Monday, October 26, 2009

Hawky Eating a Carrot

Why on earth I find the video of my Hawkydog eating a carrot so amusing, I just cant say. But I do. And so I had to share. Only please excuse my incessant cooing and embarrassingly ooy gooy love talk- he does.

My Mother seems to think that I'm crazy for posting she does not find it even remotely which I say "Too bad, so sad" (one of Mom's favorite expressions... or maybe her favorite is "You think just 'cause there is a cloud in the sky it's going to rain."... or maybe "God doesnt punish with a stick."... or "what do you expect from a pig but a grunt." (that one was actually my Granny's fav)... but actually, I'm pretty sure my Mom's is..."Chelsi! Dont you be gettin' lippy with me!"... Yup, I'd say that's it.

Anyways, on with the highly entertaining video of Hawky eating a carrot.


  1. Awww! That is so cute!
    It is so funny to me that some dogs like carrots. Sadie stole a carrot out of my hand and took off running with it, then ate it. I couldn't believe she ate it! It was the first time I have seen a dog eat a carrot!

  2. My German Shepherd Brega will not touch any sort of dog treat or biscuit with relish - except for carrots - in fact she comes in the kitchen to beg for them if she hears me chopping something hard (that might be a carrot)!

  3. Too cute - there is something funny about the crunching sound they make - cracks me up. My dog loves carrots too.

    (This is coming from someone who posted a video of their cat eating corn on the cob...)

  4. That's how I feed Casey carrots! Well, whole carrots, not baby carrots. He'd accidentally get me if I fed him baby carrots that way.

    None of my dogs go crazy for carrots. Freya's thing is strawberries. The only time I've ever known her to get in the garbage was to eat the strawberry hulls I just threw in there. She'd do just about anything for a strawberry!

  5. Or maybe she would say another of her favourites, you are very much the grocery cart with the wonky wheel, always going in your own direction no matter how much guidance one tries to direct your way, lol. So, you posted it anyway despite my lack of laughter and maybe I was just having a off night because no matter what, Hawky dog is always a winner especially when he eats his vegtables without having to bribe him!