, but H1N1! I hope you are feeling better real soon!!
    I have always sucked at math. I was never any good at it, and I only took pre-algebra in school, I stuck to accounting and business math! I agree, I have never used fractions since high school, and I have never needed to know any algebra!!

  3. Sorry about the H1N1 — hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I sucked at math all during school. I kept asking them to explain why and all they did was spout meaningless alpha/numeric formulas back at me. You know when basic algebra clicked for me? When I learned to play pinochle, then eventually when I got a checking account. Ah, so THAT'S how positive and negative numbers work.

    I use fractions and decimals all the time in graphic design and when creating miniatures. Granted, now, much of it is done automatically on the computer, but at one time, all that crap had to be done manually and translated to the drawing board.

    That said, I still don't get all that x/y crap, nor do most geometric formulas make much sense. If someone would put it into words, I'm sure I could get it.

  4. Right there with you, sister! They should spend far more time on the important math, and stop worrying about crap like planes and angles and algebra.
    Anyway, so sorry to hear it is the flu. Hopefully they gave you some meds to ease it. Get well soon!

  5. Too bad about H1N1!!! Hope you don't have pneumonia - but glad to hear that they are taking it seriously and getting the xrays/tests done.

    Feel better soon!

    You aren't alone in the math thing - I totally suck at it. If it's any consolation I'm no good at math AND have no artistic talent! :-) French is my thing - sorta useful here, but that is about it!

  6. yeah math is not my friend!

    So did you hear anything about the x-rays yet?

  7. Sorry to hear you've caught the nasty flu - and feel much better soon!

  8. Oh my gosh! That is SO true! As a Mom homeschooling her kids, I realized my lack of math knowledge, but didn't feel like refreshing any of that....because truly it is useless knowledge, and at my gae (43) I need to save that extra brain space for truly useful information. lol!
    So, I bought math software that provides daily lectures and interactive math calculation sessions, as well as quizzes. I can check the 'teacher section' each day to see their progress. And to fill in any gaps, I hire a math tutor. Works for me...and for my kidlets. I don't see them becoming high level mathmeticians or Rocket Scientists anyway.

    So sorry you've got that cute little hammie flu (see, I didn't say 'swine'. lol!)
    I hope you feel better soon. :)


  9. whoops! I do know how to spell. I think I had an dyslexic moment. It's 'age', not gae. lol!

    Oh and I wanted to also mention that my sons are currently working on Roman Numeral Multiplication and Fractions. often are they going to be using THAT?


  10. *snort* I told my students today that math NEVER goes away! lol! More of a Humanities person myself but I work really hard at making math a positive experience for the little ones - good role modelling and all that.

  11. As a woman who was in H1N1 quarantine, here's your official swine flu emoticon


    We learn so many worthless things. But there is value to stretching your brain in uncomfortable areas.

    Plus fractions can be helpful when you are trying to make ends meet (let's see, I'll send him 1/4th of the bill...)

  12. LOL! When I was in HS and we had to take all of those tests to judge what your skill levels were in things, I tested college level on everything but math.

    In that divine little subject, I the 7th grade level!

    WTH? I was taking Calculus and Trig classes and getting good grades. I had already passed Geometry with flying colors and done decently in Algebra I and II. Tell me how that happens?

    The only math I have used much since then(besides adding and subtracting to balance my check book) is Geometry, which I used a lot of when I did Appraisals. The rest of it still doesn't make any sense to me.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  13. MATH is what husbands are for!
    I can calculate how much hay I will need for X amount of horses for Y amount of time...Or the area of a seeded pasture... or when a horse trailer traveling west at 30 miles an hour will meet the Farrier going East at 60 miles an hour ....
    you know Useful stuff!

  14. Sorry you are sick; get well soon. Rest and don't do math or you'll get a headache to go with the flu.

  15. I hope you are feeling better. My son has H1N1 and it has kicked his butt he is really down and feeling terrible.

  16. Sorry you have the H1N1!! I guess you can relax and recover knowing you got through it and are now immune. The rest of us are just gonna worry we're about if and when were gonna get it! I'm flying in a couple of weeks and I'm really nervous picking up the flu in airports and on the plane. I got my flu shot, but of course that won't help with H1N1. I hope you don't have pneumonia and that you feel better soon!
    I am awful at math, too! I was not good in high school. Blackberry's have a calculator, so I'm golden. ;)